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2020 Book of Remembrance

2020 Book of Remembrance

Throughout December, and especially during the Worldwide Candle Lighting, you can post a photograph and message remembering your son or daughter, brother or sister or grandchild.

“… So their light may always shine …”

If you decide not to post a photo then a picture of a candle will be uploaded to accompany your message.

You can also give a donation to The Compassionate Friends if you wish after you have posted.

More information on the online Compassionate Friends UK Worldwide Candle Lighting.

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Remembering James Ashworth
My precious boy who didn’t wake up on 29.10.2020 we miss you so much so proud of all you Achieved 3 days after your graduation from Derwen college.
Remembering We wish to remember
Our precious son Mike, miss him every moment, life is sad without you son xx
Remembering Sam Jenner 1989-2012
Remembering you with love always my precious only child, wishing you were here and able to benefit from the advances in treating Cystic Fibrosis. You still had so much more to give. Merry Christmas Sam xxxxx
Remembering My Brother Errol Kennedy
An absolute true legend. The best big brother/uncle I could ask for.
Remembering David Nash
Our first Christmas without our beloved Son David ( Dude ) who died 4th November this year We had fabulous Christmas’s every year with you & I felt your spirit with us all today xxx love you lots xxx
Remembering Simeon age 18
My precious boy,my angel in heaven!I love you so so much.I miss you so much every day since you left me on 27th June 2018. I will miss you every second until we meet again.I love you unconditionally Momma
Remembering Jennifer Rose Stocks
To our darling Jen - we miss you sweetheart - your laughter and joy - our first Christmas without you - so brave and courageous - unbelievably strong - taken away too early at 25 - our only child - we love you - always and forever in our hearts - Mum and Dad ❀x
Remembering Craig
Forever 26, loved and missed every day xxx 1984 - 2010
Remembering Katie Louise Cooper
Our beautiful daughter forever 28 . Sadly passed away July 2017 an inspiration to all who you knew her she fought her illness with dignity and strength . We love and miss you so much .Forever loved and in our hearts . Till we meet again love mum dad Jonathan and Christopher x
Remembering Hannah
18 08 91 / 26 08 19 My 2nd christmas without you my baby girl . Love and miss you so much . Dad xxx ❀
Remembering James McMaster
Remembering our beautiful son, James, taken from us too soon. This is the 8th Christmas without him. Forever in our hearts xo
Remembrance candle
Remembering My son Barry
Miss you so much,I carry you in my heart forever
Remembering Sean Kay
Miss you so much love mum x
Remembrance image
Remembering Scott Shirley
There is a light that will never go out.
Remembrance image
Remembering Michael
Miss you always. Glad you are safe now. Always remembered never forgotten. Fly high my son. We will raise a toast to you, knowing you are safe and happy. God Bless you Mum xxxxxxxxxx
My darling boy .our 2nd Christmas with out you . We miss you so terribly it hurts every day .your cheeky smile beautiful blue eyes and wonderful regal red hair !. Our lives are blessed to have had you in it and while ever memories are in our hearts you continue to bless us. Love mum dad alice ellen
Remembrance image
Remembering Abaigeal Leigh x x x
Have a magical Christmas beautiful girl, missing you beyond words baby. Mummy loves you millions x x x x x
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our son Mark
This is our fourth Christmas without you dear son. We try to celebrate the best we can for your precious daughter Amy’s sake, but life will never be the same without you, Know that you are loved and missed beyond measure. Sending all of our love to you in heaven, today and every day. Mam and Dad xxx
Remembering My Dad, Elsie, Eddie, nan, dado, coco &alfie
Always in my thoughts πŸ’” until we meet again xx
Remembering Daniel Porch
There just aren't enough words. Gone 3 days before Christmas, 2017. Missed by every member of his family. β€οΈπŸ’”β€οΈπŸ’”β€οΈπŸ’”
Remembering Our beloved Son, Cameron...
You left us 18 months ago and not a single day passes when I don’t think of you. I miss you and all the questions you had when we talked! This time of year is more challenging as I remember precious memories of when you were little and how much you loved Christmas. I love you and miss you xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering John Ashton
23 years and still miss you so much John boy x Your nephews and niece never got to know you but they know all about you and how loved you are xx Christmas has never been the same without you xx Love from Mum, Dad and all your family xx
Remembering Kate Jaworski-Green
Dearest daughter, you were stolen from us in dreadful circumstances nearly 3 years ago. We all miss you so much especially your daughter Lydia who was 2 when you left us. She is now a lovely 5 year old beautiful girl. You would be so proud of her. Love Daddy xx
Remembering Melissa May Price
Nearly 7 years without you my Melbel, you truly were beautiful inside and out! Missed so much by so many. Always and forever in my heart. xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Michael James Bennett
“Those we love don't go away; they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear.” Taken from us far too soon, I’ll always love you little brother. Emma Xx
Remembering Luke Benjamin Porter
Love and missing you our darling Son at Christmas and every day. Our lives are changed forever. Our hearts break each and every day. Still struggling to believe you’re gone from us and a future without you is unbearable. All our love forever. Mum, Dad and AJ xxxx
Remembering Our precious son Callum
You fought the battle of life hard, till you couldn’t fight any more, I will always be so immensely proud of you. I am so sorry that life was so cruel to you. I miss you so much but your legacy will live on in “Callum’s Voice” I love you son, forever 18 Your heartbroken Mum x
Remembering Elliott Mitchell
Born sleeping on 03.12.2020, our perfect little boy. You were loved, are loved and always will be loved. Mummy misses you so so so much. Until we can meet again, i will treasure the memories i have xxxx
Remembering Our Sammo
We love you and miss you everyday mum dad Nikki tegan lex Ava and nanny always a huge void in our lives xxxxxx
Remembering Will Collins
Loved and missed every day. Nothing's the same since you've gone and never will be. In my every waking thought. Love you mum xxx
Remembering Elliot Bransby
March On In Heaven my sweet angel. I love & miss you so much. Forever loved - Forever30 Be a good boy
Remembering My big brother Cal-cal
Callum, I miss you so much, you were the bestest big brother in the world I love you xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering My brother Scott Everett
You left us in July 2019 and my life will never be the same again. Miss you always big brother xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Matthew Coombes
Love you to the moon and back... and more..... Christmas is not the same without you beautiful smile. How you loved this time of year X
Remembrance candle
Remembering Fiona Coates
My dear brothers John MacLellan and Mark Lewis, missing from our family for 32 years. Loved forever .
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jenna Marie
I miss you darling daughter every moment of every day since you went away. I know you are with me as you told me you were not going anywhere but my heart still aches for you xxx
Remembering Paul Meaden
Gone too soon, I hope the pubs have stayed open up there! Think of you always x
Remembering Shaun and Josh
Forever in our hearts and always remembered with a smile . Love you always boys xxx
Remembering My boy Grant
I love you more 😘, now and always Mum
Remembering Jasper Ky
I can hardly wait for you to show me all the glories of heaven.
Remembering Anton Kasanin
We love you so very much, and we miss you every second of every day since you left us on 18th December 2019, our clever, funny, loving, beautiful boy.
Remembering Nina Clarke
Our beautiful bright daughter and sister taken too soon, 18 years of age. Life will never be the same. In our hearts and minds always and forever, until we meet again.
Remembering Abbey Young
My Beautiful Gorgeous Daughter Abbey aged 19. I Love You and Miss You so much Xxxx. Forever the worlds number one BTS fan. Your loving proud Dad Xxxx
Remembering Mark Thomasson
Our wonderful son you were the light in our lives. Love and miss you so much, party on Mark till we meet again. Forever in our hearts all our love Mum, Dad and Darrell and Oliver xxx
Remembering Matthew Roy Francis Jones
Love survives. You are my only child, lost too soon, but forever in my thoughts. Your friends keep in touch which is a testament to your role in their lives. You stayed as long as you were able to xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Callum young
Miss you so much Callum love you my gorgeous little grandson x Lots of love and kisses from your dad brother and sisters x
Remembering Abbey young
My beautiful daughter, I will love and miss you always, you were my best friend, you always made me laugh , my heart is broken without you , I’m so pleased you got to see your favourite band BTS, and I’m so Lucky and proud to have such a talented caring daughter, shine bright abbs love always mam x
Remembering Scott Murray
To our blue eyed boy wee miss you so much. Still waiting for you to come home, to us again. It is now 3yrs that big chunk out of my heart will never heal till we meet up again. Love you son. Mum & Stan
Remembering Tom Higgins
Left us sixteen months ago and it still feels like a terrible dream, can't believe you wont be coming back. Think of you every day.
Remembering Remembering my precious son Dyllan
Your always in my thoughts and i miss you every moment of the day . How much i wish i could see the young man you were growing into . My heart will never be whole . Your loving mum xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Alex Iles
I am slowly dying day by day without you. I can not believe I will never see you again. Until we meet again my darling Son. Forever 28 Mum xxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Steven my son
3years now you have gone miss you so much taken to soon always in my heart til we meet again 2017 my beautiful boy
Remembrance image
Remembering Remembering Douglas wright
Love and miss you Douglas Forever in my heart Rest in peace
Remembrance image
Remembering Emmy Gardner (nee Scutt)
10 months without our beautiful, clever, amazing, crazy Emmy. Life will never ever be the same without you. We miss you with every breath and heart beat. You were so brave and courageous. We love you to the moon and back always and forever. Mum and all the family xxxx♥️♥️♥️
Remembrance candle
Remembering Nic Bavester.
I miss you every moment of the day. You are my pride and joy. You are to me the kindest of sons and your hugs I miss so much. You made so many laugh. I love you more than I can say, my life will never be the same. My lovely Nic.
