How to access The Compassionate Friends Forum

Forum Terms and Conditions, plus details of how to access the forum.
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How to access The Compassionate Friends Forum

Post by Paula » Tue Aug 05, 2008 2:16 pm


The members area will allow you to post safely secure in the knowledge that TCF has taken all possible steps to ensure that those obtaining access have provided information to verify their identities. Leaving you free from prying eyes and abusive posts, of hoaxers, spammers, and identity thieves. We do realise that this can be a difficult process when you are newly bereaved.

1. Click on 'Register' in the top left hand corner under the TCF Logo

2. It then gives you the choice of two dates to click on, this determine that you are over eighteen.

3. This takes you to the 'Terms of Use Agreement' that you need to agree to abide by.

4. And finally, this will take you to the 'Registration Form' - fill it in and click 'Submit'

This will send your request to the Admin team who will email you another more detailed form to fill in. We are really sorry about this process but it is to ensure that we stay private and safe.

After this it will take a short while to validate you.

You will then get an email to let you know that you are an active Forum member. (If you have trouble returning the form we can re-send the questions in a different way)

The web-admin team.