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2018 Book of Remembrance

2018 Book of Remembrance

Throughout December, and especially during the Worldwide Candle Lighting, you can post a photograph and message remembering your son or daughter, brother or sister or grandchild.

“… So their light may always shine …”

If you decide not to post a photo then a picture of a candle will be uploaded to accompany your message.

You can also give a donation to The Compassionate Friends if you wish after you have posted.

More information on The TCF Worldwide Candle Lighting.

Add to our book of remembrance

Remembering My brother Steven
Miss you so much hope your finally at peace , till we meet again save a spot for me . First my brother forever my friend , forever 44
Remembering Matt Doolan
15 months have passed and I still think òf you every minute of every day....
Remembering Marc Antony Cutler
Taken from us after a brave and torturous battle with the evil disease of cancer on 29th December 2018. Our wonderful son, so kind loving caring and intelligent, you have left a vast void in our lives. We are in so much pain and miss you so much. Rest now our darling boy free of pain at last. Xxxx
Remembering Mariah Claire Tendall
miss you until I take my last breath
Remembering Daniel P Rains
Remembering my first-born & only son, Danny Rains - April 1972 - March 1991 Always on my mind.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Sandy
In loving memory. Mum
Remembering Peter Griffiths
My beautiful boy, 3 months gone from this world, I miss you so much
Remembering Thomas Chappell
Loving you and missing you every day. We lost you too soon Tom, on 6th August 2018, aged 22 years, but so privileged to have had you in our lives. Fly high with the angels my love. God bless Mum, Dad, Jess and Matt xxxx
Remembering Emma Page
Remembering with love my daughter Emma, cruelly killed on 30th September 1993, when she was 17 years old. Such a beautiful, clever, funny girl, full of compassion and kindness.
Remembering Also, our beautiful Laurence
also thinking of you every day sweetheart, loving you always. broken hearted Mum and Dad. xx
Remembering Remembering our beautiful Matthew
Thinking of you every day, loving you always sweetheart. Mummy and Daddy xx
Remembering Holly Rideout
You are in our thoughts and in our hearts today and every day. We miss you so much and you will be forever loved by us, your family and all those friends who were lucky enough to have you in their lives and to spend time with you. Love Mum and Dad x
Remembering Andrew Otero
To my Darling Andrew, my beautiful son and true friend. Life without you is heartbreaking and empty but i remember your smile, your voice and your ever-giving love. We all love and miss you deeply. May the eternal light within you shine forever. Love you lots & lots. Mum xxx
Remembering Angela Jane Frances Speakman
Nearly Christmas again, another without our beautiful Angela.. You are so missed by us all, but memories linger long.. you are still very much part of lives day after day. We send our love, thoughts and a million kisses xx Much love...Mum, Dad, sisters Claire & Julia & all your nephews & nieces
Remembering Joe
My lovely, precious son Joe you had a smile that could light up a room & eyes that twinkled with mischief. Your life was my life's best part. We are bereft, struggling to know how to live but knowing we want to "be & be better because you existed" x
Remembering Matthew Thompson
As your family gets together this Christmas, Matthew, you will be in all our hearts. We all love you for ever.
Remembering Matthew Thompson
This is our first Christmas without you for 52 years. We have lit a candle for you and will keep it lit while we are together. We love you forever.
Remembering My son DYLLAN MACLEAN
My heart is broken with a space that only you can fill .I miss you more than my heart can bear .
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jack Saunders
Every day we think about you and wish so, so much you were still here with us. We love you so much, our special grandson. You were so precious and caring and life can never be the same without you. Lots of love forever, Beau and Bobby xxxxx❤️❤️
Remembering Simon
Happy Christmas Simon with all our love. Missing you and loving you always - you were taken too soon from us but you will always be in our hearts and minds. All our love. Dad, Chris, Eve, Vikki, Andrew, Cait and Drew.
Remembrance image
Remembering Sally Maidment
In memory of my darling girl Sally who left us so suddenly in November 2014. I miss you so much every day but your lovely children Emily and Tom have been my salvation and have grown into beautiful young adults. You would be very proud of them. I love you forever Mum xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jamie
Oh Jamie, I miss you so much, these last 6 months have been so hard. I love you my baby boy Mum Xxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our beautiful son Adam
We still can't believe you've gone even after 8 months. We certainly can't imagine Christmas without you and neither can your two brothers who also miss you so much. We will keep you in our hearts and minds forever and you will always be a huge part of our family as we aren't a family without you.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Christopher
I miss you big brother, I still can’t believe you’ve gone. This is my 3rd Christmas without you. I miss you making me laugh, out chats about Fiona and mum and just being your little sister. The world is a lonely place without you x
Remembering my precious daughter Sophie
I miss you so much. As long as I have a breath in my body your memory will be with me forever. I love you Soph. Love Mum xxxxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering David Wall
Christmas is not the same without you. You are missed so much. Remembering you with love always, Mumx
Remembering Joe
We miss you with every breath we take...6 years gone but it feels like yesterday. Love you Joe...mum and dad xx
Remembering Evey Rose Staley
In memory of our beautiful daughter Evey who we had ten amazing years with. You left us with a huge hole in our hearts and we remember you in all we do. We love you so very much and look forward to being with you again one day. All our love Mummy, Daddy and Ellie xxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Donna Marie Cunneen (Bossy)
Donna I was so very lucky to be your Mum. I had you in my life for forty five years. I miss you every minute of every day, I am so very lonely without you. I hope that you are at peace and with our many relatives. Always loved never ever forgotten.Forever missed. Mum n family xxxxxxxxx big hugs.
Remembrance image
Remembering Nathan Charman
Remembering my wonderful son Nathan. You gave me the best 21 years of my life son. I live to keep your memory alive. Love and miss you more every day. Mam, Michael and Dad xxxxx
Remembering our Grand Son Archie who was taken from us at 5 months and our darling son who died at the age of 42 who we miss every day x
Remembering James Spittle
We love you and miss you every day. Merry Christmas big brother, Evan Seth & Caleb
Remembrance candle
Remembering James Spittle
4 Christmasses now & I miss you more each day. Shine bright wherever you are. Merry Christmas James. Love you always and forever, Mom xx
Remembrance image
Remembering My lovely son Tom
I miss you more than words can ever say. Your smile lit up my life.
Remembering Thom Walker
Our beautiful and amazing son Thom. Nothing will ever be the same again, you completed us and made us so proud to be your parents. In your wonderful 19 years that we were blessed to look after you, you touched the lives of many and made their world a better place.
Remembering Christopher Birks
We will love and love and miss you forever. The third Christmas without you and it just gets harder. Love Mom and Dad
Remembrance candle
Remembering Ian Wilkinson
In loving memory of my beautiful son who was taken from me 8 April 2017 suddenly whilst sleeping aged 28. My heart is broken without you. My treasured memories are all I have and I miss you every second of every day. Mum xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Ian James Foster
My lovely and so precious Ian ...we all miss you so much...I am so sorry darling that I couldn't make Lancashire Care listen at all ...they have apologised but it is still happening...I loved you every moment you were here and my heart is broken without you...lots of love mum Ellie-Mae Julie & boys
Remembering Tony
This is the second Christmas without our treasured son. A kind caring loving generous man who is greatly missed by all who knew him. We think about you every day - love you so much.
Remembrance image
Remembering Sam Smart
Our very own VIP 1994-2017 Sam you walk with us every day, we love and miss you more than words can say. Ma and Pa.
Remembering Stephen
Loved and missed every hour of every day. Shine bright my lovely boy xxx
Remembering My darling son Joe Boorman
Joe - this is unbelievable that I am writing this - I miss you more than anyone or words can say I love you and always will with every second in my heart I love you joe xxx mum
Remembering Ryan Parmenter
To my loving son Ryan passed away age 24 on the 1/5/2017, Life will never be the same miss and love you so much. Love your mum Sue
Remembering Remembering our son Jason Chant
In our hearts you live on, always there never gone - thanks for being you. Loved from your first breath - till our LAST wherever you may be. Mum and Dad
Remembrance image
Remembering My son Connor Aidan Dodd
your love of Christmas and fun and laughter makes this time of year harder to bear, forever with us in our dreams and memories with love from Mum Look out for the sky lanterns coming from all of us
Remembrance image
Remembering My mam dad brother Tomis brother Steven Brother Ke
The world is so cruel I can’t believe I’m the unluckiest survivor I miss you all terribly love you all so much.
Remembering Rosie Rainforth
Our first Christmas without you, we love and miss you Rosie, our beautiful Angel, in our hearts forever. Mum, Dad, George & Harry XXXX🌹🌹❤️❤️
Remembering Kimberley Faye Deehan
I miss you more with every passing second my beautiful Angel. XXXX💗💗💗
Remembrance image
Remembering My Billie Girl
My darling girl. I miss you as much now as I ever did. Losing you shattered my heart. With all my love my beautiful girl.