Remembering Evey Rose Staley
Always in our thoughts but especially at Christmas, our darling Daughter Evey. The pain has never lessened but i can think of your ten short years with a smile now rather than tears. Until we meet again Evey, your loving mummy xx
Remembering Rhiannon Mae Smith
Remembering my beautiful daughter and best friend. Missing you always my little ray of sunshine. You are forever in my heart. Love Mum xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Phillipa Thompson
Missing my very special sister it has been many years that you have been gone, but the pain of loosing you never goes, I love you pip my darling sister you were my best friend x
Remembrance candle
Remembering Toby O' Mahony
My darling Toby we miss you so much , you were only 24 when you left us yet another xmas without you we never get used to you not being here, love and miss you my special son x
Remembrance candle
Remembering our darling daughter at this time of the year. God Bless X
Remembrance image
Remembering Adam Richard Keen
Cannot believe you will not be coming home. Miss you so much Adam and cannot wait to be reunited. 19-01-80. 16-03-12 taken from us so suddenly. Forever 32. Your broken hearted family. Christmas will still continue but will NEVER be the same. Xxxx
Remembering Christopher Lovelace
Remembering our beautiful son Christopher who was tragically taken from us in a motorbike crash. He was our only child and the most precious light in our lives. A beautiful kind soul taken from us at age 29. Miss you forever love mum and dad xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Joe
Joe we love you so much xxx I am always just waiting to come home to you xx I love you xx mum xx
Remembering James Thomson
Not forgotten and missed every day. X
Remembering Richie Keith Shaun Nelson
Thinking of our lovely son Richie. Always missed & loved. Unbelievable you’re not here with us, the pain gets no easier. Love Mum & Dad, ( Jason & Dawn Nelson)
Remembering Courtney commander
always thinking of you my darling my heart is broken , until we are reunited sweet dreams god bless my beautiful boy love always mom xxx
Remembering Michael John Tweed
We miss you every day Michael and treasure the memories we have. love you always love from everyone who knew and loved you and especially your Son Logan love Mum xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jack Saunders
Our wonderful grandson. This is the 5th Christmas without you - how we wish you were still here with us. We think of you every day and miss you so much it hurts. We love you to the moon and back and life without you will never be the same. Beau and Bobby xxxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Rachael
We love and miss you, a beautiful God daughter and friend, Zena, John, Iona, Lydia and Robbie xoxo
Remembrance image
Remembering Katie King
My Dancing Queen, Missing your beautiful eyes, cheeky smile and kisses. I see you in every cat that passes in the street. Thank you for being so wonderful. I love you so dearly. Your little sister, Martha xx
Remembering Giles Randall
In loving memory of my darling son Giles. I miss you so much, life is just not the same without you here. Always in my heart. Love you forever mum xxxx
Remembering Kieran Dominic Marshall
Our perfect boy. So loved and missed by all who knew you. Your life was too short but the memories you gave us and the love we shared will be in our hearts forever. Rest easy G. Til we meet again in heaven. Xx
Remembering Tom Sewell
Loved and missed every day. Precious son, brother, grandson - you made us all smile so much, and you always will. So very grateful you are ours xxxxπŸ’œπŸ™πŸŒˆ
Remembering James Hedge
Our wonderful James, it’s nearly 5 years now since you left us. Our hearts are broken but memories of you and your sunshine smile will always be with us. x
Remembrance image
Remembering Craig Marchant
"What we have once enjoyed deeply, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us." - Helen Keller Energy cannot be created or destroyed. I know your energy is still out there, doing Nacho Libre smiles and imitating all the South Park voices and laughing itself silly.
Remembering Tom Owen
Our beautiful son, taken far too soon. We love and miss you so much and always will xx
Remembering Micah James Pollock
My son has been gone 23 years, but my heart is still hurting from the loss. Not a day has gone by that I have not thought of him. It will be this way to the day I die. Some days I miss him more, some days I can remember the good times. But the tears still come on those hard days. I love himπŸ’—
Remembering My sister Rosie
On her wedding day, lovely memories of a beautiful sister.
Remembering Benjamin
Sleep tight BB . Remembered with love throughout the year . Always missed always loved wee son x
Remembrance image
Remembering Samantha Louise Meadows
Many Christmas’s have passed since we lost you Samantha you are loved and missed beyond words you loved Christmas we have so many lovely memories we spent with you and Ian in your nine years. Our hearts were broken when we lost you but memories are in our hearts forever. Love always Mum Dad & Ian xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Michael & Rachel Ambrose
My Michael Ambrose & Rachel Ambrose. You are so loved. Always in my heart Take care of each other until we’re together again ❀️🌈🌼xxxx
Remembering Gary Rand
Gary, you left us too soon... soon it will be a year on December 29th. We all miss you so much. Our hearts are broken but we will live our lives to honor you always. Rest easy Gary till we see you againβ€οΈπŸ’™
Remembering Laura Frahm
My beautiful first born daughter, Laura. It was 5 years on July 6th that you left us. Your bravery, your courage and your strength were a gift to our whole family. A piece of each of our hearts went with you on your journey. I think of you most every day and wish I could give you a hug. Love Mom
Remembrance candle
To my beautiful, oldest daughter, Laura. It was 5 years ago July 6th that you left us. To see your bravery, your courage and your strength plus your acceptance of your fate was a gift to our family. A piece of all of our hearts went with you on your journey. WE LOVE YOU! πŸ’™ MOM
Remembrance candle
Remembering Marc Cosgrove
Remembering my first born son Marc who left this world on 25th October 2018. This is the 3rd xnas without you and I look forward to the time when we meet again in a better place. All my love. MumπŸ’• x x
Remembering Scott Rooney
We miss you so much Buster, forever 22 xxx
Remembering Josh Springer
I miss you every moment of every day my beautiful boy. Living a life to honour you but it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I loved you for all of your life and for the rest of mine. #livingandnotjustsurviving #forever 25
Remembering James Spittle
Merry Christmas James. Six Christmases without you now. We miss you every day. Love you James, Mom, Evan,Seth & Caleb
Remembering Ella Lista
Ella we lost you 2 weeks ago tomorrow. We are in deep pain without your vivacious presence. We love you so much, every moment is hurting without you. Love you so so much Mini, Tawny, Fuzz, Pet and Roo xxxx
Remembering Ella Lista
Ella we lost you 2 weeks ago tomorrow. We are in deep pain without your vivacious presence. We love so much, every moment is hurting without you. Love you so so much xxxx
Remembering Tyanni Tendayi
Remembering Tyanni taken from us in August 2015 due to an AVM. Always missed, never forgotten it is so hard
Remembering Daryl
To my favourite eldest son, I will miss you every day for the rest of my life, love you forever until we meet again.....mum xxxx
Remembering Dayton Kelly-Wayne Brummett
I miss you always πŸ’™πŸ–€
Remembrance candle
Remembering Duncan Andrew Phillips
You, Duncan, our beloved son are missed beyond words and loved beyond measure. With our deepest love, Mum and Dad
Remembering Rennie
You were my favourite hello and my hardest goodbye, you will be loved and missed until we meet again, all my love mum xxxxxxx
Remembering Helen Culpan (Penry)
Missing my twin sister even though this will be our 9th Christmas without you .You are always in my thoughts forever in my heart πŸ’•
Remembering Hannah Jackson
we miss you dearly, Hope your causing havoc up their! Lots of love alway and Forever Big sis xx
Remembering Megan Fayle
I light a candle for my daughter Megan Fayle. We are to be reunited far sooner than I thought. Until then my little angel Mummy x
Remembering Danny Wodrow
Danny was a fun and funny little brother who became seriously mentally ill then contracted lung cancer. He is dearly missed by his family and friends
Remembering Braeden Munro Williams
Forever loved, forever missed, forever 7
Remembering Primrose Maeve Price
Our darling baby girl and princess, taken suddenly and unfairly to SIDS. Forever 10months old. She is always loved and will never be forgotten.
Remembering Isobel Anderson
In remembrance of our darling daughter Isobel... So kind and loving...loyal to her many friends...protective of her sisters...a "breath of fresh air"....a life taken too soon...she's the breeze that blows... Forever missed and never forgotten...πŸ¦„πŸŒŒ♥️...
Remembering Jessica Lawson
The light and laughter in our life for 12 wonderful years. Missing you grow into what I know you would have become. So Kind, so caring, so funny and so, so beautiful....xxxx
Remembering Frances (Ziggy) Wilson
We are here to remember our beloved and beautiful daughter, Ziggy: 1983-2016.
Remembering JayJay Taylor
I miss you with every single heartbeat, every second of every minute of every hour of every day, your forever heartbroken mum xxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Matthew Young
We miss Matthew so much
Remembering Tom Webb
Sending love to you Darlin’ today and always xx Miss you so much but am being the best I can be xx Sending you all my love sweetheart xx The lights are shining brightly for you xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering David Wall
Loved and missed every day. Wish so much you were here to see your little girl Imogen grow up, she is so like you. Always in my heart, love Mumxx
Remembering Isobel Eeley
My fourth Christmas without you my darling girl. The bravest, kindest, sweetest daughter any mother could have. Forever loved, forever missed. Memories of you sustain me and your courage will always inspire me. Be at peace until we meet again. Your adoring Mumma xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering My Mother Dorothy
My second Christmas without you mam and there is nothing to celebrate now you are no longer here I only have memories now. How you loved this time of year and how wonderful you made every Christmas. The fact I hurt so much shows how much I loved and adored you. I miss you terribly mam I love you x
Remembering Rhys Parker
My heart aches for you my darling boy love from Mum and Craig Laura and Stephanie πŸ’”πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
Remembering Lottie Edwards
Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you and your beautiful smile. You was our ray of sunshine now you are the beautiful star that shines so bright in the sky. Miss you so much Lottie love you loads x x❀️❀️
Remembering Charlie craig and his cousin evie cooper.
Lighting a candle helps us connect with you charlie x love you mum dad and thomas
Remembering Phil Dillon
My son, taken at age 24 in 2010. Missed so much, always loved. Fly free son. Love always, Mum
Remembering Jonathon William Brennan
Jon... Not a minute goes by that you are not in my mind xxx memories too precious to forget ❀️ We love and miss you more than any words could describe xxx Team Jonathon will Never Give Up... Keep us strong and keep us fighting in your name xxx All my love always xxx Your big sis xxx
Remembering James Scott
Love and miss you James forever in our hearts always. Those we love don’t go away they walk beside us every day xxx
Remembering Joanna Rose Swannell
Our lives fell apart on 2nd December 2016. We love and miss you so much. Keep warm and safe my darling Angel, Mum xxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering My daughter Clare
This is our 6th Christmas without you. We miss you every day, your smile and your laugh. We are without your two precious children this year also, so the hole in our hearts is bigger than ever. Love you forever my sweet darling
Remembering Helen Bond
26.8.86 -23.12.14 Miss your smile always, think of you every day, love you always floss Breathe easy, fly high Mum & Dad, xxx
Remembering Chloe
We miss you very much our Angel,we live tou to the moon and back, always and forever Merry Christmas our beautiful Angel ❀❀❀❀
Remembrance image
Remembering Jonathon Brennan
Our precious boy, our everything JONATHON ❀️You are loved beyond words and missed more than measure son πŸ’”our lives are broken without you Jon xxx Today is 140 weeks of existing without you son πŸ’”
Remembering Mitchell Sveinbjornson
We love you son and we miss youπŸ’•πŸ˜’
Remembering Simon
The world has become a whole lot darker since we lost your contagious smile, your cheeky sense of humour and your beautiful, beautiful heart. Not a day goes by where you aren't in the forefront of our minds - keep enjoying Heaven until we get there to join you. Love you always and forever.
Remembering Paddy Kellett
7th March 1993 - 10th August 2013. Always missed. Forever loved.
