What is the 'Forum'

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What is the 'Forum'

Post by Shaun » Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:24 am

Dictionary definition: An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

Alternatively: The Compassionate Friends Forum is a safe place online where we can go to 'talk' with other parents, grandparents and siblings who have lost a child or grandchild, of whatever age, from whatever cause. We can share what's worrying us and within a few hours (or usually even sooner) you are likely to have a number of people respond to you who have similar experiences. You are within a few clicks of a large number of TCF members who are your friends, you just haven't met them yet. In time you may be able to help those who are going through a low point on this journey, and with helping others gain support yourselves.

When logged in, it is possible for others to see you are on line but posts are aimed at everybody rather than a specific individual so there is no pressure to post/reply just because you are logged in.

There are areas on the Forum for support, information, chat and another for messages for those special dates. There is also an area called 'The TCF Café' where we chat about more mundane topics and those little niggles that the outside world just don't get. We can also sometimes laugh in the Café because it's a safe place where we won't have to explain that just because we're laughing it doesn't mean 'we're better'.

You will need to fill in a form to join the Forum, this is so we can keep it totally private and safe. There will only ever be bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents posting, so you can be certain that no one in the wider world will ever see what you write.

There is a 'Specific Topic Meeting Point' for parents wishing to share and seek support related to the loss of their child through similar circumstances.

Please do not be daunted that other members of the Forum already know each other, it’s only because they have been on the forum for longer – we are all bereaved parents and grandparents like you, trying our best to support each other. If however, the prospect of posting is too daunting we welcome you to spend as long as you like just reading, and hopefully that way you will also gain support from seeing you are not alone.

The web admin team are always near by to give you a helping hand if you have problems.

We have all been new to online Forums at some time, so please don't be nervous, there is nothing that you can do 'wrong', nothing you can break, and a lot of support you can gain. Many parents have found the forum a lifeline, finding comfort through being with the only people who truly understand the depth, complexity and longevity of grief when losing your child or grandchild.
If you have any questions regarding the Forum please don't hesitate to ask.
Likewise if you need any advice on how to do something technical, please ask. It's why we're here.
Use the 'email' or 'PM' button below.