Remembering Kimberley
We all miss you so much especially the kiddies. There is not a day when you are not thought or spoken about we treasure the memories we have of you. Forever in our hearts love and miss you sweetheart. Xxxxxx
Remembering Our beautiful son Liam
We love and miss you with all our hearts. Our first Christmas without you, it will never be the same again . I know you will join us in our thoughts and memories and we will say your name.
Remembering Jake Afford
Remembering our lovely son Jake, gone much, much too soon. Always remembered, always missed, especially at Christmas.
Remembering Sam Russell
My Beautiful Son Sam you are always in my heart
Remembrance image
Remembering Remembering our adored son Alex Griffiths
We all miss you so much and cherish all the special memories we have. You are always in our thoughts and we love you forever.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Christopher DeNicola
My darling son my Chris, I love you with all my heart and miss you every day. I hope you are rock and rollin in Heaven, and I can't wait to hug you again and tell you how much I love you! Love forever, Mom
Remembrance image
Remembering Alex Grierson
Alex.....missing you so much son. You are the brightest star in our sky... Shine bright till we are together again 22 Nov 1985 - 25 March 2018
Remembering Katie Leah Samuel
Your smile lit up our lives and you will be forever in our hearts. We miss you sweetheart.
Our brother Sam Always remembered xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Max and Lawrence Naman
Rest in peace. Best wishes to all of your loved ones.
Remembering Andrew Cawthray
My dearest brother who left us about 10 years ago. You will always be in our minds and hearts as long as I live and breathe. I will never forget you. Nigel and your mum Jean God bless xxx
Remembering Will Luckett
We remember how much you loved Christmas more than any of us, and we're so sad not to share it together ever again. We will be listening to you singing The Snowman soon xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Peter
My dear brother Peter, I miss you more than I can say. I miss your beautiful smile, infectious laugh, your voice, your hugs, the way you'd light up a room when you walked in it. I miss having you to talk to about things. I celebrate you, cherish you and hold you in my heart forever. Love, Wendy
Remembrance image
Remembering Timothy J Meacham
We miss you so much Tim We always think about you Today is 5,004 days without you Momma misses you my precious son 3/6/1978-3/28/2005 I love ❤️ you Timmy 💐💕
Remembering Chantelle Amara 21.08.1994-09.12.2015
You are always on my mind and in my heart, my precious daughter gone too soon. Love you much.Mum
Remembering Nicholas C. Lebron
In Remembrance of Our son Always in Our Hearts Missing You Forever Lil Angel 10/15/95 8/27/2000
Remembering Norman James Scorer
Our baby boy, Norman James, we are without the best part of our family and our hearts are broken. You are the love of our life. We miss you beyond measure but we will one day have our hearts healed in Heaven. We Love you so much baby, Love Mummy, Daddy & Bia 💞💕💞
Remembering Angela Rose
Love you Angie pie, my sweetie pie. <3 forever and ever and ever...
Remembrance candle
Remembering Kirsty Anne Wells
In memory of my most treasured daughter Kirsty, loved, missed and remembered every day. Now joined by her dear Dad.
Remembering James
Miss you so much, James. You left us so suddenly and far too soon. Nearly three years on and still so hard to bear. Love you, Dad xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Kirsty Anne Wells
In memory of my most treasured daughter Kirsty, loved, missed and remembered every day. Now joined by her dear Dad.
Remembrance image
Remembering Jacob Schorr
In memory of my son, Jacob. Mama misses you.
Remembrance image
Remembering Matty Tuppeny
Miss you so much Son, each day that passes, it gets harder
Remembrance image
Remembering Our boy, Nick
Life just isn’t the same without out you here. We love and miss you always. xxxx
Remembering My baby son, Louis
Always thinking of my baby son, Louis, wishing he was here. Also remembering my mum and dad. Love you all. Xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Duncan Grace
My Beautiful son.I Love and Miss you more each day.790 days since you left,waiting to see you again soon,Take care my precious.xxx
Remembering Remembering Jack
Tragically killed aged 24 ... loved & missed forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Remembering Aidan
I love you my darling boy
Remembrance candle
Remembering Max Naman
You and your Daddy will always be remembered xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Bradley, Grace and David
Always in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. And all those gone too soon xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our deat son Matt
This our fourth Christmas without you. Miss your beautiful smile, your laughter, your hugs, Miss You, more than words can say. Forever 31. Forever in our hearts. Loving you always. Mum & Dad xxx
Remembering Adam Donnelly
Remembering my beautiful son Adam who we lost when he was just 17 - I miss him so much 😘
Remembering Mitchel my beautiful son
No words can describe how we feel without you, what a truly amazing wonderful son, dearly missed each and every day. Sending love, hugs and kisses your way, Love Mum, Jade, Kain, Kyan, Nana and Grandad xxx Also remembering my brother and your Uncle David, with love always xxx
Remembering Nigel
My darling Nigel you are always in our hearts Mum, Jonathan & Michelle
Remembering Megan Fayle
Loving you always little Megan
Remembering Terry
Always loved, forever in my heart till we meet again
Remembering Elie McIlwaine
My wonderful daughter forever 13. 04/09/01 - 20/11/14 Miss you so very much my darling Lots of love mum and your little brothers Samuel and Tommy xxxxxxxxxxxx
Remembering my Sister Michelle
always loved, in my heart till we meet again
Remembering Aimee
Darling girl taken far too young miss you every single moment of every single day. Love you xx
Remembering Rory McKelvie
Remembering Rory. Taken suddenly and unexpectedly as he slept 03/12/17 aged 19. Loved and missed beyond our capacity to adequately express it.
Remembering my Son Craig
miss you more than words could ever say Craig. Loved and longed for always Mam xXX
Remembering Max Naman
You blessed your family with this smile and I hope that somewhere you and your daddy are still smiling like this today xx
Remembering Charlotte Elise Walker
All the Love in the world sweet pea. Only ever a breath away. Mummy xoxo
Remembering My little bro, Marky
I'm so thankful that I got to be your big sister, I'm so happy that myself and Lauren took you to Paris in April and made one of your dreams come true. I'll always miss you little bro, forever 18. 💜💜
Remembrance image
Remembering Paula Fisher
will never ever forget you my darling daughter we miss you so much and think of you every single day always in our thoughts and always will R.I.P my darling baby girl love mam,Dave and Craig xxxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Graham, Ashley, Paul and Sasha
I'll love and miss you all until my final breath. May your lights always shine my sweet Angels xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Kate Louise
Twenty long years without you my darling daughter. Missed so very much by family and friends. Never forgotten. Sending angel hugs and kisses to you xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering My cousin Ethan and my Nanna
We miss you both and live you both so so much forever and always xxx
Remembering HELEN BOND (Turner) 26.8.86 -23.12.14
Love and miss you always, a very special daughter taken far too soon. Breathe easy , fly high xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Tristan
Thank you for being in my life. I miss you so much our beautiful son. I know we will be together one day.
Remembrance image
Remembering Sam and all those we have lost
Love and miss you so much Sammy
Remembering Our daughter Hlen Bond (Turner) 26.8.86 - 23.12.14
Miss and love you always floss, taken far too soon xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Tristan Kalsi
Fly free beautiful
Remembering Shane Maddison
Can’t believe you are gone. Just over seven months now. I will love and miss you forever 💔
Remembrance image
Remembering Lauren and Rebecca McManus
My two beautiful girls - always missed, always remembered - love you both so much - Mum x
Remembering Will Turner
Our special boy lived forever xxxx
Remembering Josh Taylor 7/11/1991 - 01/08/2012
Always in our hearts and minds. Mum, Dad and Joe ❤️
Remembrance image
Remembering My beautiful mother
2018 marked 3 years without your mom.. still miss you, still want to talk and share things with you, still feel so unreal.. always in our hearts. Love you so much..
Remembering Richard hall
My beautiful son passed 30th October 2018, in my heart and soul, until we meet again
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our tremendous son Jack
Here's a candle, only half as bright as your smile Jack. Love for always, Deb and Dave xxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Darren Leon Child
My beautiful Earth Angel son Darren who was suddenly taken away from us. My soul will re-light when I meet you again, my precious precious boy. Forever missed but never forgotten.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Simon John Copsey
Remembering our son Simon who left us eighteen long years ago. Miss you so and wonder what might have been. All our love Mum and Dad
Remembering Christopher Lovelace
Remembering Emily Louise Gardner
My beautiful baby girl “Too beautiful for earth “ Gone but never forgotten Forever in my heart 💖
Remembering My son Paul Patchett
Paul my beautiful son forever 31 missed always x
Remembrance image
Remembering Christopher Lovelace
Remembering my precious grandson Christopher, taken from me to soon .miss and love him forever. His little Nan Xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Shemoya Strachan
Mummy loves you so much. You are all that is precious in my heart. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Remembering Tom Hocking
Our beautiful son who so loved Christmas. Our sixth without you. Will always remember our last lovely Christmas.