Remembering Briony Daniels
To Briony, my goofy little sister, best friend, keeper of secrets and partner in crime. You are so missed and loved more than you could ever imagine. I miss your contagious laugh and smile. My life will never be the same without you. I love you so much, your big sister, Kyla xxxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Roddy Muirhead
My only child, the light of my life. The sky fell in on 21st January 2017 when you left. I miss you with every heartbeat and love you with every fibre of my being. My boy, my one and only. From your mum.
Remembering Josh Owen
We love and miss you every single moment of every day, until we meet again Josh , shine bright , love Mum , Dad and Rebecca xxx x
Remembrance candle
Remembering Shemoya Strachan
Remembering my Christmas angel. Love you more each day. Mummyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Remembering Naomi
Naomi I will always miss you and I will love you forever Mum
Remembrance candle
Remembering Darren Lee Collins
Darren, I miss you so much. I think of you every day. I know you are with me. I am trying hard but its not easy son. Love you to the moon & back. Mum & Ciro & Liam
Remembering Remembering Caitlin Cole
Our beautiful,intelligent, kind daughter - the centre of our universe. We lost you on the 24th September 2019 aged just 20. Our amazing only child. Our love for you has not changed and you will always be our guiding light- Always and Forever Caitlin-until we are re- united love Mum & Dad xxx
Remembering Sarah’ Sedge ‘
Loved with a Love Beyond ALL Telling missed with a Grief Beyond ALL Tears.
Remembering Jemma Kirkham
Remembering my daughter, my world
Remembrance candle
Remembering KYLE.
Our darling son and brother,how we miss you,It's been eight years since we lost you and sweetheart it was hell. SO much love is sent to you.You were the best son and brother in the World.ALWAYS IN OUR THOUGHTS AND HEARTS. <3
Remembering Eilidh
Always in our hearts, Eils. We miss you so much and will never forget you.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Robert and Julia Macpherson
Always in our thoughts. Mum & sister Sarah Xxxx
Remembering Adeline May your light always shine my little angel.
Remembering Daniel Hall
To my gorgeous son, my baby boy, who left us December 2019.. Love you always, miss you forever. Until we meet again ♥️
Remembrance candle
Remembering Robert and Julia Macpherson
Always in our thoughts. Mum & sister Sarah Xxxx
Remembering Andy Reade
I miss you so much my lovely Andy. Your gentleness, kindness and your laughter and smile, You were taken far too soon and so tragically. Half of my heart has gone. You were loved by so many and I will never be the same without you. Thinking and loving you so much my wonderful son.
Remembering Julian Johnson
Loving you always darling.
Remembering Lily Jayne Summers
Always in our hearts and minds
Remembering Sean Mccarthy
A wonderful son with a heart of gold.. Loved missed and cherished. A proud daddy to his beautiful girls. loved and adored by his family and friends. Love you forever Sean. Forever 35.❀️❀️Xx
Remembering We wish to remember Jamie Mitchell
10 yrs you have been gone,it feels like yesterday and the pain is still the same.Such a beautiful boy with a beautiful smile,you are so so missed.The only comfort I get is that Christopher has you by his side.Wish we could have you both here .Love you Boys Always xxxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering DAVID
Left us aged 22 Here we are the 16th Christmas spent without you , now there are 2 nephews and a niece you never got to meet or share christmas with . I will light my candle again as I do on your birthday and anniversay . Miss you every moment of every day till I see you again Love you mum xxx
Remembering We wish to remember Christopher Mitchell
We miss you so so much ,such a cuddly boy with so much love to give .We Miss everything about you ,Our lives will be the same.Would give anything to have you here.πŸ’”xxxx
Remembering Jack Leonard Michael
This is our 23rd Christmas apart little man bu that doesn’t mean you are ever forgotten . In the 24 hours you live the miracles you worked were amazing. Mummy is who she is today solely because of you. Love you to the moon and back .
Remembering Jack Chapman
Remembering my wonderful son Jack ... Loved and miss so much by all his family xxx
Remembering Our Lucy
Our hearts still hurt like it was only yesterday, but our love for you is eternal. You are forever loved, missed and spoken about but more so at Christmas, you should be here with us. Forever 20, forever beautiful, forever my Sister. If love could of cured you, you would of lived forever. πŸ’”β€οΈ
Remembrance candle
Remembering Matthew Berry
To my amazing brother who was my rock and part of my heart. I lost my brother in a hit and run accident in January this year. I feel so alone without you by my side. Keep shining bright in the sky. Love you so much.xxxxxxxxxx
Dearest Son, you are always with us
Remembering Elle Holmes
Always part of everything and yet still so so missed. We can’t believe this is our sixth Christmas without you . We love you so much baby girl. More than there are grain of sand on all the beaches of the universe
Remembering Rebecca Garnault
We think of you every day, Becky, and are still inspired by the way you lived your life to the full. Missing you, particularly at Christmas: a time that you loved, because you loved giving and making people's lives better. Love, Mum, Naomi, Peter, Nana & Grandad, family & friends
Remembering Our Grandson Tyler
Our beautiful grandson Tyler was taken from us aged just 34 months old. He was a funny curious intelligent child. He was interested in every about life. We still have a huge gap in our hearts that will never be filled. Loved and remembered always.
Remembering Sue Dietschmann
Remembering my daughter Jeni Dietschmann as we near her 10th anniversary and all tge other children who have left too soon X May their light always shine
Remembering Pedro
We feel you always in our daily lives. We are never apart. Forever in our hearts. Love you forever!
Remembering Tristan
It may be 25yrs but you are always held in mind and in our hearts. XX
Remembering Nanny, Grandad & Aunty Lucy
Tyler we miss you every hour of every day. Such an amazing curious and loving child who was only 34 months when he was taken from us. Sepsis has taken another child from this world. We were talking today about what you would be like and doing if you were still here. A huge gap is left in our hearts
Remembering Our daughter Halle OBrien
We wish you were with us to hug and squeeze coz you certainly gave the best hugs but we will feel you in our hearts. Love you and miss you everyday not just Christmas xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Barry Lamont
Always in my heart son I miss you every day, gone too soon x Love mum
Remembering Rosie Rainforth
Our beautiful Rosie aged 24, we miss your smile, the happiness and laughter you brought to us each day, you are forever in our hearts and we love and miss you more and more each day. Can’t believe this will be our third Christmas without you. Lots of love from Mum, Dad, George & Harry xxxx❀️🌹
Remembering Remembering Rachael Bain, forever 14
Our first Christmas without you after you were taken so suddenly on 26th December 2019.. Every day your name is spoken and you are thought about, loved and remembered. Missing you more every day, wondering forever who you would have become. Love Mum and brother Fraser
Remembering Annabelle Mary Brookes
Your short time with us was fill of so may wonderful memories. We miss your huge smile that brighten our days whenever we saw yo. We missed you dearly. May your light continues to shine brightly in heaven and we you have a wonderful Christmas with Nan Mary. Your forever friends Tamara & Tamarly.
Remembrance image
Remembering Warren Hayward
Five years since you left us. Miss you every day. Love you to the moon and back xxxxxxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Barry
Barry, my beautiful brother.Taken too young at 50. You were loved by everyone.Especially your mum,brother Andrew,Russell ,Harry and Ben,your nephews.You were so kind, happy, funny and a joy too be around.Why is life so cruel.Love you forever, your crazy sister Alisonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Remembering Charlotte Elise Walker
Forever in my hear Princess. Only ever a breath away. All my Love always, mummy xoxo
Remembering Kimberley Skinner-Gibson
Remembering our beautiful daughter Kimberley, who passed away 26/01/1991 from Meningococcal Meningitis. Each seams to get harder
Remembrance candle
Remembering Dotty
I will always hold you in my heart. Miss you and always wonder who you would have become. Sending hugs now and always, from Your mum, twin brother, younger sister and Lolly cat xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Evie Jane May
We miss you so much babygirl, you will forever be with us in our hearts. We talk and remember you every day πŸ’œ mummys brightest star in the sky and nannas best friend forever xxxx πŸ’œ
Remembrance image
Remembering Andrew Roads
Our son Andrew died suddenly and unexpectedly in May 2020, aged 41, without the chance to say goodbye. He was so very special, talented and kind. His family and many friends are completely devastated by this tragic loss. Our lives will always be diminished without him. Our love forever, mum and dad
Remembering George
My heart never stops loving you George. You are missed so much since you left in 2015. My gorgeous son. Always in my heart. X
Remembrance image
Remembering James
Missing you every minute of every day James...holding you close within my heart forever...your Ma xxxx
Remembering Rhys Parker
Always remembering my darling son Rhys my heart aches for you. Always and forever Mum xxx
Remembering My gorgeous son Dale McDyre
Forever in my heart and mind, miss you more than words can say my gorgeous boy ❀xxxxx
Remembering Darren Ian Vance
...you always knew how to keep the world laughing till we laugh again, forever 19... Loved and missed every day my beautiful son, brother, grandson and uncle... 3 taps...Madre xc
Remembrance candle
Remembering Marc Cosgrove
Remembering our son and brother Marc. A bright light went out the day you left us in 2018 when our lives changed forever. Life is not the same without you. We love and miss you more each say but know we will meet again. Till then, sleep tight lovely boy. All the love in the world Mum Dad & Paul.
Remembering Remembering Simon
Never more than a thought away, loved and remembered every day Mummy, Daddy, Matthew, Hollie and Jordan xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jamie McCaul (Brain4breakfast)
We love you and miss you Jay so much, our hearts break. Our shining star, we love you to the Moon & back. Mam, Dad, Craig, Mikey, Hannah & Sophie & Nugget. xxx
Remembering SIMON RUSHBY
our precious son, brother and grandson Simon xx Taken from us far too soon xx you will be forever 6 xx Loved and missed every single day of our lives darling xxx
Remembering Sam Hindley
Remembering our darling boy who is loved & missed every day. He loved Christmas and we have so many happy memories of his favourite time of year ❀
Remembrance image
Remembering Katie King
Miss you everyday our dancing queen, we are heartbroken. With lots of love Mum and dad xxx
Remembering Rowan Anthony Sollitt
Rembering your beautiful smile and your caring ways. We miss you each and every day and our hearts remain broken with a huge Rowan shaped piece missing. Love you forever, Love Dad, mum and big sister Rovinya xxxx
Remembering Victoria Hills 2/10/1997 - 4/2/2018
My beautiful Victoria, the light has gone out of the world without you. I struggle without you, you are what I lived for my special girl, and I try to tell others about Lemierre's Disease so no-one else dies. I miss and I love you so much sweetheart. Until we meet again, love Mum, Tiggy and Sassy xx
Remembering Abbie Main
We will always love and miss you our Sparkly Princess Abbie. You inspire us everyday to live our best life and fulfil your wish to raise “money towards Hospitals and stuff”. Keep shining bright, showing us the way. Love you to the moon and back and beyond, Mum Xoxo
Remembering Will Christmas
We miss you every second of every day, Will, but you are in our hearts and lives and always will be. Love always, Mum, Becky and Sam xxxxx
Remembering Christopher John Hay
Our second Christmas without you, a much loved son, brother and friend. How has a year gone by so quick. You are so loved and missed, we love you and you will never be forgotten. My boy Chris forever 30 , 25/8/1989 - 20/9/2019 xxxx
Remembering Russell Chance
Forever 36 ..we miss you so much You will be remembered for ever Love you lots Mum & Dad Xxxxxxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Annabelle Mary Brookes
The happiest nine years we ever knew were with you, Annabelle, You are loved with a love beyond telling. Missed with grief beyond all tears. At peace in God's safekeeping. You are forever in our hearts. Happy Heavenly 2nd Christmas. Love Mummy & Daddy xxx
Remembering Georgia Aimee Nelson
Always loved and forever missed,my gorgeous girl... forever 19 ❀️
Remembering Dani
Our lives have changed forever We still don't have any answers but we will continue our fight for you Dani We love you and miss you terribly
Remembrance image
Remembering My Brother Gabriel
My brother Gabriel was lost from this world 2 years ago and I wish the world to remember him for the love and light he brought to the world I want the world to remember him smiling and the love he brought to the world. He loved anime and video games and I pray he gets to keep playing those forever.
