TCF News, Issue 107 Summer 2021

TCF NEWS Summer 2021 | Issue No 107 In This Issue A newsletter for supporters of The Compassionate Friends COVER STORY: Bearing the Unbearable with Dr Joanne Cacciatore Pg 3 U pright With Knickers On Surviving the Death of a Child Pg 4 Volunteer Focus Pg 8 News & Comment Pg 1 0 Fundraising Round-up On a May evening bereaved parents and siblings gathered together online to hear guest speaker, bereaved mother and expert on traumatic grief, Dr Joanne Cacciatore’s reflections, wisdom and learning on grief and grieving after the death of a child. Dr Jo answered questions from the audience covering a range of topics including coping with family and friends; managing complex and overwhelming emotions after child loss, including guilt and anger; coping with birthdays and other special days; and the activities that can help us as we grieve for our child. Thank you to Sangeeta Mahajan for reviewing the evening for us... Dr Joanne Cacciatore, a professor at Arizona State University delivered this talk from her farm in Arizona. She is the founder of the MISS Foundation and the Selah Carefarm. Her area of expertise is traumatic death, specifically child death. After the loss of her fourth child, Cheyenne, 27 years ago, she looked for a therapist but none met her needs. She then decided to go back to study and research grief so she could help herself and others. Her book Bearing the Unbearable was published in 2017 and has received multiple glowing reviews. Bearing the Unbearable with Dr Joanne Cacciatore