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2021 Book of Remembrance

2021 Book of Remembrance

Throughout December, and especially during the Worldwide Candle Lighting, you can post a photograph and message remembering your son or daughter, brother or sister or grandchild.

“… So their light may always shine …”

If you decide not to post a photo then a picture of a candle will be uploaded to accompany your message.

You can also give a donation to The Compassionate Friends if you wish after you have posted.

More information on the online Compassionate Friends UK Worldwide Candle Lighting.

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Remembering David Magunnigle
Remembering my big brother David, coming up to a year since he passed missing him more everyday. Love him so much.
Remembrance image
Remembering Thom Walker
Missing you more than ever Thom, your life was my life, now I live for the memories we created. Now I live for us both, so all I do, I do to honour you. Love you always. Dad xTx
Remembering Emma McArthur
Missing our daughter Emma who aged 43 was tragically taken from us by an act of murder April 2nd 2021. We will never forget you my darling. From your family mum dad and your children with all our love x
Remembering Andrew Jardine
9 Christmases without you, 8 long years. Love you to the moon and back….love you loads wee cooker. Always our boy. Until we catch up with you…..mum and dad.x
Remembering Our son LiamπŸ’œ
Remembering our gorgeous Liam , forever 19 . If love could have saved you you would have lived forever . Always in out thoughts xxx
Remembering Andrew Smith
Remembering our darling Andrew; beloved Son, Brother and Grandson. We love and miss you very day, you are in our hearts always, and we will be forever proud of you. Love you to the moon and back, a hundred, thousand, million times xxx
Remembering Bethany Harriet Palmer
We miss you so, so much…our lives will never be the same without you Beth....keep shining bright like the star you are & keep singing beautiful. We love you so much Uncle Billy, Aunty Don, Jess & Daisy πŸ’•πŸŽΆπŸŒŸx
Remembering Our beautiful little boy Sebastian
A young wise soul that could fill any room with utter joy, bring a smile to every face and had a truly big but little life which ended so suddenly. Missing him beyond what words can explain, his mummy Alice, Dada Jules and sister Sophia
Remembering Alex Walters, my precious son.
You are the warm breeze that touches my cheek, You are the sunlight that dapples the leaves and with each step I take down the street, I have your hand in my hand, Your smile on my face, your cheek against my cheek. My lovely boy.
Remembering My son zehaan Amin. Gone but never forgotten πŸ’”
Never did i prepare myself for this great loss. I had so much plans for you. So much hope and in an instant it was shattered. You were snatched away after 7mths without any warning. You were such a fighter 2 operations and you endured. But alas the journey came to an end.
Remembering Celine Dinis
My beautiful girl, miss you so much Nee, love you forever and always xx “In these moments of heartbreaking grief, I remember the only reason we have an empty space is because we were blessed with someone who loved us so beautifully it occupied an entire part of our soul.” πŸŒŸπŸ’ž
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Remembering Beth..our beautiful granddaughter
We miss you so very much sweetheart. It broke our hearts when you left us but we will love you and hold you close in our hearts forever. Sing and dance with the angels now precious girl. Love from Nana and Grad.xx
Remembering Liam Foster
My darling grandson Liam.My first Christmas and New Year without you.Forever in my heart.
Remembering Matthew Copestick
Everyone described Matt as ‘the special one ‘ He loved Christmas but found it overwhelming. Still do not fully accept he has gone , he is alive everyday in me and all the people that loved him xx 😘
Remembrance image
Remembering Joe Beal
Missing you my lovely, funny, kind son Joe. Family life is not the same without you. E&N love you so much. Our love thankfully is eternal πŸ’– Mum xxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Sam Copestick
This is our third Christmas without Sam . He was never a big fan but still his loss is very acute at this time of year as it is a family time . He would be 27 , a beautiful grown man , loved by so many . Forever with us , transformed by knowing him β€οΈπŸ’•
Remembering Elliot James Bransby
My wonderful son I miss you so much darling. I love you loads.I wonder what stuff you are up to. Marching on in heaven. Xxx
Remembering My gorgeous son Roy
Missing you so much, it still hurts even after 22yrs. Love you to Heaven and back Roy 😘 xxx
Remembering Naina Krishna
Love and miss you so much my beautiful girl. You bring such light to our lives, your humour and wit and warmth and love. Always with you and always loving you.
Remembering Alastair
Our beautiful boy. Taken in your prime with so much still to do. Another year passes without you. You are forever in our hearts. Mum, Dad and Greg Xxx
Remembering Nathaniel Tremayne Burgher
My beautiful boy, i love you and miss you every single day.
Remembrance image
Remembering My Sarah
Love and miss you desperately my beautiful sister xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Sophia
You came to us so briefly, yet in that time I grew. Your strength, your will your beauty, such courage I never knew. I miss you everyday. Mummy
Remembering Sydnee Rose Hempson
Our beautiful girl - we miss you and love you beyond measure. There isn’t a minute I don’t think of you. Life is a struggle without you. Love you special girl xx mummy daddy & Freds xx #forever12
Remembering Amy Carter
Our daughter, loved and missed more than words can say. Forever 23 Life will never be the same
Remembering Remembering myBeautiful daughter Gemma forever 20
Not a day passes your not in my thoughts I miss that beautiful smile that little giggle our mum daughter chats! Forever missing you my darling girl in my heart always and forever πŸ’”
Remembrance image
Remembering Princess Bryony Angel.XXXXXX.
Remembering our only daughter after 4 georeous boys,Our Baby Princess grew yoyre angel wings on youre due date 24/04/2017 aged just 22 days.We love and miss you more and more each day,and think of you.Alqays loved and missed and forever in our hearts.All our love as always.Mummy,Daddy and youre Brot
Remembering Hayley Samantha Harvey/Eyden
My beautiful daughter, you were always the brightest star, taken far too soon on Christmas Eve 2019 aged just 37. I miss you so much my heart breaks but I'm still here for your lovely children and your sisters. We will be together again but until then shine brightly down on us all xx
Remembering My amazing big Brother, Daniel
I miss you every single day and still can’t believe you are gone. 34 years was not enough but I feel your presence around me all the time. Love you Bro x
Remembering Jordan Matthew Blankley
My gorgeous smiley boy , there are no words to explain how I feel about losing you , I’m totally broken , when you died , part of me died too, I will love and miss you forever, till I’m reunited with you , mummy’s special soldier, xxxxx❀️
Remembering Hayley Samantha Harvey/Eyden
My beautiful daughter, you were always the brightest star, I miss you so much my heart breaks but I'm still here for your lovely children and your sisters. We will be together again but until then shine brightly down on us all xx
Remembering Mathew Lee James
My beautiful boy, forever in our hearts. Always in our thoughts, love and miss you more each day Math ❀️, we will never ever forget you 😘😘xx
Remembering Jo
Darling Jo taken too soon aged 37 leaving behind your lovely daughter Izzy aged 11 and darling Finlay aged 7. We miss you every minute of the day. Your beautiful smile and quirky sense of humour. We know you are always with us deep in our hearts we know we will meet again. You are our guiding starπŸ’•
Remembering Bethany Harriet Palmer
Our hearts are broken and our lives will never be the same without you in them....we miss you every minute of every single day....keep singing beautiful girl....we love you more than anything in the World πŸ’•πŸŽΆπŸŒŸx
Remembering Rosie Burnside-Fitch
Remembering our Rosie, forever 17. ❀️ This has been our first Christmas without you, I still can not believe you are gone. I find it almost impossible to express in words how much we love you and are missing you. Our family is amiss without you. πŸ’”
Remembering Lee Jason Shaun Ridgway
We love you so much Lee your light is always the brightest 🌟 Party hard this NYE in Auriga beautiful boy ✨ πŸŽ‰βœ¨Mum , Dad , Penny and Milo xxxxx
Remembering Claire Marie
Loved so much and missed beyond words, my darling girl.
Remembering Noah James Blodwell
Missing you every day my sweet loving happy little man. Love Mummy daddy and Phoebe (aka Baby Sister)
Remembering Mia
Remembering our beautiful, kind, funny, generous daughter who passed away 30th January 2021. Missed by all that knew her especially her brother and parents. Forever 18 and forever in our hearts.