Remembrance image
Remembering Will Clark
Will - I am so proud to be your mother. The hurt we feel doesn’t diminish. You’re with us always. Your energy, integrity, love of life and warm personality lives on with us. We were lucky to have you in our lives. To infinity and beyond. #iWill❤️ 🌼
Remembering the unforgettable Alex Walters
We talk with you and about you everyday Alex. We miss the physical you, but know that your spirit and energy are with us always. You are loved and adored always xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Daniel Hurdidge
Our little sweetheart Loved and missed always 21.7.1982 - 12.10.1984
Remembrance image
Remembering Erif Jane Elizabeth Wade
Love and miss you forever my darling girl.
Remembrance image
Remembering Frances Erin
Always close, and yet so far. Always in my heart and thoughts. Always your Mum xxoo
I light a candle for Joe and Vera xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Ian James Foster
My lovely and so precious Ian ...I cannot adequately express how much I miss you but my heart is broken ...I love and miss you so much...you were terribly let down by the mental health unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital UK as a result you took your own life....missing you always tons of love mum xx
Naomi Esther ❤️❤️ My beautiful daughter missing you so much, NEVER forgotten, ALWAYS missed , ALWAYS in our hearts
Remembering Kevin Utech
Unsere Herzen sind unendlich gebrochen, wir vermissen dich schrecklich , jede einzelne Sekunde. In unseren Herzen sind für immer eins Wir lieben dich Deine Mama und deine Tante Nicky .... 26.08.2017
Remembering Freddie Joe Estrada
I miss you boy! I can't believe it still to this day, I'm so completely lost without this beautiful beautiful soul
Remembrance image
Remembering Andrew Douglas
Dearest Andy my eldest child. You are loved forever and I miss you so so much. I wish I could wrap you in a huge big hug. But You are safe in my heart. With all my love now and always Mum xxx ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Remembering Daniel Connor
Missing u more every day but counting down the days til I see u again 💜💜💜
Remembering Daniel James Porch
Fun loving, warm-hearted, unique. Taken Christmas 2017 by a cruel & rare autoimmune disease aged 31. I miss you more than words can express. My first born.
Remembering Thomas Jack
I miss you so much my beautiful beautiful son. My heart still breaks missing you. I would so love to have just one more day with you. You are forever loved and I really do hope that you are dancing with the angels. Love you beyond words, Mummy xxxxxx
Remembering Mark Cooke
Our wonderful brother, son, uncle, nephew, cousin, partner, father. Gained his wings suddenly in February but still feels like yesterday. Gone but never forgotten, forever loved & missed by us all xxx
Remembering Ben Whitney
We miss and love you so much our beautiful boy. 4/12/1985 to 19/6/2003.
Remembrance candle
Remembering We wish to remember Jenny Luton
Our beautiful Jenny Wren, so loved and cherished, our hearts are broken without you. You were our Angel on earth and now in heaven with mum and dad. Every day your name is said and a memory shared. Nineteen months have passed since you went over your rainbow. So deeply missed and loved xxx
Remembering Matthew James Hall
Remembering our gorgeous Matthew, today tomorrow and always 💙
Remembering Christopher Lovelace
Remembering our beautiful Christopher taken so tragically a year ago. Forever in our hearts. Missed every second, minute, hour. Love you baby x
Remembering Carl Nagy
I light this candle for my son Carl Nagy. Always loved and never forgotten ♥
Remembering Emily Weiss
Emily. Love you always, my precious girl. xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Erika and Cali-Girl
Forever in my heart <3 <3 <3
Remembering Douglas Moonie
My little brother, always in my ❣
Remembering Nicky Taylor
Loved with all my heart and missed everyday. Love Mum xx
Remembering Remembering my only son Jody de Vos
Life will never be the same again, I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, I miss you in every possible way. Your name is carved in my heart and forever it will remain. I talk about you every day, until my last breath you will be remembered. Love you forever Jody 🌻xxx
Remembering Lindsay Kathryn Stead
Our adored daughter/Sister. We love and miss her so much. Mum, Dad & Kelly xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering David Badgley
In our hearts for always. At peace and flying free, We love you son xx
Remembering My darling son Paul forever 17 xxx
Think about, love, miss and adore you every minute of everyday my angel. The world is a little less brighter without you here. Forever Young Love Mum and all your family xxxxxxxxx
Remembering Michael Edward Towers
Gone too soon, always remembed xx. Mike left this world on 19th May 2014 aged 23.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jeni Dietschmann
Remembering my beautiful Daughter Jeni who Left us on 1/2/11 aged 19 and left behind an 11 week old baby We love you always Mum, Your Brother Tom and Granny Xxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Lily Marianne Cleal
Our beautiful Lily. The brightest star xx If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.
Remembering Our son Daniel Green
Taken from us in April 2009 age 6 years old. Loved and missed always, our beautiful boy
Remembering Hannah
Remembering our precious darling 17 year old daughter, taken 13 years ago in a car accident. Loving and missing you as much as ever, my beautiful girl. Your heartbroken Mum xxxxxxx
Remembering Allan Keith Walton
Allan I love and miss you so much it hurts. When you left my heart broke into thousands of little pieces and I just can't get it back together. You will always be my beautiful boy and I have wonderful memories of our times together, Debbie, David and Megan love and miss you too, you are our Star xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering James Tait
Our first Christmas without you We all miss you so much James we carry you in our hearts we talk about you everyday we miss your laugh your kind heart your smile that lights the room up forever 15 we love you so much Mum, Dad and your brothers Liam and Cameron
Remembering Coty Piasecki
I love you my son. I bet the Chrustmas Choir is amazing up there. 4 years gone but never a day goes by without you on my mind. Love you always with my heart. See you again someday son.
Remembering Alasdair Neil Conlon
Alasdair, my precious youngest son. Words cannot say how much I miss you. Still cannot believe that you are gone. I will love you and miss you forever. Mum xxx
Remembering Simeon Dragiev
My dear angel in heaven,my only child. I love you so much,always till my last breath!Miss you more each day my beautiful boy.Forever 18 years old! I love you Mummy
Remembering Anthony Drake (Jaws)
Life's just not the same without you. I miss your sense of fun, your smile, your laughter. I miss everything that was "you". I am forever broken-hearted that you couldn't beat that cruel, cruel disease, but forever proud of the man you became.
Remembering Ava Marie Gibson
Nanny And grandad miss you so much . Almost your 1st birthday princess. Our arms and hearts ache for you. Love you baby girl. Your first Christmas in heaven missed beyond words. Xxxx
Remembering Josh hadley
Love you with all my heart , never forgotten , Josh forever 26 ❤️❤️
Remembering Jamie Kelly 23
It's not even a year and my heart breaks everyday. How we will ever get over this I do not know but we keep you close to our hearts and think of you each and every day as if you have never left us. Dad Mum and your devoted brother Angus. Xxxx
Remembering Richie Keith Shaun Nelson
Remembering you Richie, our wonderful son. We miss you every day and can’t believe you’ve gone Forever in our hearts 💕 Love mum & dad
Remembering Richie Keith Shaun Nelson
Remembering you Richie, our wonderful son. We miss you every day and can’t believe you’ve gone Forever in our hearts 💕 Love mum & dad
Remembrance image
Remembering Joshua Ghantous
It’s been less than 3 months. And the pain is still so overwhelming. I love and miss you. 💜
Remembering Jassem Hamed
Son, you left this physical world December 18, 2017, but I know you are still with us in spirit, and I know you are pain free and living eternal life with our Lord and Savior. Mom loves you forever.
Remembering Zowie Blakeman
In our hearts in our thoughts, always and forever Miss you more than words can say. Mum and Dad xxx
Remembering Joshua Lee Hooper
We love and miss you more than you could have known. You were a wonderful son life will never be the same. We are proud of you always, you're our horse if you never won a race. I love you baby moma
Remembrance image
Remembering Ethan drew hunt
Miss you more each day our love will always grow stronger everyday love you lots and jelly tots xxx xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Ryan Cusack
Forever 20 years old, forever loved and forever missed our beautiful son/brother xx
Remembering Rachel Villanueva
I love and miss you so so much! Remembering you today on what would have been your 28th birthday. You will be in my heart forever.
Remembering My son Alex
Alex, you were one of the bright lights in my life...a joy from the moment you were born. So funny, handsome, talented and kind. The world is a darker place without you in it. Until we are reunited on the other side...I miss you every moment of every day...my precious boy.
Remembering Olivia Nicole Bauer
We love you Olivia! Our hearts are with you forever! Soar free my angel for you are HOME!
Remembering Cameron Fraser
Cameron, a much loved so missed son and brother. Orever 19. It's been almost a year since we were last with you. We all still so shocked that you were gone so suddenly, no warning at all. Would do anything to have you back with us where you belong. My smiley happy funny son. Will love you forever xx
Remembering Felix Murdin
Darling Felix, you died so hearbreakingly young, aged just 20, when you were just starting out in life. We still cannot really believe it. We will love and remember you always.