Remembering Benjamin bassett
My precious son left us October 2019. Our lives will never be the same... till we meet again. Xx
Remembering Sarah
Remembering my beautiful daughter Sarah
Remembering Dr Matthew Tuppeny
Missing my darling son Matthew πŸ’”
Remembering Dr Matthew Tuppeny
Miss you so much πŸ’”
Remembering James Carl Scott
Remembering you always our darling son and brother to Rhys, 1st Christmas without you and so very very hard we love you James Always xxxx 15.06.00 - 19.01.20
Remembering Thomas Keenan
Wonderful son, brother, uncle, nephew and grandson
Remembering Joanna Finney
Six long years. Only God knows why he took you, so young and in the prime of your life, with so much more you wanted to do. We love and miss you so much every single day, our hearts are broken forever but we’ll always have our beautiful and everlasting memories .Mum, Dad, Richard & Ryan xxxx
Remembering Christopher John Hay
Chris, a much loved son, brother and friend. Our second Christmas without you. Always remembered with so much love, we miss you and look back/ forward with sadness but with sprinkles of joy remembering your voice and grateful for the time spent with us. Until we meet again xx
Remembering Keith our precious son brother and daddy. πŸ’”
Keith miss you with every beat of my heart, I promise to always look after your little Honey-Rose, she is growing so much and we always talked about her precious Daddy, Ninight , Darlin love you always, Mum,xxx Pops, xxx Daniel xxx and Honey xxx
Remembering Jessica Charlotte George
Remembering our beautiful little Jessica whose half a heart overflowed with love. Darling Jessica, you brought sunshine to all who knew you. Love and miss you always. Mummy, Daddy, Sophie and Thomas xxxx
Remembering Derek Green
For our beloved son and wonderful brother. It's been two years since we last saw you .We all miss you at this special time of year, your smile and your voice.
Remembering Nathan Jenkins
My darling son taken from us far too soon. Forever 25. We miss you every minute of every day. You were the most loving and caring son, brother, nephew, uncle and friend. We miss your beautiful smile and cheeky comments. Our hearts are broken. Until we meet again. Love mum and dad. Xx
Remembering Will Barr
Twelve weeks. Twelve weeks without you, Will. How do we go on? We love you so much and always will. Our hearts will never mend.
Remembering Harvey Dawson
Harv, we miss you with every breath but we hold you safely in our hearts until we meet again. Party hard wherever you are πŸ₯³πŸ’—πŸ₯³
Remembering Allan Bannatyne
My beautiful brave son Allan. You're lived and missed every day. Forever tucked safely in my heart baby xxx β€πŸ’›πŸ’™β€πŸ’›πŸ’™ xxx
Remembering Steven McCreight
Loved, missed and remembered every day, our lives will never be the same.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our Princess, Jalene HaediBeaine
We hope you are having a fun time with Tinkerbell in Pixie Hollow. We love you and miss you loads but most importantly we hope you are happy! Love you, Mammy and Daddy XX Ps. Silly Santa has dropped off a letter to you here so I'll forward it to you via the fire faeries XX love you xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Kimberley Hudson
Can't believe it's been nearly 3 years since you left us sweetheart, will always miss an love you my beautiful baby girl, love from mum , Gary an Carl πŸ’”πŸ’œπŸ’”
Remembering Aidan Mazurke
Our beautiful boy who left us so suddenly in October 2017 aged just 16. Our lives will never be the same without you Aidan. Our hearts are broken beyond repair but our love for you will never die. Every minute of every hour we miss you ❀️ Mum, Georgina and Grandma xx
Remembering Becky Brock
Missing you always my little spirit angel . Will be watching for you lighting up the sky this Christmas πŸŽ„ Forever in our hearts ♥️
Remembering Rebecca Cannon
Always loved, always missed, always with me πŸ’œxxx
Remembering Liberty Anna Squire
There are no words powerful enough to describe how much we miss you. 21 years of pure love and joy. Loved always and forever by your Mumma, Dad,Beth, Maisy & Joe xxπŸ–€πŸ’”πŸ–€xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering My daughter Laura
Darling daughter your are always in my heart. Sadly missed by your brother.
Remembering Daniel Hurdidge
21.7.82-12.10.84 You lived, you breathed and our love is forever. I will always be your Mother and you will always be my precious child xxx
Remembering My Sarah
Always with me, my beloved little sister. I desperately miss you. Until we meet again xx
Remembering Harvey 17 x
My absolute brave soldier. I miss you terribly. my heart aches for you. X You fought so hard to live life. The strength you had was unimaginable. But my pain is unbearable. πŸ’œ Mums purple worrier.
Remembering Holly Moriarty
I just don't have the words to say how much I miss you every day❀️
Remembrance candle
Remembering Holly Moriarty
I just don't have the words to say how much I miss you every day❀️
Remembering My daughter Joanne Marie
My beautiful Jo i miss you every single day, this will be 5th Christmas without you, it seems only yesterday I got that dreaded phone call to say the brain cancer had won and taken you away from us. Love you to the moon and back my angel
Remembering Elijah Charles Summerfield
I miss you so much. Until we meet again my little angel xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Nick Ivins
We love you more than words can say. You continue to be a part of our lives now and forever and our lives are softer because of you. We were so blessed to have you as our son. Mom and Dad
Remembrance image
Remembering Ricki Bills
My darling first born, I think of you and miss you every hour of every day. You were so cruelly snatched from us by cancer, my only comfort is to think you have gone to a better place, you were truly too good for this wicked world. Ricki, I’m so proud of you and love you beyond words x
Remembering Arturo Pagni
we miss you so much, your energy, your kindness and your beautiful lovely smile. You were a big smile surrounded by a beautiful boy.
Remembering Calum Ross McMorrin
Calum we miss you every minute of every day. 4Yeats and 4 months without that big hug and those words “How is my wee Mammie” . You always were the one who took life in his stride. You did not deserve to be taken from us at what was the happiest time of your life with Clare.Love Mum πŸ’™πŸ’™
Remembering Adam Hurst
We love you so very much. Life feels dark without you here with us. Untill we see you again our beautiful boy.πŸ’” We send you big hugs and lots of love From mum and dad xxxxxxxxx
Remembering My beautiful blue eyed boy Derek
Mummy misses you so much love you always my gorgeous boy It’s not goodbye it’s see you later πŸ’™πŸŒŸ
Remembering Billy Henham
I can’t express how much I miss you. Needlessly taken New Years Eve. 24 years old.
Remembrance image
Remembering My big brother, Daniel Morrison
As cliché as it sounds, words honestly cannot describe how much I miss you. It was always us two, Dan and Dolly. I wish I could turn back the clock. Never stop being our protector, Dan. You are the best. Loving you always and forever, my big brother ❀️
Remembering Bernadette
My beautiful daughter who was so vibrant, caring and unique missed terribly ❀️
Remembrance candle
Remembering Kathleen Paddock
We all love and miss you so so much. The world dosent make sense without you, our rock our everything. We all love and miss you so much mom. You really were the glue for us all x x not a day or minute goes by when your not on our minds x x
Remembering Richard
Remembering a very much loved son, brother, uncle, cousin and friend to many. A kind hearted person full of love that only saw the best in people. Happy, thoughtful and always looking to help anyone in need. Missed every day xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Daniel Morrison
Dan your tender heart and generous spirit, are missed by all who knew you. You dreamt big and had a smile that lit a room. We can never be the same without you. We love you and miss you every moment, shine bright in heaven beautiful boy. All our love forever Mum and Dad πŸ’™
Remembering Carl Jonathon lambert
We miss you so much. Taken so tragically 18 years ago aged 19. Until we meet again. Love you mum, dad sister Claire and your nephews Callum and Alexander who never got to meet you. Xxxx
Remembering Matthew Joseph Thompson
Matthew, your last two Christmases were so special to us and we remember them with both joy and sadness. We never stop thinking about you . All your family remembers you with so much love and gratitude.
Remembering Danielle
My beautiful sister on your anniversary, I will miss you till the end of time. One day we will be together and our lives will begin. I love you xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Daniel Morrison
Dan your tender heart and generous spirit, are missed by all who knew you. You dreamt big and had a smile that lit a room. We can never be the same without you. We love you and miss you every moment, shine bright in heaven beautiful boy. All our love forever Mum and Dad πŸ’™
Remembering Jamie Macdonald
Miss & love you always son, your never far from our thoughts. Forever 19 xxx
Remembering My beautiful boy Jack, forever 15 πŸ’”
133 days since you left my heart broken. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you from your demons. You will always be in my heart and with me wherever I go. Missing you doesn’t get any easier. Love you to the moon and back, always and forever. your broken mum. Xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Manon Edie Jones
Manon, we miss you endlessly... our broken hearts still brim with love for you. We try every day to make you proud by going on without you. You have touched so many lives my Angel πŸ’›
Remembrance candle
Remembering My daughter Laura
My beautiful daughter the emptiness you left when you departed will never be filled.. You are missed every minute of the day.. Always forever in my heart. Love and miss you so much. Mum
Remembering Ali Herman-Hunt
Remembering our amazing daughter Ali. The world is a poorer place without you and we miss and love you more than words can say. You never lost your love for life and everyone remembers your smile. We will be together again one day. Love you forever Als. xxx
Remembering Catherine
Remembering with love the beautiful, witty, kind and generous young woman whose name is Catherine. She is my daughter. Today and always. Missing her and her brother Pax.
Remembering Pax
Remembering with love my dear son Pax. His name means peace. He was only with us for less than 3 1/12 years. I miss all that he could have been. He would have been 42 on 3rd January. How is that possible.