Remembering Tracy Watts
My beautiful little sister gained her angel wings in February 2021, way too soon at just 40 years old. Tracy had a lovely smile, great sense of humour & very kind nature - always helping people less fortunate & loved all kinds of animals. She has left a huge hole in the hearts of myself & our parent
Remembering Jamie
We love and miss you so much.... Dad, Mum and Stu xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering My beautiful daughter Angela
It was 26th December 2019 when you got your angel wings, I miss you so much. I love you with all my heart ❀️
Remembering Josh Springer
Missing you every moment my Angel boy Josh. The pain of losing you is with my every day but I’m trying to make you proud. You have a tiny baby nephew called Toby Joshua and I wish you were here to meet him. Love you always Mumma #forever 25
Remembering Matthew
Our first Christmas without you was so hard. We love and miss you so much. Life will just never be the same without my handsome son by myside You live on in our hearts and memories until we meet again. β€οΈπŸ’”
Remembering Cian Daly
My lovely son Cian. Taken too soon two years ago aged 20. You are sorely missed by your friends, younger and older brothers, nan and auntie. Keep riding at 100 and look after us all up in Heaven xxx
Remembering Marie Claire.
Remembering beautiful Marie with much love forever πŸŒΉπŸ’˜ XX
Remembrance image
Remembering Daniel Rumbol
We miss you so much Dan words do not describe the pain and loss we feel when you left us on New Year’s Day 2019 πŸ’” Sending you so much love , you are always in our hearts πŸ’•πŸ’•
Remembrance image
Remembering Our Darling Helen
Loving and missing you so much sweetheart.You lit up all our lives with your gentleness,kindness and humour. Our Darling Helen You lit up all our lives with your kindness, gentleness and humour.Always caring with everyone but especially your brother Chris.?xxx
Remembering My darling boy Harley
Another painful year without you. I love and miss you with all that I am. What I’d give to hear your infectious laugh and see your cheeky smile. Your loved ones miss you darling. Keep on watching over me. All my love, always yours, mum xxx
Remembering Thomas Swift
Remembering our dear son Tom, passed away in his sleep July 2021 aged 18. Forever in our hearts, loved and missed everyday, Mum and Dad x
Remembering George
We are coming upto 7 long weeks without you. Our hearts are aching all the time. You are so loved and missed every minute of every day. Our most precious boy. Forever 18. xxx
Remembering Our gorgeous Billy
We love and miss you so much Billy. My heart aches for you everyday, wishing you were here with us. Your Sisters miss their big brother, especially this being our first Xmas without you. Love you always Mum, Martin, Lucy & Ruby + your gorgeous little dog Sonny x
Remembering Hope Victoria
Our beautiful girl, forever 21. We love you so much and think about you every day πŸ’”
Remembering Liv Mullaney
I read some thought provoking words recently .... there's no such thing as an ending; just a place where you leave the story. Another year's gone by where we have to carry on with the story without you. It will never be the same, but we're trying to make you proud. Miss yo millions. TBTAMIMT XXXX
Remembrance image
Remembering My son Marc 2001-2021
We love & miss you x
Remembering My wonderful son Lee
Miss you and love you with all my heart. You would be so proud of your beautiful daughter. Take care my precious son. With love from Mum.
Remembering Phoenix Curtis
Our beautiful little boy Phoenix, how we all miss you so πŸ’™ love you forever xxx
Remembering My beautiful son Mike Barneveld πŸ’”πŸ’”
I love you so much Mike and would do anything for one more hug with you , my life is incomplete without you . My darling boy , my everything β€οΈπŸ’” miss you so badly always
Remembrance candle
Remembering Alfie Owen Jenkins
Love you little one. Safe in your Nanny's arms for the first year...sending hugs to you both. Mummy, Daddy and little sister Amy xxxx
Remembering Sam Jenner 1989-2012
Always with me Sam, loved missed and remembered every single day son <3
Remembrance image
Remembering My beautiful son Mike , loved so so much πŸ’”πŸ’”
I love you so much Mike and would do anything for one more hug with you , my life is incomplete without you . My darling boy , my everything β€οΈπŸ’”
Remembering Tom
Darling Tom, We love you so very much and miss you beyond words can express. Six years and almost four months since the Sarcoma cancer took you from your family and friends. To know you was to love you our beautiful Son and big Brother to your Sister Beth. XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Remembering Josh Riley
Our wonderful son and brother Josh, we remember you every day, we will love and miss you forever. Our lives were made better by having you around, and so devasted when we lost you.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Lynn Marion Watt
Our precious elder daughter Lynn. Died by suicide January 9th 2009. Forever 39, because she didn't know how to stay with the mental pain. Forever loved forever missed. Love Mum x
Remembering Becca Oxlade
3 years since we last saw you. 6 days since you should have turned 25. 18 days until it's 3 years since we lost you in an RTC. You were truly the most wonderful lady & every day we find it hard to accept, & cope with, life without you. The world is much dimmer. Love always, Mumma Bear & Papasaurus x
Remembrance image
Remembering Anna-Jamie Lorimer
Never out of my heart for an instant. Dear Anna.
Remembering My Darling Son, George Ellis
I love and miss you forever, my Darling Boy πŸ’”
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our friend Julie Hall
We miss you very much Jules and think of you every day. Xx
Remembering Mum, Carl and victoria
To my brave warrior son Antonio, you put up with so much pain and indignity and never one complained or said why me? We all love you so much and miss you every second of every day. We will meet again my beautiful son xxxx
Remembering My lovable son Tom
Miss you so much, the pain never fades. Just over 2 years ago we lost a precious son, brother and daddy.
Remembering Katie King
I'll keep dancing for the both of us ❀ Your little sister x
Remembering The one and only Dylan J. Rocha
My world ended in July this year little one. I miss you more than words can say. #forever21. xxx
Remembering Graham Dodd
We miss your gentle ways, kind heart, and loving nature; it's so hard to believe you are no longer with us. Constantly waiting for yet another of those funny cat videos but knowing we will never receive another one from you breaks our hearts. Love always Hannah, Mum, Elena, and Lily.
Remembrance image
Remembering David Gordon
Remembering our beloved son, brother, stepson and Dad, David; always loved and forever missed, as we face another year without you ❀️
Remembering Sophie Mazurek
In remembrance of my beautiful sister Sophie,gone too soon, always thought of and so very,very missed. Keep shining always ⭐
Remembrance image
Remembering Danny Wester
I miss you so much, Danny. My heart aches and I still can’t believe we lost you. Until I see you again mum xxxx
Remembering Harry
Not a moment passes that I don't think of you. My darling golden boy. I love and miss you so very much. You still make me proud.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our darling Ben
Our beautiful, clever, wonderful son, brother, grandson. You went through so much and not once did you moan or complain. We miss you every day. So proud of everything you achieved in your 15 years. Love you xBx
Remembrance image
Remembering Connor Cochrane
Always 21 ❀️ Can’t believe it’s 8 years from I saw you last. Miss you so much πŸ’” Mum
Remembering Jack Brownlow
Gone far too soon .always on our minds and forever in our thoughts .miss u so so much πŸ’”
Remembrance image
Remembering Baby Nathan Cochrane
Always in my heart my first born son. It’s been 31 years but not a day goes by that I don’t think of you ❀️ Mummy
Remembrance image
Remembering Remembering Tom Bowdidge
Our hearts were broken the day you left us. There isn't a second that goes by when we don't think of you. Our lives feel so empty but we are doing as you said and 'Cracking On'. As every day passes we know we are one day closer to being together again. Forever in our hearts Mum, Dad and Emma xxx
Remembering Becca Owen
Our beautiful daughter. Taken far, far too soon from us. Our hearts are broken and our lives are darker within you in it.
Remembering Elliot James Bransby
Elliot, my darling boy, I love & miss you with equal measures. Thank you for all the signs over the last 110 weeks, I treasure every one. I love you with all of what’s left of my broken heart. March on in heaven my angel & be a good boy. I love you so much xxx
Remembering Lily Jayne Summers
Forever in our hearts and remembered always
Remembrance image
Remembering Rebecca McManus
Missed more and more every day - I love you my beautiful girl Love Mum x
Remembering DaIsy Dandelion Haynes
Loved and missed too much to measure. Forever 9. Be happy baby girl. Nos da. Caru ti. Mummy and Daddy x
Remembering Lauren Marion
I miss you more than words can say. You should be with us La.