Remembering Mark Bernard
My wonderful son. It’s so hard without you and you’re so sorely missed by your children Bertie and Nellie as well as your wife, dad and brothers. I hope that you are somewhere beautiful. Mum xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jordan Trowsdale
Mama's Best Boy. I love and miss you beyond all comprehension. I can't believe that it has been almost 9 (long) years without you here with us. Until we meet again...♥️
Remembering James
My brilliant big brother, I still can't believe you're really gone. Words can never describe how much I miss you. Our memories together are always cherished and the fun and laughter we shared fill my heart with happiness. Life is never the same without you. See you on the mountains brother xxxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Lloyd Dale Hesselberg
Forever loved and forever missed, my beautiful son, Lloyd.
Remembering Georgia Paul
My darling Georgie, it's not even 2 weeks since I held you in my arms while you went to heaven. I miss you more than I ever thought was possible. You were the bravest girl with a heart of gold. Love you more than you will ever know. Mummy
Remembering Holly Cowlam
Every night I lie awake trying to make sense of what has happened. Always I find gratitude for the wonderful 28 years you spent bossing us about and delighting and inspiring us.
Remembrance image
Remembering Our son Reece
We miss you so so much and we think of you all the time. We can't wait to be with you again. We hope you and Buster are together(Our boxer dog). We would love to see you come and visit us (We are sure you have before). We always talk to jamie about you. Sending all our love from Harnetty family x
Remembrance image
Remembering Nick Ivins
Our dearest Nick. We miss your laughter, joy, kindness and gentleness with our whole hearts every moment of every day. You are my soul and light and I will love you deeply forever.
Remembering Remembering Louise
Precious child bright as sunlight your strength & joy gently shine. Our love for you knows no bounds Your essence is eternal 8th May 1967 - 31st Dec 1978
Remembering Thomas Kelly
I miss you so much my beautiful boy 💞 forever in our hearts. Just over a year ago you grew your angel wings. Love you to the moon and back ❤️❤️😇💔 love mum and Chelsea 💕💕 xxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Chrissie LaBarbera Burton
I miss you Chrissiebug...your babies are growing so fast...i see so much of you in both of them...i know ur watching us from above. They give me strength to live another day without you here.
Remembering Ryan Turner
Gone far too soon, you have left a huge whole in my heart that will never heal. I love and miss you so much as do all your family and friends. Xxxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Charlsy Elizabeth Paris
I love and miss you so very much my sweetheart. Be happy wherever you are.
Remembering Amanda Kryszat
To my daughter Amanda, You are missed here and remembered always. Your light shines in the sky as bright as you shined here on Earth. Love you ♥️
Remembrance image
Remembering Mark Young
Mark, My dearly loved son. I miss you so much. Forever in my heart. xxx💙
Remembrance image
Remembering Mark Young
Mark, My dearly loved son. I miss you so much. Forever in my heart.
Remembering Mario Peter Saravia
My beautiful son brother and father How I miss you My bright spirit The world is darker without you Love mum xx
Remembering Matthew Paul Doolan
Son, brother and father. We are missing you everyday, life isn’t the same anymore. We all love you to the moon and back, you’ll forever be in our hearts xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Paddy Michaud
To my precious only child. Missing your physical presence with all my heart. Loving you forever and ever ❤❤
Remembering My beautiful daughter Poppy Victoria
Loved and missed every day, forever now will be sweet 16.
Remembering Harvey Tabram
My life will never be the same since you’ve gone I’m still in such shock. Not a day goes by when your not in my thoughts, Christmas will never be the same love you so much dude xx
Remembering Lauren Curtis
My beautiful girl, I am trying so very hard to accept the awful reality that you have gone. . I am so proud to be your mum sweetheart, and hope that you have now found the peace that life didn’t let you have. Love you beyond words, till we meet again ❤️ Xxx
Remembering Adam Afsar
Our first Christmas without you my beautiful boy.stolen from our arms but never our hearts. I hope you’re flying high with your knee down xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Abbi Banks
We know you are with Jesus in heaven and where your days of suffering are over, but our hearts are broken at your loss. So a lit candle is about as much as we can cope with this year on our first Christmas without you precious daughter and sister. Love from Mummy, Daddy and Debbie xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Harry Corbett
My beautiful boy. It's been 18 months since you left us. I have never stopped thinking of you and I never will. I hope you have found peace. You still make me proud; I love you with every ounce of my being. Harry Corbett - 29/04/1998 - 22/05/2017
Remembrance image
Remembering Graeme Duncan
You left suddenly one moment you were here the next you were gone. I miss you with all my heart each and every day. My faith is strong and I believe we will meet again on that great and glorious resurrection morn. Until then RIP my beloved son. Graeme 02.09.81-24.12.18 x Mum
Remembering Leila may
My beautiful little tornado passed away in July 2018. She was the light of my life and made everyone she met laugh. Now my life is dark and my chest is heavy. I miss her so so much and can't wait to see her again. Leila was so brave and strong and had a beautiful way of looking at things. ❤️😘
Remembering Dana McLean
My beautiful sister, taken far too soon. Always on my mind, forever in my heart. R.I.P until we meet again x
Remembrance image
Remembering William John Luckett
My gorgeous and kind boy died on the 29th December 2012 following an anaphylactic shock from a take away aged 15. Every day he is in my thoughts and my heart, and this time of year is bitter sweet. William’s brothers and sister miss him dearly, but he is always remembered ❤️
Remembering Remembering my nephew Ben Bowen
You were taken from us far too soon my lovely boy. You’re in my heart and head every day and are missed so so much. Love you always xxxxxxxxxxx
Remembering Ryan McNamara
Beautiful and amazing soul,full of life and love ❤️ Miss my son so much,he was 20yrs old when took from us,life will never be the same love you so much xx😘❤️💔💔🍀
Remembering Samantha Race
To the most beautiful kindest caring loving daughter & best friend anyone could ever ask for. I loved you before I met you and will continue to love you for all eternity. I miss you so much everyday is long and hard without you here, I long to hold you in my arms. Sleep tight Poppet Love Mum xxxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Jacob Phillip Bartlett
Our beautiful baby boy, born sleeping on the 5th April 2018. Always loved, always missed. We love you baby boy. Love, mummy and daddy. Xxx
Remembering Steven docherty
Lost my beautiful son on 27thnovember2017 can’t beleave that is one year gone with out you missing you so much my heart breaks for you .brother to Thomas Allan diane fly high my beautiful intelligent young man love always .til we meet again this is not good bye
Remembrance image
Remembering Richard Moir
Christmas isn’t the same anymore. Miss you sooo much. Lots of love from mum. Xxx
Remembering Daniel Clarke
Our wonderful boy who took his own life. Away from us but always in our hearts.
Remembering Tristan Edwards
My man in the moon. Left this realm to walk in Summerlands Feb 2015. Forever loved. Forever missed. Always xxx Mum xxx
Remembering Francis Haris Mcginley
Love you my gorgeous son. I have been missing you every day since 2 of August 2004 when you said your last words to me "Mum, why are you so sad"? We are closer and closer to meet up again and stay forever together in eternity as Mum and her only son. Love you till then.
Remembering Peter Turner
Love and miss you always and forever little brother.
Remembering Remembering Keira Lee aged 2 years & 4 months
Our beautiful girl, who left suddenly 5th December 2013, we miss you everyday so much and love you with all our hearts forever. It will always feel like yesterday that you left, and we will always wish you could have stayed. Your sister & brothers miss you & love you forever x Love you mummy & dadd
Remembrance image
Remembering Harry Rock
Miss you and love you beyond words. You will always be my beautiful “Bear” and remain the centre of my world. Mummy will love you forever my precious xxxxx
Remembering Dean Nicholas
Our beloved son, words cannot explain the depth of love we feel for you. We miss you so much. Life will never be the same without you. Forever in our thoughts and hearts. 💙❤️
Remembering Hunter Rylan
Mummy's Hunter bunny, forever 4, I love you with every cell in my body.
Remembering Ryan Craddock
Our amazing son, forever 18. Always on our minds and forever in our hearts. We love you Ry, words can't describe how much we miss you. Rest easy Crad. Keeping a place 4 U xxxxx
Remembering Sophie Love
What a wonderful year we have had celebrating your 21st birthday sweetheart! We’ve made sure the world will always remember you and celebrate the five fantastic years we had with you. Lots and lots of love, miss you every day, love Mummy and all the family xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Matthew Stuart Boyce
Son you left us on the 29th October 2017 without saying goodbye. Leaving us with 2broken hearts. You will live in our heart's forever. We miss and love you every day. You will always in our thoughts. Love Man and Dad.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Callum Mark Hughes
Remember our beautiful Son and big Brother Callum. 15 years on the 17th December and it will always feel like yesterday. Still can’t believe you are not here. Love Mum, Dad, Charlotte and Connor xx
Remembering Josh Furber
Our gorgeous boy - you will always be the brightest star in the sky for us - shine brightly son, shine brightly and fly forever. Love you so much -always proud.