Remembering My son Matt
I think of you each and every day and although I miss you so much, I know you’re happy and at peace now - knowing that helps a lot. I love you. Thank you for letting me be your mum. xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Louis Zbijowski
We miss you so much, always in our hearts and on our minds, our beautiful boy πŸ’žx
Remembrance image
Remembering Matthew Brocklesby
Can’t believe it will be my 5th Christmas without you. I miss you so much my darling boy. I love you to the moon and back Xxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our brother Joe
You will live forever in our hearts and memories. You never knew your own self worth or how loved you are. We miss you our wonderful brother, Uncle, Grandson, friend, son. Ava could not have asked for a better Daddy. We hope you are at peace now, no more pain!
Remembering My parents Leonardo and Maria Grazia
Too my greatest parents ..i thank you for your love ..respect..for teaching me everything..and most of the all the values which i carry iwithin me
Remembering Joe Damien Anderson
Always on my mind, forever in my heart. Just 2 years you've been gone, it will be our 3rd Xmas without you. You took a piece of my heart with you, when you left this world, I'll not be complete until I hold you in Heaven. Your so loved and missed. So sorry I couldn't save you my lovely son- RIP Joe
Remembering Henry Brake
Remembering my darling boy who left us so suddenly on 8 February 2020, aged 45. “And can it be that in a world so full and busy the loss of one person makes a void so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of eternity can fill it up.”
Remembrance candle
Remembering Courtney Louise ♥
Oh Courtney Louise it's been 15yrs since I held you and you took your last breath.. So young only 8 and half year's old, you were robbed off so much, to be a mother a wife the list goes on. The love you gave will never be replaced. I will meet you again love you forever mam ♥ πŸ’”
Remembrance candle
Remembering William John Smart
My eyes fill with tears as I write, as they do everyday without you. The joy you brought in our lives can never be taken away. Remembering your vitality, love for life and everyone in it, your spirit will never leave us. My darling boy lost forever. Love mum xxx
Remembering Eva Davison
Every second of every day is so painful without you. Mummy and Daddy are a shadow of the people we once were. You brought such love and life and laughter in your short life, you were the best thing ever! We will love you and miss you forever. Life is so very cruel. Forever 9, our beautiful baby girl
Remembering Rachel and James Sutherland
Remembering my beautiful children, Rachel and James who’d both be in their thirties now but will always be 18 and 25 to me. I lost them almost ten years apart to the day and will miss them until my last breath.
Remembering My beautiful daughter Rachel
Another year goes by without you in it. Our 5th Christmas since you left us. Forever 32. Love and miss you every moment of every day. I light a candle for you everyday until Christmas Lots of love and hugs. Mom xxxxx πŸ€— πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›xxxxx
Remembering Joel Rawlinson
My beautiful boy Joel. I miss you so much. Lots of love forever mum xx
Remembering Rayan
Remembering our beautiful boy, Rayan. Always loved and missed, forever in our hearts. With love mummy, daddy & your brother an sister xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Billie McLaren
My beautiful girl , 19 months since you made the decision to leave this world and I still can't believe you've gone . I love you so very much and always will. Forever 23 πŸ’œ
Remembering peter griffiths
A photo of my gorgeous boy Peter
Remembering “Mikey” Michael Turnbull
My baby boy Mikey.... “To infinity & beyond” Missed so much and loved forever!
Remembrance candle
Remembering Peter Griffiths
Missing Peter. Hours fly, Flowers die New days New ways Love stays Forever and always with us in our hearts ♥️ X
Remembering Laura Postlethwaite
Our gorgeous girl, Laura, there are no words for how much we miss you sweetheart. Love you to the moon and back always, love mummy, daddy, Chloe and Kai xxxxx
Remembering Sean Hatton
Sean my only son and best friend taken from me 22/6/2016 age just 33 he was a great Son and dad to Eva and Tali now 8 and 5, step dad to Sianne and Marie & Jo his partner my world stopped.Sean I miss you so much and want to be with you, life is so hard without you , we were inseparable love mum
Remembering My beautiful Joe
Love you more than ever for ever and ever.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Joe
Missing my beloved son Joe every moment. My πŸ’” will never mend but I live each day trying to honour you. All my love, my beautiful boy x
Remembering Lewis
We miss you every day our Peter Pan.. Our little sonflower.. Your beautiful smile and laugh.. Forever in our hearts and with us in spirit.. Our love will burn forever like an eternal flame for you.. β€οΈπŸ˜‡πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»
Remembering Ashton Oates
To my beautiful Son and beloved brother, always in our hearts miss you everyday, what I wouldn’t give to see your face and hear your voice and hug you so tight πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’– love you forever to the moon and back
Remembrance image
Remembering My son Ricky
My beautiful son I miss you so much, there isn’t a day that I don’t think about you my heart aches for but I carry you with me the rest of my life your mom always
Remembering Eiran Charlie Hamilton Forever 23
We miss you beyond words,every minute of everyday,taken suddenly 19 months now far to early. We miss your beautiful smile, voice,banter & your laughter which made us all smile,,if only we could hug you again till we see you again our beautiful boy,love you forever,,xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Jessica
Our beautiful Jess, loved and missed so much. We carry you in our hearts, with us wherever we go, thankful for all the love we shared and the time we had together. Love you always and forever. xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Callum Gray aka Coalburns Cowboy
No words to describe the lost and grief we feel. For the lost of our previous gorgeous son. Also not enough words to tell you Callum how much we love you and all ways will. The gap in our lives is like the Grand Canyon with out you in it. Love from Mam, Dad &all the family & mates. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’•πŸ’•
Remembering Jay Michael Benisty
I can’t believe it’s been 2 whole years since you left this earth leaving my heart shattered beyond repair. I miss you my sweet, amazing, wonderful Jay every second of every minute of every day. Fly high my beautiful boy. I love you with ALL my heart and ALL my soul always and forever, Mum ❀️❀️❀️
Remembrance image
Remembering Jody de Vos
I talk to you every single day Jody. What I wouldn’t give to hear you talk back and say “Hey Mum”. I miss your gorgeous smile, I miss your infectious laughter, I miss absolutely everything about you. Love you so much Jody. I will carry your heart in mine Forever xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jody de Vos
I talk with you every single day Jody. What I wouldn’t give to hear you talk back and say “Hey Mum”. I miss your gorgeous smile, I miss your infectious laughter, I miss absolutely everything about you. Love you so much Jody. I will carry your heart in mine Forever xxx
Remembering My beautiful babies Jamie and Ellie
Remembering you now as I always do, missing you more than words could say and loving you both forever. Until we meet again my precious babies πŸ’™πŸ’œ
Remembering My beautiful babies Jamie and Ellie
Remembering you now as I always do, missing you more than words could say and loving you both forever. Until we meet again my precious babies πŸ’™πŸ’œ
Remembrance image
Remembering Emma Langley
Flutterbug You are forever with me in my heart but it is now 2 years since we met and I miss you so much. Mutti
Remembrance candle
Remembering Kerry
In our hearts forever. Cherished memories of a precious daughter.
Remembering John Charles Sayer
17.12.70 - 25.05.16. 45 precious years we had with you son if only we’d known the true extent of your turmoil. If only you knew the extent of people’s love for you. You are so missed.
Remembering Louis Brown
4 years have passed since my gorgeous boy Louis left this world. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you Lou. Young Hearts Run Free. Mumma J
Remembering Nathan Charman
Miss and love you more every day son. As long as I’m here on this Earth I’ll keep your memory alive. Love always. Mam xxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Caitlin Lydia Huddleston Aged 18
Our precious youngest child and sister Caitlin. We love and miss you every second of every day and always will. Our family will never be the same without you Caitlin. Love Always and Forever from Mam, Dad, Hannah, Aidan, Rohan, Louis, Molly your cat and all your family. πŸ’œ XXXXX
Remembering Jill McMahon
Jill.. 10 weeks ago an hour from now you left us. Sudden, instant and unexpected. My life is now a big black hole. My beautiful daughter who asked for nothing and gave continuously to others gone. Why, why, why??? The pain I have is indescribable. I love and miss you so much πŸ’”
Remembering Joel Davies
Loved and missed everyday Joel x As long as we live so will you x Mum, Dad, Josh, Jack and the entire Family xxxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Sam Magnusson
How happy were we celebrating your 5th birthday on December 6th 2012 to loose you 10 days later. We will never get over losing such a beautiful son and brothe Heartbroken forever.
Remembrance image
Remembering Danny Esdaile
Rememering our lovely son Danny. Gone for Three Years now. Forever in our hearts
Remembrance image
Remembering Liam O'Sullivan and David Rowan
Together, having fun and laughter on the other side. x
Remembrance candle
Remembering Matthew Newton
Darling another year gone by without you and what a year it’s been. Some days I can barely remember your voice then other days it’s as if you’re stood next to me. Love you to the moon and back
Remembrance image
Remembering Leighane Redmond & Melsadie Parris
My beautiful daughter & granddaughter who were both taken 18.02.19. The light has gone out in our family. May you always be together. We miss you both so much. With all of our love always. Mum, Nana, gee gee, els & Aunty ra ra. We love you xx
Remembering Neve Stockdale
You gave us the best memories Neve. You thought the world didn’t need you but it does. We love you past the moon and miss you beyond the stars xxx
Remembering Ron Johnson
My handsome, funny, generous, animal loving, sociable, sometimes infuriating but lovable Ron left us after a short but very painful and heartbreaking illness. I will always love and miss him ❀
Remembrance image
Remembering Rebecca McManus
You lit up our world and are missed and loved more than words can say. Always in our hearts Love Mum and Hannah x
Remembrance image
Remembering My Sons Sam And Garry
Sam passed 8th of september 2016 Garry passed 22nd of september 2020 i miss them both so much they I go out side every night to talk to them i know they are both arround me i can feel the ora
Remembering Paul James Devine
You were taken from us too soon Paul&not a day goes by when we don’t wish we could see your beautiful face again.Your light will always shine bright in our hearts&when we light our candle for you and all of the world’s children taken too soon the sky will shine brighter than ever🎢Wish You Were Here🎼
Remembering Paul James Devine
You were taken from us too soon Paul&not a day goes by when we don’t wish we could see your beautiful face again.Your light will always shine bright in our hearts&when we light our candle for you and all of the world’s children taken too soon the sky will shine brighter than ever🎢Wish You Were Here🎼
Remembering Harry Chapple
Lost you so suddenly on the 13th October 2018, never a day passes without you always in my thoughts, forever 20, you made me proud and will forever be remembered by those you touched with your kind heart and smile xx Dad xx
Remembering Bob Toulson-Burke
Our beautiful boy . Bob was only 21 when dengue fever took his life on 7th December 2016 . We miss you so very much darling . Your smile , cheeky wink , bear hugs and such a kind nature everyone will remember. Hugs , so many squeezes and especially love will follow until I’m back with you . πŸ’•πŸ’•
Remembering Jack Deacon
Our shining light, our beautiful boy missed so very much And loved even more Forever and always we love you to the moon and back Forever our boy ❀️ Mum Nan Lilly and Connie
Remembering Remembering our daughter Suzanne Jane Crossley
We will love and miss you always Suzanne. All our love Mum and Dad xx
Remembering My beautiful daughter
Remembering my beautiful daughter who sadly passed away on 26th December 2019. Missing you every day.