Remembering Ben Stirland
No amount of years takes away the pain of not having you with us. We love and miss you beyond words. Stay close Benj, one day we will be together again. Love you to the moon and back, always xxxxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering James Smith
A year has passed since we last saw you. Not a minute of the day goes by when we don’t think of you, we carry you in our hearts forever, we love and miss you so very much. Mum, dad and Charlie xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Sarah Emily
Loving and missing you sweetheart at Christmas your favourite time of year, when you loved all the decorations, food, presents, singing and celebrating but felt you close by as always xxx
Remembering Daisy
I miss my lovely girl so much xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our beautiful Daughter Charlotte
Our world changed forever the day you left us, hope you know how much your missed. You were only on this earth 23 years but we’ll cherish every single second we had with you. Loved and missed forever xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering David Curtis .. forever 22
The 17th christmas without you , time doesnt make it any easier or make my heart any less broken . I hope you were with us all on xmas day I saved you a mince pie as always .nearly 40 now I wonder who you'd be today but till I see you again I will just miss you forever love you always mum xxxx
Remembering Craig Edwards
Loved and missed every day. Forever 26 my darling son xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Julia and Robert Macpherson
My baby son and adult daughter - hope you are together and happy. Always loved ❀ ♥ Mum & sister Sarah xxxx
Remembering Ewan
I miss my darling blue eyed boy so much. As the song goes ‘every minute of every hour’ By Bastille. Ewan I’ll never understand why you aren’t here but you are with me every day in everything I do.
Remembering Alan Moss
Our amazing selfless funny caring kind generous son brother dad...we miss you everyday...always xxx
Luke you are missed beyond words. Our world was shattered when you were sadly taken tragically while travelling in New Zealand and having the time of your life. 23/11/18 Aged 28. You were an amazing Son and Brother. Living without you is unbearable and our lives painfully changed forever.
Remembering Lauren Curtis
Always remembering our beautiful daughter Lauren who left us too soon. We love you so much and miss you every day. Shine bright sweetheart; till we meet again. Love Mum & Dad xx
Remembering Warren Hayward
Another year without you almost over and a new one beginning. Love and miss you always xxxxxxx
Remembering Luke MJ Thompson
Love an miss you my son , until we meet again
Remembering Stewart Mackenzie
Your light shines in my heart and the eyes of your beloved boy. You are missed more each passing day and I wish we could have one last conversation. Until we meet again, love Mum xxxxxxxxxx #forever27
Remembering My darling brother Andy
I hope you know how much we miss you, the very best of brothers. I’m so proud to be your big sister and will love and miss you forever with every bit of my broken heart. Xxxxxxx
Remembering Scott Hector
Miss you more an more every day. It doesn’t get any easier without you only harder. Love you so much baby boy xxxx
Remembering Dylan B
Missing you so much Dyl, you left us suddenly 2/10/21. We miss your smile, sense of humour, love of life, and having you around. The house is too quiet. I love you so much my beautiful boy - keep smiling. The world is a dark place without you. You are amazing and I am proud to be your Mum x
Remembering Our beautiful daughter Sarah Marie Bryante
A light has gone out since you left us , your missed beyond measure , we will carry you in our hearts and keep your memory alive a wonderful daughter , mummy to Ben , sister , granddaughter, auntie , niece, cousin and friend , rave on sweetheart .
Remembrance candle
Our 3rd Christmas with out you my beautiful ginger ninja , how my heart misses you .Love you forever to the moon and back All our love mum dad Alice , Ellen , Georgina xxxx
Remembering Our beautiful son Chris
So loved by us all and missed every day. Losing you doesn’t get any easier Chris our kind, gentle and caring boy. Always in our thoughts and hearts and still such a special part of our family. All our love xxxx
Remembering Alfie
Forever 9 and an important half. Missed and loved forever. Our superhero xxx All our love boo boo , from mum ,dad and Todd xxx
Remembering Jill McMahon
My daughter, my best friend, my first born, my life. I don't need to "remember" because I NEVER forget. This existence without you is hell on earth. Loved you then, love you still, always have and always will . Miss you so so much and would do anything to have you back πŸ’”
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our beloved Harish
To our Harish, Not a day has passed since you left us this year that we have not remembered you. Our hearts are forever broken but we always pray that you are at peace and happy wherever you are. Please continue to watch over and guide us until we see you again. Om Shanti. Love Mum and Munits
Remembering Our Harvey
3 long years ago. We said out goodbyes to you. Our beautiful blue eyed boy x forever in our hearts and constantly on our minds. Truly loved and missed by everyone. Sleep in a peaceful paradise my boy x
Remembering Liam Alexander Waring
Remembering my brother Liam. Liam was taken from all of us far too soon but I am eternally grateful for the 38 years I got to spend with you. Forever loved and eternally missed, I’ll see you again one day my Padawan xxxxx
Remembering Lucy Bowers
Remembering my beautiful daughter, love you to the moon and back and missing you every day. 23/121991 - 18/05/2019
Remembering Jak Neil Walter Trueman
Loved always and forever missed. Cannot believe it’s been almost 7 years- still can’t make any sense of any of it. All my love and remembered always , Mum Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Nathan Robert Jarvis
Miss you always. Love Mum, Thomas William & Toby xxx
Remembering Lucy Joanne Parker (Callow)
We miss you every second of every day. Love you so much our beautiful, funny, exceptional girl. ‘If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever’ Mum xxx
Remembering Samuel George Hayden 19/01/93-12/03/21
My darling boy, you our loved more than you’ll ever know, missed so much. We talk about you all the time. Let the light guide your way my darling. Love you forever Mum xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering David Magunnigle
Remembering Dave, my best mate. Holding on to happy memories of you to get through the sadness of your passing. Won't ever forget you. Love Donovan.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Derek Barton
My one and only true best friend. My daddy, I love you so much. My angel. 20.5.07
Remembrance image
Remembering Alexander Gary
We miss you so much and you are loved by so many. This is our first year without you at Christmas but so many things remind me of you. Love you to the moon and back. Grandma Thompson
Remembering My Beautiful Daughter Jane
Never a day goes by without thoughts of you. Love you Miss you Mum xx
Remembering Emma Harris
My beautiful, beautiful girl. Love and miss you so much Em. Another Christmas without your smiling face lighting up the room. You gave us the best 19 years of our lives. Thank you sweetheart. Love and miss you forever. Night night xxxx
Remembering Toby Hope
Remembering our beautiful boy Toby, we miss you so much. Never forgetting the joy you brought into all our lives and so much laughter. We love you so much Toby. We will always be five. Mama, Papa, Luke and Joshua xxxxx
Remembering Evan Hawksworth
Remembering Evan our amazing son and brother. Words cannot express how much we miss you. You are loved and missed so much. Love you forever Mum Dad and Eleni xxxx
Remembering Remembering Finn
Finn the world now seems so dull and empty without you in it and your brothers and sister and I miss you so so much and love you millions. I miss you every second of every day and im forever heartbroken without you my darling son .πŸ’” forever 17 , forever in my heart ❀ forever adored , mumzie xx
Remembering my sons Jonathan and Paul
Jon it’s been 5 years since we lost you and Paul 18 months, both taken from me suddenly and without warning my two handsome boys, I miss laughing at your silly jokes and pranks I miss and love you both more than words can say and my only comfort is I know you are together again brothers in arms πŸ’žπŸ¦‹
Remembering Our beautiful son Louey Parkhurst
My perfect boy and the best part of me. We will love and miss you everyday , forever. Our first Christmas without you , our hearts have broken. πŸ’™
Remembering Adam Hunt
Remembering at Christmas and every day, with so much love, our beautiful son and brother Adam, forever 19. We miss you so much.
Remembering Jennifer Rose Stocks
Remembering our darling Jen (forever 25)- our joy - we miss you every day sweetheart- your love and laughter - our second Christmas without you - forever in our hearts ❀
Remembering Matthew James Marshall
My gorgeous boy Life will never be the same without you πŸ’” taken from us suddenly at the age of 40 I miss you so so much every minute of every day,our 3rd Christmas without you . I know I will see your gorgeous face again when the time is right ,I love you millions mummy xx πŸ’›
Remembering My beautiful son Ben
It's been nearly 3 years since our whole world collapsed- we miss you every minute of every day. Our hope is that you can hear us telling you how much we love you and miss you. Always remember that you will always be a major part of our lives ♥ ❀
Remembering Andrew McGillivray
Our third Christmas without our lovely Andrew? How can this be ? We miss you here every single day x Here is hoping you are happy and content now x Sending so much love x
Remembering Sarah Marie Gilbert Jones
Sarah my beautiful daughter how I miss you you are always in my heart Love you Mam
Remembrance candle
Remembering Nikki Beale
It is so hard knowing you are not coming back . We miss you every hour of every day . Love you more each day when I remember what fun we had , especially with dear Ethan . You will be forever 40 and you will feel no more pain . Rest peacefully beautiful and hopefully we'll meet in Heaven .Mum. xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Nikki Beale
Miss you so much Nik and i always will .