Remembering Martin Sutherland
Remembering and missing you more each year. ‘Music in the soul can be heard by the universe’
Remembering Ellie kimber
my beautiful little lady,our world,not a day goes by when your not on our minds,our world and hearts are broken,i loved you from your 1st breath and continue till my last,we love you to the moon n back all around the stars 100000 times,forever in our hearts,carry on shining like you always did💞
Remembering My Son Ben Bowen
Theres not a day goes by that you are not missed dearly, life without you will never be the same. 11/12/1987 - 14/02/2013 Forever 25yrs xx
Remembering Our beautiful and remarkable son Andrew
It's been 4 years since you have left us sweet boy and not a minute goes by without you in our thoughts and hearts. In your short 19 years, you touched so many peoples lives and continue to touch and inspire us all. Love has no ending and our love for you is ever strong. To the moon our dear son.
Remembering Twins Leo and Tyler Brightman
we love you to the moon and back my precious boys. We miss you so much. all our love mummy and daddy xxx
Remembering James
James our son forever 38, missing you, your vibrancy & zest for life. What I wouldn't give for one of your amazing hugs & to hear your laughter, you lit the room up. We will always say your name, you will never be forgotten for one minute. Love you to the moon & back James, love Ma & Pa xxxxx
Remembering Remembering our darling son Nathan Jenkins
Nathan we miss your cheeky smile and the ability to get what ever you wanted from us. You were taken away from us so suddenly on that horrendous November morning. That was the day my heart broke in two. Love and miss you son. Born 29-12-1991 died 25-11-2017 age 25. Killed by a car driver. Xxx
Remembering Trudi-Mae Kennell and Ryan Barber
To my beautiful daughter and her fiance. Party hard in heaven kids. Everyone misses you so much but none more than me. Love you to the moon and back ❤💔
Remembering Andy Smith
My sweet Andy - You left us 14 years ago, but it seems like just yesterday we had to say goodbye. My heart still breaks everyday as you are my first thought with each day and my last as I lay to sleep. I pray you have found peace as we share your message of peace daily. Love and miss you my son.
Remembering Kane Judge
My beautiful, funny, clever son who I miss every day ❤
Remembering Harvey Dawson
Harv, we miss you every day but our love for you grows stronger hour by hour Forever in our hearts 💕 Love you babe Mum & Dad
Remembering Christopher ‘Cookie’ Coutts
Yet another Christmas without you, it never gets easier we miss your banter and smile every minute of every day...things will never be the same again. Sending our love to heaven mum, dad Louise & Steven xxxx
Remembering Gianni- known also as G or Gian to his friends
My precious boy. I know in theory that overwhelming grief is a product of overwhelming love. But I wish with all my being that I hadn’t learned this, and so many other lessons these past 5 years. I love you my son.
Remembrance image
Remembering Mike (CROFTY) Croft
Our beautiful, precious son, we miss you every moment of every day. Love you baby. Xxxx
Remembering Richard Clark
Remembering our precious son, brother, grandson and friend to so many. Miss and love you Richard, your handsome face your amazing personality, the kind and generous young man you had become, we will never get over losing you, until we meet again
Remembering "Trey" Murphy
We love and miss you so much, our little Cuddle bug!
Remembering Rhys Parker
My darling boy love you so much 💔😥😘😘
Remembering Eva Giles
Our beautiful girl taken from us last April. Forever 5. Words cannot express the pain we feel. The world lost its colour the day you left us. We will continue to honour you everyday for the rest of our lives. Love mummy, daddy, Euan and Rosie xxxxx
Remembering Jack Steven Roberts
Darling Jack- 'our perfect package' You are always with us in our hearts and thoughts. We miss you so much. xxxx
Remembering Jack Steven Roberts
Darling Jack- 'our perfect package' You are always with us in our hearts and thoughts. We miss you so much. xxxx
Remembering Nicola Stonehouse
Taken in the blink of an eye. Love and miss you more than words can describe. Loves and hugs Papa xxx
Remembering Christopher Burnett
Forever 6yrs old .Forever loved every moment chrissy. 32yrs on the 13th dec since your life was taken. Heartbroken and so sad since that day. mum, mark, lisa , stevie We are saying your name and keeping your memory alive.Forever in our hearts xx
Remembering My son Jayjay Taylor forever 23. X
My First born Child, my only son, my heart is ripped apart. I still can't believe you was taken so tragically. I'll miss you forever and just want you back xxxxxxxxxxxx
Remembering Francois Pienaar
I miss you and I love you my beautiful beautiful boy. Your Mum
Remembrance image
Remembering Nathan
I love and miss you more every day son. Love always. Mam xxxx
Remembering Jonathan hood
I miss and love you my son always xxxx
Remembering Jack Dowding
Missing you so much my beautiful son. Every day is so difficult without you. I carry you in my heart always ❤️❤️
Remembering Willie and Chris Piek
My two lovely sons. Always in my heart and think of you every day😢😢
Remembrance candle
Remembering Becky Palmer
My beautiful, kind, funny girl. My precious, only child. My very reason for existing for 19 short years. I love you and miss you more than I have words to explain. Your Mom xxx
Remembering Rachel and James Sutherland
I miss you both with every fibre of my being. I love you both MOST 💖💖💖
Remembering Bubs
Missed every single day 🌻
Remembering Kimberley Hudson
Miss an love you 2 the moon an back always sweetheart 💜
Remembering Joshua Springer
Your motto was living and not just surviving. You had winters in the mountains working and snowboarding and summers in Europe working and workboarding. Gone too soon - only 25 and we laid you to rest yesterday. I miss you my baby boy.
Remembering Carolyn Lemm
Forever 16, forever in our hearts ❤
Remembering Robert bratton 1969--2005
We all miss you so much always on my mind ..Forever Young x
Remembering Elliot James Peters
Taken suddenly last March, only 14. We miss you so much Mum, Bryony & Andy xxxx
Always on my mind forever in my heart my gentle loving son Corey Robinson
Remembering Ezra Peter Hytch
Kind, gentle Ezra. We miss you. Our love for you crosses all boundaries. Through space and time we reach out to you. Thank you for making us better people for having known you.
Remembering Katie Edge
Our beautiful girl, forever 27, forever on our hearts. The Brightest star burns the quickest
Remembering Hope Barden
My best friend the god mother to my children. I miss you more then words can say hopey. I love you. Shower the people you love with love.
Remembering Adrian (Ade) Higlett
Our beautiful Ade . Miss you every day . Always in our hearts until we are reunited . Love you millions big brother x x x x 💕
Remembering Melissa May Price
Beautiful inside and out xxx
Remembering Dylan
We love and miss you with every beat of our hearts. Mum, Dad, Daniel and Jasper xxxx
Remembering Kevin Dooley
My beloved brother Kev, there isn't a day I don't miss you. You were the best brother I could have ever wished for and I just wish I could see you again one more time.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Melissa May Price
Beautiful inside and out xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Martin Wailes
We love you all round the world and back again. All our love Ma, Pa and Fdump xxx
Remembering Joseph Williams Torres
Nearly 8 months since you we're brutally taken from us forever 20 years young....ours First Xmas without you ..you will be forever in all hearts.Love and miss you forever until we meet again ...keep smiling down on us all and we shall keep smiling right back up at you...love you always..mumdadpatric
Remembering Elliott Beddow
The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. His light burned very brightly. #Elliottforever20
Remembrance image
Remembering Maddison Crawford
Thank you Maddison, even tho you was only here for 2 years and 11 months, you was loved and cherished more than life itself, keep a seat warm for Nanna until we are together again, love and miss you xxxxx
Remembering My daughter kimberly
My gorgeous daughter I miss you every day . Forever in my heart mum xxxx
Remembering Miller Harris
“here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart” i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)
Remembrance image
Remembering Matt kemp
Miss you so much. Our 3rd Christmas without you. Going to do a memory tree with your son Mitchell xx
Remembering Emily Frances Holley
Forever Awesome
Remembering Emma Louise
I love you to infinity times a million and will always love you with every part of me. I still desperately miss you. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are. Love you forever Mum 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Remembering Emily Frances Holley
Forever Awesome
Remembering Hope Barden
Our beautiful Hope. 'Shower the people you love with love'. We miss you. We love you forever. xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Darren Chesterman
My wonderful son who passed away in 2017. Not a minute goes by when you're not thought of. Everything we do reminds us that you should still be here with us, smiling, laughing, enjoying life. Missed by everyone who knew you. Love you always Darren xxx
Remembering Our son Declan Carney-Anderson age 15 years
Declan went to Heaven while out having fun celebrating his 15th birthday, two years ago on the 11th of December 2016, what we'd give to hear his laugh or see that gorgeous smile again, a big hole has been left in our lives that can never be filled.. We love you our gorgeous buster xxx♥️
Remembering Nicola
Our beautiful daughter who passed age 43 leaving two little boys. We miss you forever
Remembering Chris Taylor
Missing you my boy. Your smile. Your laughter. The years go by and it doesn’t get easier. You are always in my heart. Mum. xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Nicola
Remembering our beautiful adorable daughter Nicola who passed away in 2015 age 43 leaving 2 little boys. We will never get over losing you and miss you every day darling.
