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In memory of Maxim Vyazovoy

Max is my son my baby and my delight. Max was very funny, social, friendly, outgoing fun loving 22 year old. Max had plenty of friends. Although Max was also very sensitive . Max was killed on December 20th 2019 when walking on a side of the road to his friends house because his car was broken in a garage. He asked me to use my car but i said no because i was going to work in a couple of hours. Max was hit and left in a ditch to die. The driver responsible was found a few days after and charged with felony. She plead not guilty. I am still fighting for Maxes justice. It seems like an investigator is on defendant's side, assistant ad is on defendant's side and the judge is on the same side because they all from the city of Lockport.

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June 18, 2021

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