Remembering Rosie Rainforth
Remembering our beautiful and inspirational Rosie, can’t believe this will be our 4th Christmas without you, we miss and love you more and more each day. Forever in our hearts, With all our love always and forever, Mum, George and Harry. Xxxx
Remembering Joe Koziol
I can't believe this is our second Christmas without you Joe. You are missed more every day, life is not the same without you and never will be again. My heart is forever broken. My beautiful boy. Our wonderful Joe. Love mom & James xx
Remembering Tristan
26 years since we lost you. Forever 20yrs. Still miss you lots . You are always held in my heart and mind xx
Remembering Rory
A wonderful brother and son who is missed every day. We miss your humour, your laugh and your presence in all that we do. Shine bright Rory. Love Kate, Adam, Laura, Mum and Dad
Remembrance candle
Remembering Carl Thompson
Love and miss you so much Carl.Our thoughts are always with you.Mum Dad and Lee xxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Marc Cosgrove
Lighting a candle for this our 4th Christmas without you. You are the brightest star in the sky. Keep shining bright my kind and thoughtful son. I wish I could have helped you. Till we meet again, all the love in the world πŸ’•πŸ’•
Remembering Dani
You are in our thoughts and prayers We are forever in hope for answers We love you and miss you beyond words ❀️ xxxx
Remembering Tommy Brown
Remembering our beautiful son & brother on our first Christmas without him. We love & miss you so very much every day but especially this Christmas. Tommy you were our shining light and we carry your love with us every day ❀️ love forever more Mummy Daddy Ben & Luca.
Remembrance image
Remembering Trudi-Mae Kennell & Ryan Barber
My darlings, I love & miss you both so very much. Merry Christmas ❀
Remembrance image
Remembering Douglas Boyes
Our beautiful son. We miss you every second. We miss your sense of humour, our kindness, your enthusiasm for life and your passion for wildlife. Love you always Mum and Dad xx
Remembering Mark Daniels
Almost 6 years since cancer stole you from us, swift & merciless, but you left so many precious memories that 'time' cannot erase. You have gone on a journey ahead of me, one day we will meet again, somewhere, somehow. Until then, rest quietly my son. All my love, mum xx
Remembering My son Mark
Remembering you as always. You are in my heart forever. Xx
Remembering I wish to remember my Son
Gareth Love and miss you all my life. Mum xxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Timothy’Timmy’ Jones
My special man and wonderful son - I miss you all day, everyday All my love Dad xxxxxx
Remembering James Ashworth
James you would have been 23 tomorrow our 2nd Christmas without you. You walk beside me every day and will never ever be forgotten. I love you my shining star. Love from Mum gemma grace luke pappa and Ali
Remembering Courtney Davies
Our darling girl, forever 24. You are always in our hearts, we miss you more every day - you lit up the room. We can’t believe it’s been a year since we last saw your beautiful face, how we wish we could give you a big kiss and hug. Love you forever, Mom Ginny, Dad Trevor, Sisters Amy & Emma xxxxx
Remembrance candle
Peter Turner 25th March 1965 - 14th September 2006. Wish you were here. Love you loads miss you much. XOXO
Remembering Nathan Jenkins
My darling son. We should be getting ready to celebrate your 30th birthday but you will be forever 25. We miss you more and more every day. Life will never be the same again. You lit up a room as soon as you walked in. So kind and loving. Until we meet again πŸ’”
Remembering Jack Hart
Our beautiful and wonderful boy. Almost a year without you, it still hurts so much. We miss you more than you ever could have known. We are so sorry we couldn’t end your pain. 16-07-199 to 31-12-2020
Remembering Lucy
My dearest, darling daughter- my ‘Lucy Locket’ We’ll always love and remember you & keep you in our hearts & minds forever. You’ll never be forgotten by all who knew & loved you so much ❀️❀️❀️
Remembering Calum
Another Christmas without my beautiful boy, Calum. I think about you every second of every day and long for the day we are together again. Sending all my love today and always, Mum xxx
Remembering Ava Hackett
To the most beautiful, kind and intelligent young lady. You were the best daughter I could wish for and a loving grand daughter, who brought a smile to your grand parents. A love of chocolate and giraffes didn't go unnoticed by people and your hunger for life, put me to shame. We all miss you.
Remembering Adam
Just 17 when he died, Adam left behind his 6 year old and 21 year old brothers as well as us, his parents. He was so excited for his future: his driving test, his 18th birthday and travelling the world. All his dreams were cruelly taken from him and us when he died so suddenly. Forever missed.
Remembering Dominic Mackreal
A wonderful son so dearly loved and missed at Christmas and every other day. 14 months since we saw you but it feels like yesterday πŸ’”πŸ’”
Remembering Rowan Bailey
My first born son forever 40 our first Christmas without you πŸ’” you will be forever missed, we love you so much and we are so very proud of you and we always will. Mum and Alan xxxxxxxxx
Remembering James Manto
It's unbelievable to think this will be our sixth Christmas without you. The world is a different place now. We miss you and love you so very much. Our beautiful, precious boy, forever 20 πŸ’™ All our love always, Mum, Dad, Dom, Jonny and Leo xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Louie Rau Danks
Our beautiful, blue eyed baby boy, there are no words to describe how much we miss you. We talk about you every day and will do forever. Love you so much, always, mummy and daddy xxxx
Remembering Joel Rawlinson
I miss you more and more everyday. My beautiful boy Joel. My second Christmas without you. I love you more and more xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Amber
We miss you. There won't ever be a time when we don't. You're a part of us and with us whatever we do, wherever we are. You gave us forever within the numbered days and we will always love you.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Reece tansey
I can not put in to words how much I miss you son my life will never be the same all I can do is to curry on in your memory love from dad xxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Sean Kay
Sending our love at christmas we miss you so much Sean xxxx❀
Remembering Joe
My beautiful son, best friend, soul mate... left us suddenly on 5th July 2021... missing you so much and love you for ever with every part of my being xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering David Wall
You are loved, missed and remembered every day. Always in my thoughts, lots of love, Mum xxx
Remembering Joanna Finney
Jo, you were the most beautiful, kindest, thoughtful and loving daughter we could have ever wished for. We love and miss you everyday of our lives but you are in our hearts forever, Mum, Dad. Rich and Ryan xx
Remembering Katie King
Remembering our dancing queen, missed so so much. I look for you every night in the stars, forever 31. xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering My Grandson Adam Cooper
Adam, you are forever in my thoughts and always in my heart. I miss you especially at this time of year. Lots of love Nannie. XXX
Remembrance image
Remembering My beloved son Alex
Taken suddenly on 8.10.21, miss your laugh and that massive smile. Broken hearted forever. Love and miss you my boy always xx
Remembering Laura Frahm
My beautiful daughter Laura. We all miss you so much. Even though God let me have you in my life for 16,662 days, that day that I had to give you back was the most devastating day ever. You were, are and always will be such a blessing. Thank you for all the things you taught me about love.
Remembering Matt
This will be my 3rd Christmas without you Matt. I miss you so so much. Your hugs, your voice and your laugh. I hope you are partying up there. Show them how it’s done darling. Love you for ever Mum πŸ’—πŸ–€πŸ’—πŸ–€
Remembering Joe
Love you forever our brave, beautiful and amazing son. Forever 27 we love you ❀️
Remembering Mathew mcmanus
To Mathew our beautiful son brother uncle great uncle We love n miss you so much love mum Tracey Dean Sonia Dean Joseph n all your nieces n nephews xxxxxx
Remembering Mathew mcmanus
To our missed son brother n uncle We love n miss you so much hope you're at peace now n no more demons
Remembering Charlie George Hopkins
Our beautiful boy you were taken from us just 12 days past your 18th birthday in Sept 2021. Your whole life ahead and making us even more proud of you with your plans to join the army. Charlie we miss you with every breath we take son and we are so lost without you. Love you forever mum & dad xxx
Remembering Laury
My shooting star, forever 21. You are missed so much. Te quiero mucho, mijo ❀️
Remembrance candle
Remembering Kerry
A very special & cherished daughter. Loved & remembered every day, Mum xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Our beautiful forever 19 Thomas xx
Love you so much honey, so need you xxx
Remembering Daniel whittle
Not a day goes by that don’t hurt because ya not here, I miss you more than any1 will no, until we meet again bro, YNWA xxx
Remembering John Charles Broooks
My beloved son John, you lit up the room as you entered, loving you always , you will be remembered forever, my funny, kind caring, loving precious boy. xxx
Remembering Daniel whittle
I miss you so much my brother, you are sadly missed and never will be forgotten. Life has never been the same since you left for heaven. Life is so unfairπŸ’”πŸ’” I love you❀❀ love your sister heidi xxxxxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Daniel Whittle Kaileb Whittle
Miss you both so much, hope you're together up there looking after each other! Missed everyday and loved so much. Forever in our hearts and thoughts, till we meet again xxxx
Remembering Anna White
My beautiful, funny, kind daughter and soul mate. Missing you so badly my darling. Till we meet again. Your eternally loving Mum xx
Remembering Michael Alan Sharp, Jr.