Remembering 🌹 Son & grandson 🌹
🌹 George my son i had you for 27 wonderful years, i watched you grow from a boy to the man the whole world would mourn .... we were blessed when louis arrived in 2006 you ever the proud daddy .... then my world ended on 01/09/2012 you & louis left this world not a day passes when im not thinking
Remembrance image
Remembering George and Louis Selby
🌹 A much loved son & grandson 2 lives taken far to soon .... Always & Forever 🌹 xxx πŸ’” xxx
Remembering Emily Weiss
You're always in our hearts my darling Emily. We miss you now and forever .... always a little bit wonderful. With love from mum, dad and Jo xx
Remembering Ewan
A part of me will always be with you, as a part of you will always and forever be with me. Your infectious smile and ocean eyes are imprinted in my memory. You were loved before you were born as you are loved now you not in sight. Ewan my only son, I will miss you until You are in my arms once more
Remembering Charlie Goodwin
We miss you so much Charlie and you are loved beyond words...sleep tight.🧑
Remembering Charlie Goodwin
Our beautiful darling Charlie, you are missed beyond belief and loved more than words could ever say! Sleep tight darling boy, until we meet again x
Remembering Jade Stoner
My darling granddaughter Jade died at age 7, gone for 14 years. Our hearts are still broken and we think of you everyday. 7 years with you wasn't long enough, we miss the memories we should of made. We will love and remember you forever. Until we meet again sweetheart x x x
Remembrance image
Remembering Ryan Bennett Goodman
I miss you, and so do all of us. Think about you so often and even still think "Need to call Ryan" and then remember can't anymore. Love you, Mom
Remembrance candle
Remembering Susan Jane Purchell
Always in our thoughts & our hearts & missed so much your happy smiling face
Remembering Thomas Joseph Thornton ... Tom
My Gorgeous Boy. My absolute pride and my joy always. Always loving. Always loved. Forever 25.
Remembrance image
Remembering Bryony Deacon
Your loss has become existence within me ... always in my heart and soul my precious girl xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Matt
Miss you everyday heading for 6 yrs in March. Love mum & dad xxxx
Remembering Zack Tame died 16th December 2014. Aged 18.
You are missed every day Zack, Thank you for looking out for us, you are in our hearts and every fibre of our soul. Love you Munchkin, Let’s have a group hug. Mum & Dad. Xxxx
Remembering Matthew Thomas Barrie
In deeply loving memory of my beautiful boy, who died in 2016, aged just 15. I love you, I miss you, and think of you every minute of every day. Your individuality made me so proud. You were an exceptional son and a wonderful friend.
Remembering Our beautiful boy Gabe
Our first Christmas without you son. You left us suddenly on October 3rd 2020 and our lives will never be the same. Your smile and huge bear hugs are missed so much. Forever 15 our beautiful boy ❀️❀️ Love you from mum dad and bug xxx
Remembering My beautiful babies Nevaeh-Mae πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ Leah πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ Elijah πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ
I'll never forget you You'll always be by my side From the day that I met you I knew that I would love you 'til the day I die And I will never want much more And in my heart I will always be sure I will never forget you And you'll always be by my side 'til the day I die Lots of love mama
Remembering Gabriel Jack Santer
We miss and love you forever Gabe, our only son Until we are reunited, Mum Dad and Kitty xxx
Remembering Marcie Jo.
Our precious firstborn, you made us so proud with all you accomplished in your 41 years. Your students still remember you and speak of you. You would be so proud of Kristyn and your beautiful granddaughter, Addy Jo. Thank you for 41 years of joy and laughter. Love you forever. Mom (Hugs to Dad)
Remembering Halle O'Brien
My cherished first grandchild who I have loved since the minute I watched her struggle into the world and then as I struggled watching her leave us. A wonderful 19 year old who is lived by everyone who knew her. None of our lives will ever be the same but you light and joy shines amongst us every da
Remembrance candle
Remembering My brother gordon
No birthday cards today just lots of love to you miss you so much wish we could give you lots of hugs you are always in our thoughts
Remembering Halle O'Brien
My cherished first grandchild who I have loved since the minute I watched her struggle into the world and then as I struggled watching her leave us. A wonderful 19 year old who is lived by everyone who knew her. None of our lives will ever be the same but you light and joy shines amongst us every da
Remembering Juan
My beautiful boy left us in February, our hearts broken forev. Love and miss you so much. Till we meet again I’ll hold you close in my heart. Love Mum, Dad, Antony, Kylie and Charlie x
Remembrance image
Remembering Jonathan
I love you son
Remembrance candle
Remembering Nick
In remembrance of my lovely son Nick who disappeared from our lives at Remembrance time November 2008. Nothing and no-one can ever fill the enormous void that you left. Always in our hearts and thoughts, Love mum, dad and Emma. xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Simon John Copsey
Remembering the Christmases we all enjoyed when the four of you were little. You and Scott wouldn't wake up,, your brother's used to be so fed up! Miss you so much for the last twenty years. Have a Heavenly Christmas Simon. Love Mum and Dad
Remembering Jack
Remembering our son Jack and missing him terribly. He would have loved to spend this Christmas with his new little sister who we are so sad he will never meet. Always in our hearts and thoughts xxx
Remembering Mark McComb
It was always a pleasure. .. never a chore. All our lobe Lisa Hannah and Rachel xxxx
Remembering Daniel , my eldest Grandson
You are thought of every day I wake, missed more than you could imagine. Your smile melted my heart and you cheeky wit kept me laughing. Love you forever Daniel. Miss you pal. Love Gran xxxxxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Tom Hawkshaw
A special young man with a gift for teaching. Whose life was just 25 years long, but who made it count. We miss you Son so very much. 4 years ago on December 11th 2016 you left us. Yet we know you are still very much with us.
Remembering My brother Gavin
You loved Christmas Gavin. Every day I can’t believe you aren’t here. I miss and love you so much. Taken too soon. Now I know why you lived at 100 miles an hour. Your sister Kim xxx
Remembering Sacha Olivia
My beautiful daughter passed away in February 2020 aged only 28. She was beautiful, multi talented and kind. My heart is forever broken. The brightest star in the sky, the warmest cuddle at night, a laugh like sunshine & a smile that was infectious. I will miss her every second until we meet again πŸ’”
Remembrance image
Remembering Dylan Christopher
Light of my world, and love of my life, from the day you were born, and forevermore. Dylan, my beautiful boy, my cosmic traveller, and fearless adventurer, I miss you every minute of the day, and I love you even more. Mumsie xx
Remembering Jane Elizabeth Bird
My darling daughter died April 2020 and left me with a broken heart which will never mend. I will love you forever. Mum xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Rebecca Louise Cowan
Even though I cant hold you, I feel you Even though I cant see you, I hear you And each and every day, I say your name. Loved and missed with every breath I take. Mum.xxxx
Remembering Calum Lewis
Remembering my beautiful boy, Calum, Not a day has passed since you left us when I haven't thought of you and longed to see you again. This first Christmas without you will be so very difficult. My heart may be broken beyond repair but my love for you will never die. Mum xxx
Remembering Our Beautiful Daughter Jenna Thomas age21
Jenna, we Love & miss you so much Sweetheart,Our hearts were broken that morning evil took you. Sweet dream’s Darling Angel, God Bless you. Love you Mam & Dad. God has you in his keeping we have you in our hearts.❀️
Remembrance candle
Remembering My beautiful daughter Kelly-marie
My darling baby doll, there is not a day goes by that I don't miss you, when you left, a huge piece of my heart went with you, I will never ever be the same again. Until we meet up again my darling, RIP. love and miss you always. ❀️❀️❀️ Xxxxxxx
Remembering Danny
My gorgeous brave lad. My everything..... miss you with all my heart. You were always the loud one! Everyone knew when you were around. You were funny, handsome, hardworking, kind and so loving ..... You were my best friend as well as my son. It’s a nightmare not having you with us. See you soon ❀️
Remembering My beautiful son Arran Coen.
Forever loved and missed by so many. My heart shattered into a billion pieces, when god took you home 5 years ago. Our lives will never be the same without you, and not a moment of each day, we dont think of you Until I close my eyes for the last time, when I hope you will be waiting for me. Mam x
Remembering Rob Cooper
Still struggle to understand why are no longer here with us. We miss you so much.
Remembrance image
Remembering Alasdair Conlon
remembering my beautiful youngest son who left this world suddenly and unexpectedly on 9th July 2017 aged 23 years. You were such a beautiful soul and it still doesn't seem real. Love and miss you beyond words. xxxx
Remembering Josh Cooper
You took a little piece of our hearts when you went away that can never be filled. We love and think of you every day...until we meet again πŸ’™
Remembering Callum Andrew Jackson
Our gorgeous boy Callum, Nearly 1 year since you left us on 14/12/19. The day our lives changed forever. We miss you with every heartbeat. We know your with us and sending signs. Until we meet again in that all inclusive in the sky(asgrandad says)As your mum says, go rest high on that mountain,sonπŸ’™
Remembering Liz McCann
My beautiful girl I miss you more with every wakened minute. You were a gorgeous girl inside and outside. So caring, generous, thoughtful and kind. This world is a sadder place without you in it. There is a Liz size hole in my heart that will never mend. Love you always
Remembering Gaby Alderson
I feel your absense every day. I talk to you. Sometimes I feel you are here. My soul constantly yearns for you Boo. Living without you is the most difficult painful thing I will ever do. I love you with my heart and soul for all eternity. Maxwell and I miss you. Love always, mummy β™‘
Remembering Erika Cowie
I think if you every day, your laughter, your smile and your sense of fun. Life is just not the same without you, it hurts so much. Some days are unbearable and others are just empty days. I miss you so much my beautiful Erika and will forget-you-not, love mum xx
Remembering Liam brown
We will love and miss you for ever my darling boy. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure
Remembering My beautiful son Daniel
Daniel you are missed so very much every single day, i long to talk to you, hear your laugh, and see the smile that completely transformed your face a true joy. I love you so much Spud. Until we meet again I love you. Mum xx
Remembering Patricia Bryant
Remembering my special friend who gave so much and deserved so much more in return. A selfless and caring lady who I miss very much. God bless you Angel, I will never forget a you taught me. Xxx
Remembering Harry
Not a day passes when I dont think of you. We all miss you dreadfully. We'll love you forever. My beautiful, precious boy.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Suzanne Crossley
Another year without you. Another Christmas with no sister to call at 8am, more excited than our children. Forever in my heart. Your sister, Clare xx
Remembrance image
Remembering My beloved son, David Gordon.