Remembering Jade Stoner 26/5/99 - 24/9/06
My beautiful granddaughter lost at age 7. I can’t tell you how much you are loved and missed. I would give anything to have you back. You were our sunshine ❤️
Remembering Jude
My beautiful boy. You are missed in every minute of every day. 23/8/06 - 23/12/11
Remembering Brad Campbell
Always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts .. we miss you so much beautiful boy xx if love could have saved you .. you would have lived forever xx #forever17
Remembering Megan
Remembering our beautiful Megan, taken so young at 17. We love and think about you every single day, I hope you're dancing in the sky ❤ shine bright beautiful ❤
Remembering Cleo Sherry
Beautiful, beloved and sorely missed daughter, sister and friend. Cleo, taken too soon, with so much to live for. If love could have saved her and protected her, she would live forever. Cleo, you are in every step, breath, act and word. You are in everything that is beautiful, good, kind. Love you x
Remembering Mark Scott
Mark, my darling boy. This is our 9th Christmas without you. It gets harder every year. Until we are together again, all my love Marnie Boy xx
Remembering My son JJ
I miss your smile, hugs you left us way to soon, I think of you everyday... can't wait to see you again! I love you!!😘💛💛💛💛💛
Remembering My amazing little brother Anthony
I miss you daily and I feel the pain of that phone call every day. You would be turning 30 in 2019 which I know you were dreading. Keep looking down on us, love you forever, your heartbroken big sis xx
Remembering Annaliese
It’s so hard to believe you aren’t here with us gorgeous girl. We miss everything about you every single day Annaliese. Facing our first Christmas without you feels so painful but we will try to be strong. I want you to feel our arms around you darling. All our love Mummy, Daddy and Liam xxx
Remembering Kelly
My beautiful daughter. "I see your sweet smile, I hear your laughter. You're here beside me every day 'cause I know you by heart " l love you so much.
Remembering John Ashton
We lo e and miss you John xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Jamie Paton
Love you, miss you
Remembering Aimee Costello
Loved and missed every day xx
Remembering Daisy Haynes
Loved more with every heartbeat. Missed more than can be measured.
Remembering Lauren Eley
Remembering our beautiful youngest daughter and beloved little sister, Lauren, as we approach her 14th Anniversary. Always loved, forever missed, your memory is cherished until the day we meet again. All our love, Mum, Dad, Emma & Paul
Remembering Liam Brown
Our darling nephew Liam. You are missed beyond words. You just lit up ANY room with your infectious laugh and smile. You have left us with wonderful memories , although not near enough. We will love and miss you forever. Until we meet again Liam. 💙💙💙
Remembering My beautiful daughter Toni Louise Waddilove
I Miss you everyday..more & more. Life will never be the same without you here with Me & your sister.. until we meet again I will honour your memory. Love you forever. 31/08/89- 20/08/10 Gone but never forgotten. "DANCING IN THE SKY" Xxxx💝
Remembrance image
Remembering Charlie Pope
We feel your presence every day we love and miss you Charlie boy love Mum, Dad, Joe and Daisy xxx
Remembering Simon Edward Wicks
Our darling Simon, never more than a thought away, loved and remembered every day, 06.04.89-15.01.90, all our love Mum, Dad, Matthew, Hollie and Jordan xx
Remembering Harvey Tabram
I still can't believe my son is gone. It's still so raw and new for me. I love and miss you wholehearted my son. Your time with your me was far to short. In my heart you will stay forever x my first Christmas without is so near. 05-08-01---02-11-18 x sleep tight my beautiful soldier x
Remembering Shaun Durham
My darling boy I carry you in my heart always. Keep smiling down on us all and we shall keep smiling right back up at you . Love you always xx
Remembering Harvey Tabram
I still can't believe my son is gone. It's still so raw and new for me. I love and miss you wholehearted my son. Your time with your me was far to short. In my heart you will stay forever x
Remembrance image
Remembering Kieran
Missing you more than ever after 7 years without you. Always loved and remembered. Mum xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Kieran
Missing you more than ever after 7 years without you. Always loved and remembered. Mum xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Ianis Vaerman
Dear Ianis, you lived your life and left us on your terms but touched the heart of many people. Five years on, we stillI see your friends and remember the care, the love and joy you never failed to give us. We love and miss you every day XXXXX
My beautiful precious beloved son
Remembrance candle
Remembering Donald “DENVER” Woodhall my son-shine
DENVER you’re always thought of and forever loved♥️Especially by Lynda (mom) Wendi (sister) & Cody (nephew/Godson) your many friends & family appreciate the joy,courage and excitement you pursued‼️Your love of adventures,basketball&Jesus is part of the excellence of your beautiful precious life &heart
Remembering James Dean Marti
The day i lost you my heart broke in two. I miss you so much my first born son forever 24 jan 9th 1992-march 19 2016
Remembrance candle
Remembering Zarah-Anneliese
We miss you so much Zazzie bear, you will always be in our hearts... fly high baby with Tiaras and pixie dust .. Love you to the moon and all the broccoli trees 💖 Mummy and TJ xxxxx
Remembering Jessica
Remembering our beautiful angel Jessica on our first Christmas without her. Love and miss you always beautiful girl. Lots of love, Mummy, Daddy, Sophie and Thomas xxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Joanna Finney
Joanna Finney, our beautiful daughter. This will be the fifth Christmas without you, we love and miss you so much every day, our hearts are broken forever. Love you always, Mum and Dad xx
Remembering Robin Brett
To my wonderful, irreplaceable son Robin who died suddenly 14/6/14. You were such a happy soul who brought joy and light into the lives of everyone you knew, so the least we can do is light a candle for you. Love you so much, always, mum xxxxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Jessica Lenthall
Thinking of you Jess, each and every day. We miss you so much. With all our love, Mum and Joe xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Paul Wilton
Our beloved son Paul who was kind in thought, word and deed, from your loving family and friends. xxx
Remembering Remembering Russell Jordan
Nearly 9 months since you we’re brutally taken from us. Forever 23 years young. You are my hero, my protector and my Star. Life will forever be sad without you. You will forever be in all of our hearts. Love and miss you forever until we meet again Mum & family xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Ben Rees
Forever 23 xxx Our lives have a huge void think of you and yearn to see you so very very much
Remembering Paul Nixon
A precious son, brother, grandson and uncle who we love and miss so very much. You are never out of our thoughts and there will always be a Paul shaped hole in our hearts until we are together again. All our love from mum, dad, sister Leah, grandma and baby Harry Paul xxxxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Beautiful twin sisters Neve & Belle
Remembering our beautiful and brave warrior princesses. You came into our world fighting and left us fighters. You left a huge hole in our hearts baby girl's. Love you. Miss you. Mumy, Daddy and big brother Hiro XXX
Remembering Jody
My darling boy will miss you so much all your family love you especially you son Aidan forever in our hearts.xxx
Remembering Keith Parvin
Keith miss you every second of every day. Your smile,hugs the sound of your voice,. You left and I didn’t want you to go, 28/08/18 aged 35 yrs. the sadness we feel, is so overwhelming. Miss you, sweet baby. Always and forever tucked inside our hearts love always Mum xxx Pops xx Daniel xx & Honey xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Jessica Amy Hughes
Our beautiful daughter tragically taken from us aged 21 whilst on a gap year in Australia 5 years ago. You are so missed by us and you are always in our thoughts, love you to the moon and back.....
Remembering Jess Hughes
Sis, I don’t know what to say except life can be so cruel. There is an emptiness without you here. It’s like summer without sunshine and winter without snow. Shine bright this Christmas big sis, loving you forever and always x
Remembering Justin Browning
Our beautiful, brilliant son and brother, forever in our hearts. We will love you always.
Remembering George McCulloch
My Wonderful George loved and missed forever Love you darling xxx 17.4.92 - 27.1.12
Remembrance image
Remembering Lynn Marion Watt
Missing you Lynn so much...you left us aged 39 in 2009...Our beautiful, funny, compassionate, loving daughter, sister, wife, Auntie cousin and dear friend to many...sleep well..In our hearts for ever. Love Mum, George, Helen and Brian x
Remembering Melissa Marie
Our Angel, we love you to the moon and back, we miss you everyday and we are trying to figure out how to have a relationship with you in spirit form, we will love you forever, until we meet again, your beloved Mom❤️
Remembrance image
Remembering Jonathan Foreman
You lived your life on your terms but touched the heart of everyone you knew. I love you my beautiful boy and I miss you every day. We talk of you often and remember good times together. June 2017, aged 23 we lost you. Too soon. Remembered with love, Mum and Lewis xxx
Remembering Dam surridge
An amazing man lost at 20. Our broken hearts will never mend we miss you every second of every day
Remembering Paul Downs
My beautiful baby who grew into a beautiful man. I miss your smile, your voice, your love and your hugs. Eleven years and it still hurts so much. Love you always and forever
Remembrance image
Remembering Kate Jaworski-Green
A wonderful and beautiful Daughter, Wife and Mummy and Sister ,tragically taken away from us last January in a road accident. Aged only 33 years. We all miss you so much. A few words from Dad or Daddy as you always called me. I miss you every day and you are always in my broken heart. XX
Remembering Danny Webster
My beautiful precious boy. Love and miss you so much. You will never be forgotten. A hero to us all. All my love always Mum xxxx
Remembering Richard Martin
Almost 16 years without you & you are only ever a heartbeat away. Miss you always xx
Remembering Gavin Westworth
Gav you're missed beyond compare. I love you my big lad today tomorrow and always until I see you again , you're in my heart always . Always thinking of you from your heartbroken mum , Billy, nath and Georgia xxx
Remembering Rebecca Louise Cowan
Miss you Bec every second, every minute, every hour of every day. ALWAYS in my thoughts, forever in my heart.Mum xxxx
Remembering Baby David William Green
My baby David always loved and always missed you will always be in my heart all my love always and forever from mummy 15/11/2000 - 9/12/2000
Remembrance candle
Remembering Gareth Tomlinson
You are always in my heart. Love Mum XXXX
Remembering Lucy Parker (Callow)
Our beautiful Lucy, you are always in our thoughts and hearts. Life is just not the same without you here, you are missed beyond measure. Our fifth Christmas without you, time does not heal anything. Forever missed, forever loved. Our darling girl. Xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Lucy Parker (Callow)
Our beautiful Lucy, you are always in our thoughts and hearts. Life is just not the same without you here, you are missed beyond measure. Our fifth Christmas without you, time does not heal anything. Forever missed, forever loved.