Miss you very much but know God had you in his arms and you will forever be in our hearts. πŸ’•
Remembering Danielle (Danni) Amos
Our beautiful daughter, forever 30, we love and miss you more than words can ever say. Our hearts will be forever broken. Now your dad is with you sweetheart, reunited and at peace together.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Emma Taylor
Remembering our precious daughter and sister taken far too soon but we were truely blessed to have you for 18 years. Your smile lit up a room and your heart touched everyone you met. We miss you so much every day but we know that you are being safely held in God's arms. Love Mum, Dad & Sophie
Remembering My darling son Tom
Missing you now & for always my beautiful boy & best friend. Hope you are happy in heaven & having fun. Love you so much, Mum xxxxx
Remembering James Redrup
Our darling boy James, our shining light. forever 24 You are loved beyond words and we will hold you in our hearts and prayers until we meet again baby. Always and forever, Ma, Pa, sister Charlotte and all your family
Remembering Jack Liam Walsh
Forever 26 , our forth Christmas without you, missed and loved every second . We love you darling , forever in our πŸ’•
Remembering Remember Taylor
My beautiful boy. Missing you so very much. The last 5 months have been horrendous without you. I hope you are happy and at peace. Love you always xx
Remembering Rees Moncrieffe
Rees I miss and love you so much. Not a minute goes by without me thinking of you. Love you always mum xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Nick Ivins
Dearest Nick, We love and miss you more than words can ever say. You were and are our hearts and they are forever broken without you. Much love my darling. Mom
Remembering Ella
We love and miss you beyond words El. Your beautiful smile, your kindness, your laughter, your incredible spirit and your boundless love of life. We are heartbroken but remember your words every day …. ‘ Love is energy and energy can never be destroyed ‘ - Ella Dawson July 2021.
Remembrance image
Remembering Our Beautiful son Calum
We love and miss you always, more than words can say.
Remembering Joe
My Beautiful Joe. You are loved today and for ever and ever. Miss you more than words can say. Mum X
Remembering My gorgeous son Ting
Ting was 16yrs old and is the bravest and strongest person I know. Life will never be the same, Miss him more than words can say. Ting made me the happiest and proudest mum and that will never change. You are my son, my world, my life, my everything xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering My beautiful, Philippa Louise .
Please hold in your hearts my daughter who fought so hard in life and was very happy despite difficulties. Pips passed april 2020 from covid; she had been on 24/7 oxygen 11 years bless her special soul love Dad
Remembrance image
Remembering Joshua Brown
My beautiful boy who is missed more than any words could say. You are in my thoughts of every waking moment of every day since you were taken from us. Forever our Joshy, Forever my angel boy xxx
Remembering My daughter Brandi forever 31
I light my candle for my beautiful daughter Brandi forever in my heart 1-2-1990 - 5-2-2021
Remembering My dating son Mark
Until we meet again my darling ❀️🌻❀️🌻❀️
Remembering CAROLYN
It's been a long time since I've seen your face but you are not orgotten and forever loved ❀ ♥ πŸ’•
Remembering Paul James Devine
Remembering our son,brother, grandson&all the other children gone too soon.You are thought about everyday I wish I could put my arms around you for one hug and hold you close just one more time. You are loved and missed so much my beautiful boy. Always in my heart, my mind&my soul.Forever Young 🎢
Remembering Joe Damien Anderson
My lovely son, words cannot convey just how missed and loved you are, in my heart and thoughts every second of every day. Gone far too soon, I 'm sorry I couldn't save you, your pain was too much to bear. Until I can hold you in my arms, sleep in peace. Love you from Mum and your brother and sisters
Remembering Andrew Jardine
Our beautiful boy, torn from his life on the 8th of December 2013. In our hearts and minds every second of every day, until we catch up with you. Always our boy. Forever in our hearts. Mum and dad. X
Remembering Joe Spedding
To my darling Joey. You know how much you are loved and can only imagine how much you are missed.x Mum, Cath and Charl x
Remembering Sean Mccarthy
Our beautiful Sean. Miss your beautiful loving face and your cheeky smile. Such a proud daddy a wonderful son loved and missed by all your family and friends. Nothing will ever be the same without you. Love you forever Sean. πŸ’”πŸ’”xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Katie Button
Katie you are missed every second of every day. You were and still are a jewel in my crown, a beautiful shinning sparkly jewel. Love you always and forever. Until we meet again. X
Remembrance candle
Remembering Marty Muchan
For Marty, so dearly missed and so deeply loved. Many peaceful blessings Your Dad and Anne xxx
Remembering Sam Walker
Our little man Sam, today is your 31st birthday, I wish we were celebrating in the sun. Thank you for the Sammy window and the robin xxxx
Remembering Rodney Blake
Our hearts are still so broken and will be forever without you baby boy. Will love and miss you forever.
Remembering Amanda Marion Mcinnes
Loved and missed everyday love mum xx
Remembrance image
Remembering our beloved Mark
If you ever need me, Even when you cannot see or hear me. Close your eyes so very tight. Now you’ll feel my hand entwined in yours. You’ll feel I’m holding your’s so very tight. I’m here. I’ve always been here. Forever I will be here. Right here beside you. Until the twelfth of never.
Remembering Daniel whittle
My brother i miss you everyday, heaven is your home until we all get there with you, i love you bro forever in my heart love from your sister kerry xxxx
Remembering Daniel whittle and Kaileb whittle
Loved and missed life will never be the same rest peacefully xxx
Remembering Daniel whittle
Beautiful son and grandson missed and loved so dearly, forever in our hearts. Rest peacefully with the angels till we meet again. Love you Daniel and Kaileb xxxx
Remembering Andrew Roads
Loved beyond measure, missed beyond words. With all our love, Mum, Dad and Emily.
Remembering Aaron Grant
Remembering my first born son.You sadly left us when you were 21.Thinking of you always.All my love mum xxx
Remembering Mac
Remembering my youngest child Mac, forever 20. This will be the 6th Christmas without you. We miss you my beautiful boy.. You will always be remembered xx
Remembering Remembering our daughter Holly Miles.
Born 22nd January 1985 - Died 6th March 2020 For you are beautiful and we have loved you dearly, More dearly than the spoken word can tell. Loved and remembered everyday. ❀️❀️❀️
Remembering Remembering Eiran ❀️
Our beautiful boy inside & out loved & missed so much by your family and friends. So lucky to have had you for 23 years but not long enough.Our 3 rd Christmas not hearing that infectious laugh, we treasure our memories,love you forever xxxx
Remembering Adam Cooper
Adam, our beautiful boy. We miss you everyday, especially at Christmas. Only one year apart in your thirty four years. We remember your clever sense of humour, your radiant smile and that wonderful laugh. I miss your hugs. Our love for you will shine through. Forever in our hearts. Mum and Dad x
Remembering Vicky Bruce
Forever in my heart. I miss you so much but I am grateful that your suffering is over. I honor your final wish every day. Your legacy lives on
Remembering My beautiful boy, my son Mackenzie Laurence Mellor
Love never dies, nothing changes. We will love you and say your name and keep you alive in our hearts. You are now not only our son, brother, friend, but also Uncle to your new niece Aífe Mackenzie πŸ’—πŸ’™
Remembrance image
Remembering Maritha Kleynhans
You are remembered and missed every day. You will always be loved.
Remembering Jan Hendrik Kleynhans
You are remembered, loved and missed.
Remembrance image
Remembering Nicolaas J Kleynhans
In eternal memory of Nicolaas Kleynhans: you will always be remembered and missed. The world is empty without you.
Remembering Gauguin Z Kleynhans
In eternal memory of Gauguin Kleynhans: you will always be loved and missed
Remembering Daniel john Williams
Remembering my dear brother Daniel at Christmas time. Can't believe that its 20 years since you left us unexpectedly. I have very fond memories of our 27 years together. You may be gone but you are not forgotten. Blowing kisses to heaven. Love always your devoted sister Melissa ..you were the best x
Remembering Miriam Lee
Miriam, forever 17. Our 6th Christmas without out you. Miss your smile, your annoying ways and your kind nature. Think of you every day with tears and smiles. You have the gift of life to 4 people - your name and memory lives on in their lives too.
Remembrance image
Remembering Joseph Smith
To our beloved Joe, we miss you more and more as each day passes, we love you so very much, keep on shining down on us to give us the strength we need, love you always mum, dad and your sister Charlotte ❀️❀️
Remembrance candle
Remembering Matthew Thompson
Can't believe this is our fourth Christmas without you Matt. We are going away as a family . You always loved these family Christmases and I know you will be with us. Think of you every day. And missing you more and more. Mum
Remembering Samuel Joseph Pilcher
Sam, so suddenly and tragically taken from us on 27th May 2021. Forever on the mountain. Sill climbing. Mum and Dad.