Loved and remembered every day. I miss you more than words can say, son xxxxxx
Remembering Ryan Craddock
Our gorgeous Ry, you are missed so very much by your family every minute of every day. We look for you in all the beautiful sunsets, we hear your voice in our minds and see your smile in our hearts. Love you forever Ry Mom, Dad, Soph, Liam, Amaya and Charlie xxxxx
Remembering Karl * Kipper*Taylor
Kipper, it’s nearly 34 months since you left us, and we still miss you each and every day. You are spoken about often, and thought about twice as much! Sending all our love to you our boy. Good night Sweetcheeks Love Mum and Stepdad Keith ❀️❀️❀️ YNWA.
Remembrance image
Remembering Craig Brown
My Craig, my boy x loved and missed beyond measure. Sleep tight my darling until we meet again ❀️ Ma xxx
Remembering My beautiful wee boy Ross
We miss and love you so much no matter how many years have give by. Life has never been the same without you. Love you alway Mum, Dad and Gemma xxxx
Remembering Aillidh Christine Kinnaird 19 June 2003 - 7 July 2
9 Christmases with you. 9 without you. Cor Cordium
Remembering Daniel Pope
Loved and missed, our 5th Christmas without you, doesn’t get any easier but the tree is up with your lights and decorations and as usual your santa sack will be on your bef
Remembering Hannah smith
Hannah love and miss you so much . Your ever lovling brother . Matt xxxxx
Remembering Hannah smith
Hannah smith 18.08.91‐-26.08.19 . Missing you so much love πŸ’˜ you so much .. Dad xxxx fly high with the angels xx
Remembering August
I would like to remember my beautiful son August , such a gentle soul, wish you was still here , with me , this is. our first Xmas without you , πŸ’”hope you have a lovely day , see you when I get there beautiful xx
Remembering Elisha Clarke
My beautiful little sister we all miss you so dearly. We remember your infectious smile, zest for life and your incredible sense of humour. Always loved and Forever 24. Love you sis
Remembering Ava-Grace Stevens
Our beautiful Ava-Grace, we miss you more and more with each day that passes. Your light shines so brightly in or hearts and our memories. An angel here on Earth, you grew your wings far to early. Our love knows no bounds, it stretches from here to heaven. Love Mummy, Daddy, Harrison and Jasper xxx
Remembering Toby Hudson
Forever in our hearts,our beautiful son/brother.Would give anything to have you here with us.We love and miss you so much,always. Love you Toby, from dad, mum and Sam.xxx
Remembering Emma Louise Harris
My beautiful, beautiful girl. Love and miss you forever Em. Thank you for blessing us with 19 wonderful years. I take you with me wherever I go. Love you sweetheart. Mumzie xxxxxx
Remembering Kaan & Scarlett Douglas
Remembering my son Kaan who the sunset on in March 2020 and i hope is now holding his baby girl Scarlett who the sunset on in June 2019. Hold each other for ever our beautiful angels πŸ’™πŸ’œ
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jack Steven Roberts
Jack you are always on my mind and reside in my heart. There is not a day where you are not missed or thought of- my world was a brighter place with you in it. I long for one of your hugs. Love you always, MumπŸ’›xx
Remembering Rory McKelvie
Our darling boy, missed beyond measure. 3 years since you died in your sleep. We miss you and love you more every day. ❀️ Love Mum x
Remembering Lily Humphry
It has been 18 months now since you left us and life just isn’t the same. We miss you every day and always will. Forever 9. Forever loved xx Mummy and Ollie
Remembering Murron
My darling Murron, I miss you every minute of every day. I would give anything to go back and change what happened. Until I see you again, I love you. Merry Christmas my beautiful angel, Mum xxxxx
Remembering Johanna Laura Eileen Chambers Cumner
To a perfect daughter, a wonderful Mummy to Zach and Finlay, we miss you every day. You are our twinkling star watching over us. Love you forever x
Remembering Gary Walker
Our precious son, our Legend. Loved and remembered everyday. Gone at 19 years old. Forever your beautiful smile remembered. Always in my heart. God Bless my precious boy. ❀️
Remembering Katie Edge
Remembering our beautiful girl who left us suddenly 10 years ago on 17th December. Always a loving, giving person she left her legacy by donating her organs so 6 people could have a better life. We miss her every minute of every day
Remembrance candle
Remembering Wayne Charters
Missing our loving son and brother Wayne. So much you have missedxx
Remembering Kieran
Kieran, my love for you will never diminish. 9 years since we lost you and every day hurts. Mum xxx
Remembering Our son James Henry peden
Forever missed in our thoughts and prayers never more than a thought away πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ xx
Remembering Max Freddie Finnigan
Not a second goes by where we don't think of you and miss you, my boy. Life is so much sadder without you here. Your light shines brightly, and will forever more. Guiding us through this life, until we are together again. I love you, not a number big enough. πŸ’™πŸ’› Always your Mumma. Xx
Remembering Stuart Cooper
Your wings were ready, but our hearts were not. Until we meet again, enjoy paradise. We miss you and love you always. Mum, Dad & Linzi
Remembering Josh Riley
Our life without our precious Son will never be the same again, but you stay firmly and forever in our hearts. We cherish the memories of you and remember with fondness your beautiful smile and wicked sense of humour. Josh we will love and adore you always
Remembering Samuel Joseph Asquith
On this your 18th birthday we send you heavenly wishes. Loved and remembered everyday Love Mummy, Daddy, Kain and Dion
Remembering Connor Checkley
Missing you every day πŸ’™ Love you lots Nan xx
Remembering Cleo Sherry
Remembering our darling daughter and sister, Cleo Sherry. We miss you so very much, more than we can say. Miss your sweet gentleness, your sparkly beautiful eyes, your bright smile. May your light shine so bright. Love you with all our hearts, beautiful girl. Mum, dad and Sarah. ❀❀❀❀
Remembering Liv Mullaney
Another year goes by - it still feels like only yesterday we were a 'normal' family - laughing, chatting and loving life together. Our lives have taken a different path now - and we know you're with us, gently guiding us through our new normal. The best thing about memories is making them. XXXX
Remembering Will Newman
My beautiful son. It has been ten months and my heart does not stop aching. I miss you every day. You were my reason. My life is empty without you. I love you, Will. You were beautiful inside and out and you have left a huge gap in the lives of so many. Your music and kindness will live on. xx
Remembering Sarah Emily
Miss you always my beautiful angel and especially at Christmas. You were such a kind and caring soul always thinking of others and you touched so many peoples lives. There is a Sarah shaped hole in our hearts which will never be filled ..until we meet again, your ever loving Mum xxxx
Remembering My son jake
Not a day goes by your not in our thoughts son been 4 years but still feels like yesterday you closed your eyes... love you so much son till we meet again ❀ forever 14
Remembrance image
Remembering Alfie jack Brown
My darling boy I miss you so much you were so Loved by everyone hope you’re flying with the Angels you certainly was one Love you forever mum πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸŒ»πŸŒ»
Remembering Alex Newlove
We miss you so much Alex....taken so suddenly on 7th January 2020. You are so loved by us all and we treasured the 27 years you were with us. Mum, Dad, Oli, Rick and Stephen xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Jonathan Douglas Salmon
Forever 22. Forever loved. This year the world fell apart. You will remain in our hearts and minds forever Joby. I hope you are at peace. With all our love today and always, Daddy, Vicki, Edward and Faith xx
Remembering Martha Sangster
Loved and greatly missed. Remembered for her love, laughter, friendship and kindness.
Remembering Lauren Curtis
There are no words which begin to describe how much we love and miss you. Your beautiful smile which will always light up our hearts and our lives. The world has lost the most wonderful, compassionate and kindest soul. Mum & Dad ❀️ xxxxx
Remembering Skye Olivia Mitchell
We miss you so much...you should be here...3 years without you is just not right. We love you so much❀
Remembering Jennifer O'Brien
Another year has passed without my beautiful big sister and I miss her more every day. She was gone without any warning and every day I wish I could have had the chance to say Goodbye, I love you so much, more than yiu will ever know. The world is a much duller place without your sparkle.
Remembering Ashley Jane Conner
Another year has gone by Ashley you are forever in my heart and thoughts love forever mum x
Remembering Evan Hawksworth
Remembering our amazing son and brother Evan. Love and miss you so much, hope we are making you proud. Love you foreverπŸ’™πŸ’™
Remembrance image
Remembering Matthew henson
always thinking of you, missing you today and always, πŸ’” love you foreverπŸ’™ until we meet again...🌹🌹🌹
Remembering Becca Chloe Oxlade
You were an amazing young lady, taken far too soon. On 17th Jan 2019 the world darkened... but your spirit will always live on through the love & actions of your friends & family. We feel honoured to have called you ours. Love now, forever & always MummaBear & Papasaurus β™‘ Forever 22 Forever Loved
Remembrance candle
Remembering Dean Nicholas/Corinna Thomas
It will be 15 years of Christmas' without you my boy. You are missed beyond measure and words. Christmas is never the same since you left. I love you with all my heart and soul. Our first Christmas without you Sis. I will miss you coming to us for Boxing day. It feels so wrong. Love and Miss you xx
Remembering Louise Ann
My beautiful girl, I l love and miss you every day.Lily loves you and misses you . Its been 4 months now and getting harder. I know you are in the light and well meet again Love you forever Mum Xxx❀
Remembrance image
Remembering Darren Pawson
Remembering my beautiful brother Darren. Nearly five years without you. Will always feel cheated that we don’t have you and you didn’t have the life you deserved. Although so blessed to have you as a brother and son ♥️ Granny’s with you now too x Always missed and always loved, Lindsey, Mum and Dad x
Remembering Matthew Brain
Our darling boy, so sadly missed. Think of you every second of the day. We will all meet again. We love you so much, forever 26 xxx πŸ’™πŸ’”
Jake Louis Wood ♥️Always my boy and always your Ma ♥️ I miss you every second of everyday my darling. Such a kind and caring soul and so very funny too. I will honour you everyday until I can be with you and your dad again. I miss my little family ♥️♥️♥️
Remembering Lucy Joanne
I miss you every day. Every single painful second of each day that you are not here with me, Until we meet again. My beautiful, beautiful girl. I love you Lucy. Mum xx xx
Remembering Benjamin Jon Beecher
Remembering our kind caring loving son. Loved, missed and in our hearts forever. Mum & Dad xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Aslan Henry Charles King
Only a year since you died, and my life has shattered. I miss you so much it takes my breath away. I love you Aslan King. Love muma xxx
Remembering Kirsty Andow
Love and miss you all ways Kirsty can't believe its 11 years since we seen you on the 30th December. Lots of love Mum, Dad and Emma xxxx
Remembering My beautiful Niece Ava-Grace Stevens
To my gorgeous Niece. 9 years with you wasn't enough. can't believe it has been a year since I last heard your voice, heard your laugh, saw your smile. I promise to forever look after your Mummy, Daddy and two little brothers. Love you always xxx
Remembering Zak Melluish
My darling Zak , my heart can never be repaired. You were my world. I fight on every day for you and i hope you can see. All my love until i hold you again, mum xxxx
Remembering Charlotte Louise Laister
My daughter, my best friend, my world. I miss you more every day but I will find you again. Happy heavenly 30th birthday. I know you’ll be partying with the angels. Love you forever πŸ’œ
Remembering Max Dunkley
We miss you so very much Max beautiful brave boy in our hearts forever we would give anything to hold you one more time loving you forever Mum and Dad πŸ’xxx
Remembering Lizi Jackson
My beautiful darling Lizi, you left us too soon, forever in or hearts and minds. Love always Mum and Alex xxxxxx
Remembering Lucy Whiteside
Just over a year since we lost you my precious darling daughter. We will always love you and miss you - you were a bright, free spirit who lit up our lives. Until we are together again fly high my sweet girl. XXXπŸ’•
Remembrance candle
Remembering Tim St Clair,
Beloved son and brother,forever 37,missed loved and longed for not just at Christmas but every day of our lives.the πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Remembering We wish to remember Tracy Day
Our beautiful angel you left us in April suddenly it seems like yesterday we miss you every day. Even though you was only 28 you made a big impact on so many peoples lives so proud of all you achieved. Fiver missed Mum and John
Remembering Sam Smart
Still loved and missed so very much. Forever 23. Mum, Dad and brothers Seb and Christian.