Remembering Charlotte Louise Laister
Charlotte, our angel, our lives are not the same without you. We miss you so much every day and will love you for ever. xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Steven McCreight
Always in our hearts, loved and missed every minute. Your courage and good humour inspire so many people.
Remembering Jennifer Ann Mary Gray
Our beautiful daughter Jennifer, aged 21, Died suddenly on April 18th 2018. Always in our hearts and thoughts,
Remembrance candle
Remembering My Son Tom Griffin - MR SPECIAL
Taken from me when only 27 years old, but those years were full of such closeness and happy memories. Your disabilities were severe, but you always managed to rise above them, bringing a smile and a beaming light to the world, and especially to my heart. You will always be with me darling boy. Mum
Remembering Claire
Loved and remembered and missed every minute of every day. A beautiful Mum, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter. Always only a heartbeat away. XxxX
Remembering Graham Wells
A wonderful son and brother who left us suddenly with no warning in July 1997 aged 17. Always loved and remembered Every breath we take we’ll be missing you Mum Dadxxxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jon Lee Burgess
Left us 12.8.12 aged 35. In our hearts always and missed by his young son in his Life. Every year, we wish Jon was here at Christmas and for his son's birthday, in January. RIP Jon. Much love from your UK and US family. xxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Julia Macpherson and her little brother Robert Mac
Love always, Mum and Sarah XX
Remembering Our amazing daughter, Cara Charlaine. ❤
Oh Care Bear .. We miss you so much thete just aren't words to describe our longing to hold you and your tiny hands again. We think of you every single day.. You were the biggest blessing in my life. Now you can run free without seizures. Talk up a storm.. Sing with the Angels Honey.. We adored you
Remembrance candle
Remembering Meadhbh Aisling McGovern
Taken from us too soon. We carry you in our hearts and thoughts always. Love Mum, Graham & Ewan xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Brian John Ward
You were 4 on 6th Oct 1983, fit healthy beautiful boy, by 10th Oct 1983 you were gone. Love and miss you forever, We think about you all the time, your Niece and nephews talk about you even though you were gone before they were even thought of. Love you forever my Darling, Mum, Dad, and Leona
Remembering Matthew
Missing you so much my beautiful boy, 3rd Christmas without you ❤️
Remembering Tom Emerson
Remembering Tom who died, aged 17, on 17 May 2002. Miss you every single day. Love Mum xxx
Remembering Brad Hennah
Never more than a thought away.... loved and missed every day xxx
Remembering Zarah-Anneliese
We miss you so much Zazzie bear, you will always be in our hearts... fly high baby with Tara’s and pixie dust .. Love you to the moon and all the broccoli trees 💖 Mummy and TJ xxxxx
Remembering Dominic Panton ( Dom)
Darling you are always in our hearts, much loved and missed every moment that I breathe. love Mum
Remembrance image
Remembering Mark Alan Potter
Our darling son, we miss you so much. You are never forgotten. We think of you every day.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Keisha
We remember and miss you every moment of every day. Where ever we are - What ever we do - Forever we will think of you. Forever strong Forever 17 💕💕
Remembrance candle
Remembering Mark McComb
Always remembered with much love... Lisa, Hannah and Rachel xxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Rachel Hollands
Our beloved daughter who passed 16/07/2014 aged 26. Always on our minds forever in our hearts
Remembering Emma Bear
Our darling girl, we miss you and love you so much. You will always be our beautiful Bear, our shining light, our perfect peach. Mummy & Daddy X🐻 Our amazing sister, we miss you everyday. Dee, Mark, Niall, Jon, and Hannah We love you Aunty Emma Isabella, Bea,Oliver,Arthur and William. ♥️
Remembrance image
Remembering Evan Hughes
You are in my thoughts every single day. I love u so much sweetie. Sweet dreams, love Mum xx
Remembering Lisa-Jane Moore
My beautiful, funny, precious daughter and only child. I miss you more and more each day. Your kind heart , your weird but wonderful sense of humour and contagious laugh. Most of all just being able to speak to you and hug you everyday. Lots and lots of Love Mum xxxxx
Remembering Nikki Hastings
Missing you and loving you every second of every minute of every day.
Remembering Mark Daniels
I loved you for all of your life, and will love you for the rest of mine. My precious son Mark, all my love Mum xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Rob McKnight
Almost a year without you Rob, we miss you SO much - this time last year we had no idea what was ahead of us. Our lovely boy, how can it be true 💔💔. A picture of you and your brother because I can’t look at your adult ones yet. We’ll love and miss you forever e6Uz68
Remembrance image
Remembering Beth
Remembering my beautiful daughter Beth, forever 17 💜 xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Suzanne Jane Crossley
Remembering our daughter Suzanne, who died on July 29 th 2015 . Always loved and deeply missed, forever 43. All our love Mum and Dad xx
Remembering My daughter Ashley
Another year has passed Ashley you are forever in my heart and thoughts xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Jonny
So many days I’ve missed you. So many days I’ve gone to talk to you and you’re not there. You are forever in my heart my beautiful little brother. Until we meet again. Love you always
Remembering Our beloved much treasured son Matthew Brain
16months since you were tragically taken from us. Miss and love you so much. Forever in our hearts and thoughts. Until we meet again darling xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Dani
Our darling Dani, we will miss you always and we will never recover from your loss xxx
Remembering Neve Stockdale
Our first Christmas without you and we miss you so much Neveygirl, we’ll never understand why you had to go. Love you past the moon and miss you beyond the stars. Mum, Dad, Calum (and Zac) xx
Remembering Skye Olivia Mitchell
Skye, we love and miss you so much.... 16months on and I still expect you to come home... forever 18😢 You are our Skye full of stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐❤
Remembering Alex Whitehead
Your were Marcs best friend, you are now in heaven together. God Bless you both xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Marc Suddaby
Love and miss you so much. You were such a wonderful son, I will be with you one day, God Bless xxx
Remembering Luke Naish
To my beautiful boy, I miss you so much my darling, I just wish you knew how much we all loved you and I will love and miss you till I see you again, mum xxx p.s Thankyou for my signs xxx
Remembering Martin, my son.
Martin- you struggled for 11 years after you had your Stroke. You succumbed to a massive seizure which claimed your life in 2015 when you were 36. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you finally have peace and are with your Granny and Granda in Heaven. I will always love you. X
Remembrance candle
Remembering John McMahon age 19 years
No pictures of you or your life; a life filled with pain and suffering and with little love and care. It hurts me deeply to know this is how it was for you. Your loss and my pain stay with me always and I still see your blue eyes when I close mine. Gillian (sister)
Remembering Gavin Anthony Wright
Loved & missed every day my darling, <3 Mum <3
Remembering Catherine
Catherine's picture
Remembrance candle
Remembering Catherine
Remembering beautiful Catherine who died in 2011 aged 30. Kind, funny and smart. Missed more than I can express. Loved always by her mum. Also the little sister to Pax, also remembered with love. And both together now in that other place.
Remembrance image
Remembering Pax
Remembering Pax who would be 40 on 3rd January. Pax died in Bhopal, India in 1982 aged 3. A gentle child who greatly loved his little sister. Remembered with love by his mum.
Remembering Jason dean jackson
To my darling boy. I miss you everyday. My heart was broken the day you left me. 9/2/1991 - 5/12/2017. 26 years old. You will always be missed and loved. Mom X x x
Remembering Daniel James Redman
Our Beloved Boy. Our third Christmas without you. You may have left this world but your story is not over.
Remembrance image
Remembering My brother Luke
You was sadly taken too soon, on 3rd October 2016. Which I’m still finding it very hard to accept. Wearing a mask daily to hide my pain. I miss you bro and will always love you forever xxxx
Remembering Samuel James Sharpe
Remembering Samuel forever and always.