Remembrance candle
Remembering Mia Opancina
Mia my daughter I love you and I will always love you .I miss you so much and your daddy .I hope you are together. Your mommy
Remembering Paul Tyron Hutton
My Beautiful Boy I honour you by carrying on, continuously putting one foot in front of the other, one hour at a time. I honour you by reminiscing on the good times. I honour you by carrying you in my heart wherever I go. You are my world, I love you always and forever. Mama
Remembering Our Son Malichi Patrick Forever 16
For you son, we light a candle and remember the humble, brave and free spirited soul you are! We miss you every second of the day and love you bigger than this world! Love momma and dad!
Remembering My son, Sage Naicker
Your calling came to early, you are loved and missed every single day. Thank you for choosing dad and I as your parents, we are truly blessed and grateful for you. Your smile, laughter and love is missed. Until the broken links join again.... πŸ’™πŸ•―πŸ™Œ
Remembrance image
Remembering Lorna Jayne Smith
Missed more each day We will never get over the pain of loosing you You tried so hard to stay with all of us but especially your beloved Davey who became your husband just 12 weeks before you had to go We are so proud of you XXX Your laughter and humour will be with us forever Eternal lovin
Remembrance image
Remembering Remembering our beloved Mark
If you ever need me, Even, when you can’t see or hear me Close your eyes so very tight Now, feel my hand entwined with yours Your feel me holding yours so very tight, I’m here I’ve always been here Forever I’ll be here Right here beside you The twelfth of Never
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our daughter ,Helen Rachel Taylor ,
Our Helen 5.4.1976 to 26.4.2008 , forever missed ,always in our hearts ,mum dad and Philip xxx
Remembering πŸ’žLauren EleyπŸ’ž
It is 17 years to the day on Saturday 11th December that we lost our beautiful 17 year old youngest daughter, Lauren, suddenly without reason or explanation. To this day we have no answers. Lighting our candle for our lovely kind caring girl & all our lost children. Their light will always shine xx
Remembering Paul Young
You were taken from us so suddenly, The shock remains still. The pain of losing my darling Son Will remain with me until He comes to take me by hand, When my time on earth is no more And God calls me as is his will I love you my beautiful Son
Remembering James Clark
Loved and missed as much today as when we lost you in 2005. Your light still shines brightly. Forever in our hearts.
Remembering Peter JT Jago
My son ,my boy. I miss you every minute of every day. Your sense of humour, your smile but most of all the wonderful hugs you gave just because you loved me. I will always be your mother and am so proud of the man you were, Kind .caring and loving.
Remembering Annabelle Mary Brookes
We love You With All Our Hearts Annabelle. We will never stop loving you, and cherish the happy times we had together. Your 9 years were the best of our lives. Happy Heavenly 3rd Christmas. Your Devoted Mummy & Daddy xxx
Remembering Joseph Daniel
“I love the Boy with the utmost love of which my soul is capable, and he is taken from me - yet in the agony of my spirit in surrendering such a treasure I feel a thousand times richer than if I had never possessed it.” William Wordsworth on the death of his son which resonates with me.
Remembrance image
Remembering Andrew Neil Cheadle
My wonderful and very brave son, who passed from aggressive cancer,aged just 39 July 2019 I know we will be together again sweetheart, but I’m missing you badly here. All my love to you via Eternity and beyond, always. I’m so very proud of you, All my love mum xxxxx πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸŽ„
Remembering Elizabeth
My precious daughter Elizabeth, deeply loved, greatly missed, remembered every day.
Remembering Lily Humphry
My lovely Lily, Missed every day and always loved. Forever 9.
Remembering Grace Heald
You will always be with us. We love you always and forever. Our beautiful Grace. Forever 19. ❀
Remembering Harvey Dawson
Dedicated to you Harv. We remember the 20 years we were lucky enough to have you in our lives, the love, the fun, the laughter; now we hold you safely in our hearts, forever cherishing the wonderful memories and living life in your name. Keep us strong …
Remembrance candle
Remembering Nick
A wonderful son. Always and forever loved. You still live within our memories, and in our hearts as we live our daily lives
Remembering Nathan Charman
My beloved son aged 21. Our 6th Christmas without you. You had your whole life ahead of you. I love and miss you more as each day passes. I’ll always be the proudest mam in the world. Til we meet again. Love always. Mam xxxx.
Remembering Sophie Mazurek
My beautiful daughter, so loved, so missed, she died 15 years ago on Dec 21st, aged 19,
Remembrance candle
Remembering Daniel {DanDan}
Beautiful Son and Brother Danny, you are missed beyond words. Taken too soon, but never forgotten. I love you so much little man. Love always mum xxxx
Remembering Ben McGinn
Darling Ben my light that shines in the darkness. You are loved and missed beyond words. Love you millions son. Mum
Remembering Allan Crombie
Forever loved ,never forgotten. I miss you more each day . Forever in my heart xx
Remembering Lucy Curran
We can’t believe this will be our fourth Christmas without you. We miss you and love you so much Lucy. Lots of Love from Mum, Dad and Andrew xxxx
Remembering Richard Barker
Much loved son, brother, uncle, friend plus much more. We all miss you so much. All our love xx
Remembering Ashley Jane (AJ) Conner
It is now nearly 21 years since you left us Ashley and there is not one day that has passed that you have not been in my thoughts xx Foreven in my heart xx love mum
Remembering Our Rebecca, taken at just 21
Caring & loving daughter, sister and friend. Beautiful outside and in, you brought joy to our lives and all those around. You had so much more to offer. It's nearly 10 years now but we miss you miss you every day. Mum & Dad xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Joanne “Jo” Hobman
My beautiful daughter miss and love you very much. Always in my thoughts. X
Remembering Dylan Gwyn Mitchell
Dylan, there are no words to say how much we love and miss you. You were by my side for just short of nine years and there is not a day that goes by without me wishing you were still here. I love you much, much, much more, love from mummy xxx
Remembering Saqib
My beautiful boy, my best friend πŸ’™
Remembering James Mark Turnbull - JT - Jamesy Boy
Miss you so much my little Jamesy Boy. My love for you is forever. You are always with me. Fly high son. Forever 15. Xxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering My daughter Jessica Jean Azadi
My forever 4 year old sleeping beauty. I love and miss you beyond words my beautiful. Sleep tight xxx
Remembering Amy Mighty Quin
The light went out when you went 2 Christmases ago beautiful caring unique daughter sister auntie and mother we all miss and love you so very much forever in our hearts Mumma Dad Abs Hayles Will Alf Arn Hattie and your Son Hector xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Charlie Tugwell
Our darling son, forever 19. The longing to hug you never subsides. Miss you so much and dreading yet another Christmas without you. Love Mum & Dad xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Will Newman
I love my beautiful son and miss him every long day that I have to continue without him. It will be two years in February and it still seems like yesterday. The pain of loss does not diminish but I remember the laughter and love that we shared for forty years.
Remembering JODIE
Five years gone . We miss you every day and nurture your grandson Jacob you never got to meet and daughter Sunnie. Forever 44 Jo xxx Mum x
Remembering My beautiful son Hayden forever 22
7 months have passed and I don’t know how I’m here still without you walking by my side !!!! I’m so proud to be your mum , if only I had you longer . I will carry you everywhere until my last breath . I love you more xx
Remembering Thomas John Pickering
Thomas we love you to the moon and back. Your are our families guiding star and it’s very hard no longer having your light here with us. You are however our legend and as we all know, legends never die.
Remembering We
James Carl Scott Missing you always Forever in our hearts Darling Another year but still seems like yesterday We love you sending kisses to heaven James
Remembering Jackson Samuel Turner
Remembering our blue eyed boy this christmas... forever loved and never forgotten, Always in our hearts And on our lips. 6/6/08 - 27/12/2008
Remembering My son Paul Downs
14 years and my tears still flow and the pain is still there. You were my world and part of me left when you were tragically taken from me at the age of 34. You were my youngest and were so special. My love for you will never die. Miss you so very much Paul.
Remembering Andrew James Currie
My darling son, Our family is so incomplete without you I miss you so much, you are constantly in my thoughts . I still find it so hard to believe you are not going to walk through the door and so sad that you did not get to meet your beautiful daughter. The hardest year ever . Love you forever x
Remembrance image
Remembering Emily Weiss
You lit up our lives with your sparkle, Emily. Missed by mum and dad and your adoring brother Jonah xx
Remembering Gary Walker
My Precious son, My Legend. Always remembered with love and am aching heart of what should have been. Loving you always, remembering you, until we meet again. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
Remembering Rachael Bain
Our second Christmas without you, and your second anniversary on Boxing Day. We love and miss you every single day.. Forever in our hearts. Mum, Fraser, Chelsea, Grandma and Grandad.