Remembrance image
Remembering Lizzie McDonnell
My Sweet Angel, I miss your smile and the sound of your voice. I loved and miss you every day.
Remembering Tristan
I love and miss you everyday, my darling son. I feel you close to me everyday in the wind, the sun and the rain β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”β€οΈ
Remembrance candle
Remembering Robert Charles Macarthur
Greatly loved son of Pat and Donald. Father of Charlie, Maisie and Livi. Husband of Anna.
Remembering Thomas Reed Baty
Dear Thomas, much loved and always missed, your Dad, sister and I, had a light switch off in our World, the day you died. Thank you for wonderful family memories, so sad that we cannot make more together. All my Love Mum xx
Remembering My Son Connor
My beautiful boy. It’s been nine months. I miss you so much every minute of every day. Our hearts are broken into a million pieces . I hope you are at peace and are with Nan and all our Angels xxx
Remembering Andrew Hasler
Missing you every day. You died a hero aged 28. Mum x
Remembering Jake Lucas David Kershaw
May the winds of heaven blow softly, and whisper in your ear, how much we love and miss you, and wish that you were here Loved and missed more with every passing day Mummy xx
Remembering Daniel James Redman
Our beautiful boy- fifth Christmas without you. Forever twenty. Because the love of a mother starts long before birth it will last long after death. Missing you always.πŸ’”
Remembering Danny James Taylor
Danny I never forget you. You are always in my heart until I see you again. Decided to live my best life and love myself and others as much as I can until that day.
Remembering My son Antony forever 29
4 very long years on 14th Dec without you ..miss you more each day and think bout you constantly..always loved forever remembered ..xxx heartbroken mum xx
Remembering Ruth Charlotte Irene Smith
Loved and missed very minute of every day . Love you Ruth xxxx
Remembering Aaron wells
My precious and only child son u brought so much joy and happiness to our life Your smile could light up the room u are miss beyond words we love u so much sleep tight my Angel Forever 21 x
Remembering Joe Koziol
My beautiful son Joe. Forever 26. I miss you beyond words. You were my world my precious boy. Life is meaningless without you in it. Till we meet again πŸ’™β€ All my love mom xxx
Remembering John Eddie Thomas
You left us too soon and life changed for ever .You touched so many peoples lives and are sadly missed each and every day Forever in our hearts Mum,Uncle John ,Ceinwen,Thomas and Freya xxx
Remembering Harry Storey, forever 13 years old
A beautiful son and brother who left us so unexpectedly 21 months ago now. Seems like only yesterday. We think of you every day and miss you constantly. All our love always Mum, Dad & Dan
Remembering Leon
We miss you so much our beautiful little man, I love you so much beyond words you are forever loved always missed and never forgotten i will hold you in my heart till I hold you in my arms again πŸ’™ Mummy loves you my little superhero Leon xxx
Remembering Mark
Remembering my gorgeous son Mark. Forever in my heart. Holding you close.
Remembering John Eddie Thomas
You left us all to soon but are always in our πŸ’” you touched so many peoples lives
Remembrance candle
Remembering Dean Michael sayer
my beautiful boy Dean You are loved and missed every single day my heart is broken without you πŸ’” just love you so much Mum xxx
Remembering My son Paul Downs
My darling son I miss you so much and a part of my heart is missing. Loving you always and forever. There is a light that never goes out. Your heartbroken Mum and Dad
Remembering Megan Black
So loved and so missed, nithing is the same without you sweetheart and never will be. Your light will always shine ❀ I hope you're dancing in the sky. Love you always Mum xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our beautiful son Thomas
Remembering our beautiful son thomas who was cruelly taken away from us in horrific circumstances on the 1st august 2020 you are missed every single day not an day that goes by we dont think of you my precious boy we love you. Lovemummy daddy and your extended family
Remembering Claire Hartley
Remembering a much loved daughter and sister.
Remembering Jack, Geoff, Simon
We just can’t get through one day wondering how you all were taken from me soo young and so soon.. my sons WHY? Love you all, miss you all soooo much. Mum, Julie and mark xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Aaron wells
My one and only son ( child)your smile light up the room Our hearts are forever broken there not a day that go by were we don't think about u we love and miss u so much U are so precious and perfect I never new i could cry so many tears never forgotten sleep tight my Angel Forever love Forever 21
Remembering James Tannian
Remembering our beautiful boy forever 26 πŸ’™ you will be in our broken hearts πŸ’” forever. We think about you every second of every day and will do for the rest of our lives. Those we love don’t go away they walk beside us every day. Love and miss you so much Mum Dad Chloe and everyone who knew you xxx
Remembering Seb Nottage
Remembering my darling son, now forever 26. I'm so desperately sorry I couldn't protect you more. Loved you yesterday Love you still Always have Always will
Remembering Philippa Kate Bertram
Remembering Pippa, our beautiful girl, taken too soon on the 15.12.18. Love you always Mum, Dad and Alistair
Remembering Joanne Elizabeth McCann
Remembering our amazing daughter Joanne Elizabeth. Just over 2 years ago we lost our darling girl, beautiful inside and out with so much strength and determination to give her daughter Annabel as many memories as she could before she departed. Missed by all your family. All our love xx
Remembering Ryan Turner
We love and miss you so much and will be forever heart broken. Taken far too soon but never far from our thoughts. Love you more than you will ever know, love Mum xxxxxx
Remembering Edward Johnson
Dearly loved and missed always.
Remembering Hope Victoria
'Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, And never stops at all' My beautiful girl. I love you. Mum x
Remembering Nicola Cran
We love and miss you Nicola so very much. You were taken too soon. You are truly loved, truly missed and remembered forever. Our sunshine girl we miss you. These past six months have been hell, we are heartbroken πŸ’” Love you forever from mum and Neil xxxx
Remembering Tom Jones
We love and miss you more than words can say and the Tom shaped hole in our lives is with us always. Fly high Topman and have fun with the angels, they are so lucky to have you. Until we are all together again, Mom, Dad and Ellie πŸ’™xxx
Remembering Emma Scott
Our most beautiful bear. We love you and miss you so so much. We carry you with us in our hearts, always. Teddy sends all his love as do Maggie,Brian,Mark,Matthew, Sarah and Ellen. Our eternal love Ems from your mamma bear and daddy. X My angel child...i saw your feather, thank you. 🌈
Remembering Clair
It wasn't your time, you've been snatched away from us. I wish I could turn the clock back to see you once more, to hear your voice, to see your smile alas it cannot be. This first Christmas without you is going to be horrible, you're in my thoughts every day. Love you, my big sister Clair xx
Remembering Max Cook
I miss you every second of every day. Thank you for the love, fun and laughter. Always your mum πŸ’•
Remembering Charlotte Adele Hunter
Our beautiful brave lady. So very dearly loved and missed forever God saw how tired you were of fighting and took you into his loving care, until we meet again. God's most generous gift is waiting for us all in paradise. Love and cuddles All your devastated family and friends
Remembering Sarah Finney
We miss our beautiful daughter Sarah so much. A year has nearly passed but still feels like yesterday πŸ’” miss your sparkling eyes and beautiful smile. Always in our hearts, love you to the moon and back and more. Mum and Dad πŸ’œπŸŒˆ xxx
Remembering Kyle Wicks
I love you and miss you so much xxxx not a day goes by when I don’t think of you xxxxx Love mum xxxx
Remembering Matthew William Brook
Love you always ... your heart now beats in mine x
Remembering Mark Daniels
May the winds of love blow softly, and whisper for you to hear, that we will always love you, and wish that you were here. With love from mum, dad & family xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Rob McKnight
My heart is forever broken, our lives changed instantly when we got that call three years ago on 17th. We miss you so very much - I have no words to explain the pain your absence in our lives causes. We love you my lovely boy πŸ’”πŸ’™
Remembering Lee birch
Almost 18 months since my heart was broken forever. Miss my first born son so much
Remembering Troy Daniel Barnett (forever 20)
You left us 17 months ago and our lives have been forever changed. You took the biggest part of our πŸ’™ heart when you left. We know you are always present with us and guiding us with your love. We love you more than words can express. Love, your mom, dad and brother. ♥️
Remembering Grace
Loved beyond measure. Let light perpetual shine upon her.
Remembering Gavin Westworth
Always loving and missing my beautiful firstborn son Gav. Left us behind on boxing day 2015 and thought about, and spoken about constantly. Look after your nan and grandad. Love you so much Gav, you are my sunshine 🌞
Remembering Elliott Beddow
The light that shines brightest, burns half as long, you shone so very brightly my boy, and now everything is so grey without you. Miss you so very much, love Mom xx
Remembering Leah Grace Raynes
We love and miss you every second of everyday, you are the piece of our hearts that is broken forever. Fly high Leah Lou, you lost your wheels but gained your wings you were one of life's most beautiful things. All our love, Mum and Dad xx
Remembering Jessica Gower
We miss your smile more than ever, but you are with us wherever we go. Love you always Jess, mum, dad and Issy xxxx
Remembering Rosie Colette Beecroft
Remembering my darling daughter, Rosie. Always loved and missed so very much. With love from mummy, Carolyn xxx

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