Remembering Andrew Jardine
Our brilliant boy, torn from life. He was a boy and a half, especially when we were out! Miss him every minute of every day.....04.08.94-08.12.13.
Remembering Bernadette Marie Cupkovic
Miss you so much my georgeous Angel love you so very much always Mum xxxxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Bernadette Marie Cupkovic
Miss you so much my georgeous Angel love you so very much always Mum xxxxxx
Remembering Ieuan Griffiths
Loved and missed every day. Xxx
Remembering Danny Esdaile
20/12/1985 - 10/08/2017 .You were the centre of our lives and our reason for living. You always loved Christmas and we remember your happy face. Miss you with all our hearts. Love Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxx
Remembering Alex Parker
Your light may have gone out on earth and now I walk this dark path but I know you shine bright above. Keep whining and guiding my way. Love and miss you forever my beautiful boy. Love Mum.
Remembering Kishori Salter
Love you and miss you endlessly my beautiful sister and best friend. Christmas isn’t Christmas without you. Xxxx
Remembering Natalie Jane Brown
Our beautiful daughter Natalie Brown fell asleep on the 22nd of July 2017 forever 27. She was a true fighter and the bravest person we know. She is our smiling angel . We love you to the moon and back love mum dad Rachel and big foot (her dog) xxxxx
Remembering Our son Jamie Macdonald
Miss you & Love you always Jamie Love from Mum & Dad
Remembering My darling gorgeous son Ashley Hall
Ashley you left us September 2017 forever 23 it's going to be our second Christmas without you it doesn't feel right without you but I'll leave a space incase you want to pop along. Always in our hearts not a day goes by where we don't miss you all our love Mom Martin William and all the family xxx
Remembering Our beautiful and amazing daughter Anna
Loved always, missed profoundly, treasured deeply, Love Mum and Dad, Sara, Rachel and your nieces and nephew xxxxxxxxxxxx
Remembering Megan Victoria Fayle
Loving you always and forgetting you never our darling precious little girl until we're together again. Mummy and Daddy 😇♥️😇
Remembering Derek Buntain mummy’s big shiny star 💙🌟
My beautiful blue eyed boy miss you more than words could ever describe My hero My everything Forever 20 It’s not goodbye it’s see you later
Remembering Daniel McKnight
Our darling little man with us such a short time remembered with love forever. We miss you still xx 02/02/1993 - 03/12/1993
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jason dean jackson. (Ja)
You sadly left us on the 5th December 2017. Aged 26 years old. You will always be missed and loved by your family and friends. Our world is empty without you. Love you you forever and a day. Mom x x x
Remembering My mum Marie Sylvia Purdie
It's the 2nd anniversary of your passing on the 3rd of December. I share my birthday with the worldwide candle lighting and I can't think of a better way to honour such an amazing mother as you were than sharing your image to the world. I love you and miss you eternally Mum❤️Xxxx
Remembering Daniel Dennis
You were taken from us 15 years ago Dan when at 17 you went to work and never came home We will grieve your loss forever As we love and miss you so much xxx
Remembering Claire Marie Best 'Claire Bear'
Miss you and love you forever..my best girl in every way. Mum xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Christopher, my son
Happiness ended the day you died. We loved you more than you could ever understand
Remembrance candle
Remembering My big sister Kim
Taken so suddenly age 40, I miss you more than words than can say.
Remembering Rachel Whitham
Forever 20. Will always miss you my beautiful daughter. You suffered so much for most of your life. I will always have the 'what ifs'. Your absence left a hole no time will fill. ' A breath's away not far to where you are'.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Carl Thompson
Our 13th Christmas without you our beautiful boy doesn't get any easier. A loving son brother and dad. Love you Carl we love and miss you so much. Mum and brother Lee xxxxx
Remembering Rory Brivio-Hughes
Rory left us September this year - we will always miss you our darling boy - be at peace everymore
Remembering My son Ricky Brandao
You are missed beyond words, you live in our hearts forever
Remembering Vickie Vowles
Vickie died 2 years ago after giving birth to my Granddaughter. Vickie was one of those rare people that touched the lives of those she met, every day is a struggle without her. A truly beautiful soul.
Remembrance image
Remembering Charlotte Smith.
We love and miss you always. ❤ xxxx
Remembering Antony rogivska
My son, the 2nd anniversary is approaching 14th Dec, it's our 3rd Xmas without you. Not a single hour goes by where you're not in my thoughts. Your laugh, your smile .. loved life .. missed always, loved forever .. carry on living the dream up there Antony, and keep giving the signs.heartbroken mum
Remembering MATT KEMP
Miss you so much our 3rd Christmas without you xx can t bear to be at home as you were always at my table. 31 forever. We bought yoy a terry chocolate orange and we eat it on Christmas Day it was your favourite. Missed by mum dad your son Mitchell brothers Chris & Dan and family xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering My son, Phil Dillon
Remembered every day, forever 24 years old. The search for you went on when you went missing on 20th February 2010, and ended when you were recovered from the canal on 18th March 2010. Fly free my son.uch love xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Lauren Patterson
My daughter, best friend and my world.
Remembering Krishan Manek My dear Son
Love and miss you so much my sweetheart. Left us aged just 21 a year ago. It’s not getting easier my darling. May you rest in peace and have eternal happiness. We will meet again. Forever in our hearts. Mimi, dad, and your brothers ♥️♥️♥️♥️💙
Remembering Sarah Jocelyn Kitt
Mother, daughter, sister. No one is as beautiful as you. Our love for you will last eternally. 😘 Xxx
Remembering Sarah Elizabeth Hancock aka: Sedge
Loved with a Love Beyond ALL Telling, missed with a Grief Beyond All Tears.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Mark Prewer
Taken from us suddenly and unexpectedly aged just 35. A much loved son, brother, uncle and friend. We miss you desperately xxx
Remembering Sam Jenner
Sam, my only child, my world, beautiful inside and out. Forever in my heart and always in my thoughts xxxxx
Remembering Gavin Lupton
My darling brother, I miss you every single day, you will always be in my heart.
Remembrance image
Remembering Remembering Dylan Pinsent
Dylan, my Sonshine, my hero, my beautiful boy.
Remembering Stuart Hogg
My lovely brother, I will love and miss you always xxx
Remembering Christina Amy Rose (Chrissy)
Always missed, always loved. Our baby girl Chrissy XXX
Remembrance image
Remembering Pete Harrison
My brother, loved and missed so much
Remembering Christopher Ring
Remembering my beautiful son Chris forever 29 who passed away on 8th October 2006. Always and forever in my heart. Love mum
Remembrance candle
Remembering Suzanne Crossley
For my sister, Suzanne. You are always in my thoughts and missed so much. Clare xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Vicki kelly
My beloved daughter aged 26 . 10.02.2013. Never forgotten. Loved always xxxx
Remembering Guy Hewitt-Jones
Loving you and missing you everyday and forever. So blessed to have had you in our lives Guy xx
Remembering Andy Lindup
My dearest brother was taken from us on 15th December 2016. I miss him every moment of every day.
Remembering Martin Burton
Remembering Martin and all the happy men we have. Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts 💙💙💙💙💙
Remembering Kirsty Andow
Loved, missed and remembered always xxxx
Remembering Aidan O’Neill
Our beautiful, beautiful boy taken from us far too soon 29 September 2010, just 12 years old. Aidan, you will forever be in our hearts ♥️ Loved and missed always Until we meet again, darling. Mummy and Daddy ❤️💔❤️
Remembering Liam brown
although you can’t be here with us we’re never far apart. Until the final breath we take, you’ll be living in our hearts. Missing you so much bud, especially at this time of year. Love you so much
Remembering Aimee Clayton
Our Aimee Angel, a beautiful young soul taken just as life was about to begin. The world is the loser without you in it and we love and miss you so enormously, . 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️💚💚💚💚🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️
Remembering Oliver Morton
Oliver you are the brightest star... my best boy and we will love you forever .. never a moment without you in my thoughts and pain in my heart from losing you..fly high with the angels Oliver till I can hold you again.. I love you ...💙💔🖤
Remembering Elijah Matthew
My beautiful grandson, it’s been 4 years since you left us but not a day goes by without your being missed and thought of. We speak of you often especially to your new brothers and cousins, love you little man 💕 nanna and pop xxxxx
Remembering James Clark
Loved and missed always, our darling James xxx
Remembering My Beautiful Son Tee
I cant possibly write down how much i miss your smile your laughter your face. ... I love and miss you Tee 💙 with every breath LOVE FOR ALWAYS MUM
Remembering Sophie Louise Ball
Our beautiful daughter, sister and friend...we are so lost without you. We will never ever be the same. Sending you all our love. Forever in our hearts. We love you so very very much 💜💔 xxxx
Remembering Paul Houston
Always rembered with love my darling boy Love always mum xx
Remembering Lee Mortimer
Always remembered with such love my beautiful boy Love Mum xxx
Remembering Rosie Collette
Remembering and loving you always, darling Rosie. Love mummy xx
Remembering James Ahern
James, My beautiful boy.

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