Remembering christopher Burnett
Taken from mummy & those who love you on 13/12/1986 forever 6, We will be forever Heartbroken chrissy, mummy will keep your memory alive always my angel. xxx
Remembering Matthew henson
our darling son, forever 24, forever loved, forever in our hearts, forever missed πŸ’™ πŸ’”πŸ•―
Remembering Martin Risley
Remembering our dear son Martin who we lost so long ago but who is always in our thoughts especially at this time of the year.. Love is everlasting
Remembering Charlotte Conlon
Remembering our beautiful daughter Charlotte. Much missed but always part of our family. Love is eternal. Mum, dad, Georgina and Andy, Alex and Graham and nana. XXX
Remembering Ed Johnson
Our beautiful boy. No words to express how much we miss you. Love eternally xx
Remembering Ed Johnson
Our beautiful boy. No words to express how much we miss you. Love eternally xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering My Son, Jason
You are loved and missed every day, but live on forever in our hearts. Much love Mum and all the family xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Grace
Grace darling, we miss you every day, every hour, every moment, since you left us five years ago and remain in our hearts and with us always xxx
Remembering James Stuart Goodband
A beautiful boy with a beautiful soul. You are so very missed by so many people. I am so very proud to call you my son and shall always remember your energy, love and compassion. Always loved forever missed ❀️ Xx
Remembering Elliott Andrew Beddow
Missing you son doesn’t get any easier. How can it be 5 years now? Always loved, never forgotten, forever missed.
Remembering Antony
I miss you everyday , hard believe 5 years on the 14th Dec.. Always with me Xxx
Remembering Remembering my son Jack
Another Christmas without you Jack, it’s been 4 now and my heart aches just as much as the first. Love you so much and so proud of what you achieved. Forever 24 - Rest in Power xxxx Mum and all the family
Remembering Rachel Swindall
Loved and missed so very much. Always in our thoughts and hearts , especially at this time of of year . No words can say how much we miss you. Xxx
Remembering Jack Andrew Hart
I miss you every second of every day. I’m so sorry for letting you down
Remembrance candle
Remembering Helen Jamieson
Our first Christmas without you. Wishing you were still here, we are missing you so much. With love in our hearts until we meet again ❀️
Remembering Jake Pimblett
Our first Christmas without you my beautiful boy, you are loved & missed so much, forever21 xxx
Remembering Evey Rose Staley
Out tenth Christmas without our darling daughter. Time doesn't make our loss any easier and Christmas is especially hard as you loved it so. This year we have your new nephew to spend time with but our thoughts will always be with you. We miss and love you very much, mummy and daddy xxx
Remembering Leo Toze
I remember my wonderful son, gone far too soon at 17. The empty chair at our table, the coat still on its hook, your books unopened, your wonky smile no longer with us. Leo, how can I fathom a future with you not in it. I love you son, always have, always will. Mum xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Emily Parsons
My darling Emily, I miss you more than words can ever express, every moment, everyday and forever. I am beyond proud to be your mum always and forever. Love Mum πŸŒ»πŸ’“πŸŒ»
Remembering Jordan Cook
My handsome, loving son Jordan. My first Christmas without you. My heart is broken and my life will never be the same again. I miss you so much and pray that your safe and at peace. Forever and always, mum xxxx
Remembering Mark James Harrison
Our beautiful son, brother to Paul always in our hearts and thoughts. Life without you will never be the same.xxx
Remembering Joe Beal
Remembering my perfect little brother, we miss you every day especially at Christmas. George misses his uncle Joe and all the things you should be doing together! Forever 27, forever in my heart. Love your big sister, Zoe
Remembering Neve Stockdale
Love you past the moon and miss you beyond the stars Neve, you thought the world didn’t need you but it did, Mum xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Callum John gray
We miss you so very very much pet. The gap in our hearts/ lives is like the grand Gannon. You will forever in our hearts always loved so very very much. Gan Canny and Keep a Had Pet πŸ’™πŸ–€πŸ’›
Remembering Jordan Beale -my AIr
The hole you left will never disappear until we meet again, I always knew I was the luckiest mum, you are so far beyond awesome and missed every second of every day, love you babe x
Remembering Tristan
Always my man in the moon. Love and miss you each and everyday. #Forever32 ❀️ πŸŒ™
Remembering Our beautiful daughter Kailey
We miss you more and more everyday. The 5 months you have been gone have been the hardest and the saddest we have ever had to bear. We love you for eternity #forever23
Remembering My Amazing Son: Thomas Edwards
My darling Thomas...two years have passed since I've seen you or laughed with you. You are so loved and missed by us all. I hope you are helping Nana settle in; she will be so pleased to be with you! I have hung your stocking up next to Sian's ready for Christmas. I love you to the moon and back.
Remembering Scott murray
Pain will always be there , miss you so so much. Hope your out of the misery life caused you πŸ’™πŸ’™
Remembrance image
Remembering Stephanie Brushett
Remembering my beautiful daughter Stephanie we all miss and love her beyond measure love you forever Mum your sisters and your children xxxx
Remembering Owen Corrigan (Ojo)
Remembering our beautiful son and brother, Owen. You loved Christmas and we miss the fun and joy you brought into our lives. It is hard to believe it is 11 years since you left us. We miss you so much, but we bring you with us in our hearts, wherever we are. ❀️❀️❀️
Remembering Remembering my son Kieran
This will be our 5th Christmas apart. All I can keep doing is sending you my love. You are my amazing son and always will be. Miss you so much πŸŽ„πŸ’™πŸŒŸx
Remembering Our son Callum
I will never ever forget the day I was told you had decided to leave us all behind , you have broken my heart forever and there will never be a day I don’t long to see your face or hear your laugh . We loved you soo much and I always will . Christmas won’t be the same . Love Mum xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Suzanne Crossley
Another Christmas without my only sister. You are in my thoughts every day and I miss you immensely. Xx
Remembering Justin Sidwell
Thinking of you, our precious boy. It's not even 3 years since you left us, but feels like 30 and each year gets harder. We miss you so much. Christmas can never be the same again without you, but we will look to the sky on Christmas Eve and the brightest star will be you. Love Mum and Dad xxx
Remembering Megan Black
We miss you so much sweetheart, it might be 8 years but to me it's yesterday and I promise you, I'll make sure you're always remembered, that's my job now! We love you always Mum Dad and Kaytie πŸ’œ
Remembering Imran Wood
Remembering my beautiful Son Imran my Superhero who lost his courageous fight 5 months ago today. Aged 26. You are my whole world. I miss you so very much sweetheart. Love you with all my heart ❀️ Mum xxxxxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Michael
My big cuddly boy with a big heart Loved and missed for ever. Always in my heart. Glad you are happy now Love Mum x0x0x0x0
Remembrance image
Remembering Oliver Owen
Losing my caring funny talented Son 5 months ago was the worst day of life I am just heartbroken πŸ’” beyond belief. I love you so so much Oli until we meet again my darling boy xx
Remembrance image
Remembering My beloved Son NUNO MIGUEL
After 5 years , my heart still bleeds, I miss you so much
Remembering Caitlin Lydia Huddleston
We will love and miss you forever Caitlin. Your whole future was so tragically taken from you. Christmas will never be the same without you. We miss that gorgeous smile. Sending You Love Always and Forever our Precious Caitlin. Forever 18. πŸ’œ XXXXX
Remembering Sam Smart
Forever 23, missed so much everyday. Love- ma and pa.
Remembering Susan Purchell
Your wings were ready our hearts were not loved and remembered always until we meet again all my love darling Mum xxx
Remembering Pearce cleary
I miss you every second of every day my heart will always hurt i will never forget that cheeky smile that contagious laugh u r amazing and such a kind thoughtful soul life is so cruel forever remembered mum bill misty tyler brogan 20/06/1995-29/07/2020
Remembrance image
Remembering Stacey Harrington
Our beautiful daughter Stacey 🌟gone from our touch, but never our hearts or memories. We shared 10 beautiful and special years with you. It will be 30years on 4/6/2022 and not a day goes by that we don’t love and miss you, forever young forever loved Mum and Dad and all the family xx🌟
Remembrance image
Remembering Pearce Cleary
Fly high my beautiful son
Remembrance image
Remembering Nicholas Langley Rice
My boy, always in my heart. I thank God for the 15 years you were here.
