Compassion Summer 2021

Summer 2021 - Compassion | 27 I did make a promise that when our lives returned to normal (whenever that may be) we would hold a joyful celebration of her life for all to attend. Listening to other bereaved parents talk, they have tried to focus on one point to give themselves something to aim for in a future without their lost child and a celebration is my point of focus. It is what I want to do for my child. And I hope to be able to do that one last thing. With regard to friends of my own, I no longer have any of similar age as they have all pre- deceased me. I do have a few acquaintances but speak with them very occasionally and if I dare to mention my daughter’s name and cry they immediately cut short the conversation. I have no doubt that if I were able to walk out, either from my own ability or the confinement forced upon me by the current health issues, I would see people I know crossing the road to avoid speaking to me. That I believe is commonplace. What is it about bereavement that people cannot face? It happens and it has happened to me. My grief is deep and hard to bear. Never a day goes by when I do not talk with Jane. I hug the box of her ashes and tell her that soon I shall join her. I tell her that my ashes are to be combined with hers for scattering with our beloved husbands. My tears are falling as I am writing now. I know they will continue to fall for the rest of my life but maybe they will become less in time. What will not diminish in time is my great love for my lovely girl and my unbearable loss and loneliness. Liz Richardson This precious child is gone from me My life an empty shell But in my heart will ever be The face I love so well Why was I dealt this cruel blow? So quickly she is gone Something I will never know A reason? – There was none I never will be made aware Of why she had to go The grief is much too hard to bear Because I love her so I held her in my arms that day And stroked her silken hair And as she quietly passed away She knew that I was there And now a broken life I lead My heart is full of pain Just memories to fill my need Until we meet again A Poem to my Beloved Daughter Goodbye My Darling Girl Goodbye Mum xx by Liz Richardson