Remembering William Lewis Young
This is our 7th Christmas without our darling William in our lives. Loved and missed beyond measure by everyone who knew him, especially us (his Mum and Dad), siblings Tim and Rachel, girlfriend Zoe, nephews Jon and James, nieces Anna and Mia and all his wonderful friends. Always in our hearts. Xxx
Remembering Courtney commander
Love and miss you cork , our pain of loosing you doesn’t get any easier my beautiful son , until we meet again when it’s my turn , goodnight and godbless sweetheart love you always love mom xxx
To my beautiful ,precious son Dyllan . Our arms ,body and heart ache for you ,and the missing you never leaves us for a second .We would give everything to have you back in our lives again . Love you 5 ever ( more than 4 ever)
Remembrance image
Remembering Harry Chapman
We shall always love you and not a day passes without thinking of you. you are around us always, we know that
Remembrance candle
Remembering Lyndsay Knight
You gave so much love to so many and was loved by more. You made me so proud with all you did. I cannot tell you, cannot see you, cannot touch you, but you will always be in my heart and loved forever...never will you be forgotten darling..love mum ❀
Remembering Alex Parker
You always lit up the room and now you shine bright above. Love and miss you always my boy. Love Mum, James and all your family.
Remembering Victoria Charlton
Forever loved and missed. Forever 19 πŸ’”
Remembering Tracy Day
Missing our Beautiful Angel every day
Remembering Joseph Carter 23/04/1977-28/04/1989
Remembering Joe , my Peter Pan ❀️
Remembrance candle
Remembering Matilda Mitchison
18 forever, our beautiful daughter Matilda, so loved, always missed.xxxxx
Remembering Andrew Hasler
Taken away by another on 8th January 2017 miss you more each day. Love mum xxx
Scott James Penlington, loved and missed always πŸ’™πŸ’”
Remembering Steven age 21 years, Sarah age 36 years xx
25 years since you left Steven, almost 8 years ago your sister Sarah joined you. Miss you both more than you will ever know xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Keith Bernatovitch
Our dear son and brother Keith it will be 20 years on January 1st and we miss you More each day, love you darling until we Meet again xxx
Remembering Remembering Dan
A beautiful and loving soul, you are missed by all who knew you. It’s still hard to believe that you are gone, your star shines bright for us as we remember you every day. Always in our hearts, until we meet again.
Remembering Holly my daughter
Life has never been the same since you left us.. Although your still alive in others, I hope you can see your beautiful boy.. 5yrs at Christmas... πŸ’–
Remembering Ryan
To my handsome son Ryan who I miss every day life is not the same without you. Shine bright my special son I am so proud of you. Love mum xx
I will always love you xxx see you soon Joe love mum xxxx
Remembering Suzanne Jane Crossley
Remembering our lovely daughter Suzanne who died in 2015. We will always love and remember you dear Suzanne every day of our lives. Much love Mum and Dad xx
Remembering Claire Hartley
Thinking about our lovely daughter; always young, always beautiful and always loved xxxx
Remembering Simon Evans
It's just a year son, since you left this world. I ache to give you a hug again. You remain in my heart forever. Shine brightly son and feel my love. Mum. X
My darling baby girl, we miss you so very much. You are on our minds & in our heart every second of every minute, you continue to inspire us my darling until we hold you again πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
Remembering Simon Evans
It's just a year son, since you left this world. I ache to give you a hug again. You remain in my heart forever. Shine brightly, son. Love, Mum.
Remembering Richard Travis
Always loved and forever remembered. A special son with a heart of gold. I miss you son. Life will never be the same without you. Till we meet again sweetheart xxx love mum xxx
Remembering Lauren Wilson
My beautiful kind intelligent daughter and perfect mother who was taken away from us by a monster , may good prevail over evil , shine bright my darling . We long for the day that we will meet again ❀️
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jessica Weston
Our amazing daughter we love more than words can say and you missed so much. We will love you always and will bring you along every step. Love Tom, Mummy, Poppy, William and Joanna. Xx
Remembering Hope Starsmore 15.10.2020
My beautiful baby girl. Taken too soon. We miss you soo much. You are loved by so many. You had your whole life planned out. You fought hard baby girl. X we will fight got justice.
Remembering Adam Robertson
Remembering my beautiful son Adam , forever in my heart. I miss you every day. Love mum xxx
Remembering James Scott Cunningham
This year has been the hardest year of our lives without you. We miss you so very much and talk aboit you all the time with Edward. Whenever we see a bumblebee we will always remember you. Love Mummy, Daddy, Edward and Guinness xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Rachel Hollands
Missing our beautiful daughter who passed 26/07/2014 she would be 34 on 23 December . There are no words to describe the pain we feel . Always on our minds , forever in our hearts πŸ’”
Remembrance image
Remembering Richie Keith Shaun Nelson
Remembering Our beloved son Richie “Who’s Real” “I’m Real” Our Richie Love always & forever Dawn & Jason Nelson xx
Remembering Our Jenny "Jenny Wren"
It is our fifth Christmas without Jen, we miss you deeply. You will always be the best little sister and it will always be "Just us" Love you always and forever from all your family but especially your Jayney and Paulie xx
Remembering Emma Langley
Emma at 29 you left us so unexpectedly from a drug overdose. You were so gifted and love, and will be in our hearts for ever. Love Mutti
Remembering Rhys Parker
My darling son who I miss so much I am forever heartbroken πŸ’”
Remembering Anna Whalley-Moutter
There remains an Anna-shaped hole in our hearts and family circle which will always remain. Loved and missed beyond measure.
Remembering Tony David Eke
My precious son Tony, "Nature Boy", so loved, so missed and remembered every moment of every day. Forever in my heart. Your loving Mum for all eternity and beyond. ❀ xxx
Remembering Our little darling Ryleigh Hillcoat-Bee
You are our absolute world. We love you and miss you soooo much darling xx Love mummy & Daddy
Remembering Alexander Harvey McCreesh
My son he is missed every day loved and thought of every single day we thinking of you our darling Alexander x
Remembering Mark Fisher
Still miss you, always will.
Remembering Our Daughter Cassie
Remembering our daughter who we lost suddenly in May aged 44 yrs. She was amazing and loving to all the family and friends who knew her. Generous to a fault. Fly high with the Angels until we meet again. Love always Mum & Stepdad xxxxx
Remembering Adam
My Beautiful son, my best friend and light of my life. No words can describe how much I miss you. I love you more than life. Mum xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Jack Roberts
Jack you are always in our thoughts and hearts. You are missed beyond measure and our world is a darker place without you. Xx
Remembering Mason Clark
Always missed, thinking of you always x
Remembering Josh Hallam
Loved and missed without ceasing xxxxx
Remembering Charlotte Laister
My daughter, my best friend, my world, my inspiration and my guardian angel. Missed every second of every day and loved forever πŸ’œ
Remembrance image
To Mark, in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you. All our love. Lisa, Hannah and Rachel xxx
Remembering Russell Chance
Loved and missed so much …forever in our hearts. Love you lots Mum & Dad & Looooby xx
Remembering Samuel James Sharpe
Always in our hearts our eldest son Samuel Will forever miss you Broken hearted love you forever. mum, dad, Robert & Andrew
Remembering Our son and loving big brother Robbie ‘Hoops’
Always in our hearts and Muma will always love you my darling boy x Innes misses and loves you too x
Remembrance image
Remembering Louis Zbijowski
Remembering our precious Louis, forever missed, always loved ❀️xxxxx
Remembering Jeni Dietschmann
Gone too soon Forever young Forever missed 12/2/91-1/2/11
Remembering Edward Eccles
Remembering Edward at Christmas time. Never forgotten xx 25.04.2002-10.2.2006
Remembering Jake elphick-cox
Not a day or minute goes by when your not in our thoughts jake ,the house is never the same πŸ˜ͺ you were my son ,My friend, My hero ...7/5/2001 - 19/3/2016
Remembering Daniel Jones
Our gorgeous son Daniel. Missed so much and forever in our hearts Love mum, dad and Becky xxxx
Remembering pur amazing Liv every day - these are for you babe. Love you millions, miss you more XXXX πŸ¦„
Remembering Kim Girvan
Keep her as the apple of your eye, Guard her neath the shadow of your wings, A child so meek rests with God in sleep. Never forgotten by your mummy and daddy. Till we meet again xxx
Remembering Gav Westworth
Gavin you are remembered, loved ,miss, spoken about every single day. I love you so much my sunbeam 🌞 Sending you love from us all . Love from your Mum, Billy Nathan and Georgia ❀ also woof from your boy nero 🌞
Remembering Nicholas Snell
I lost my brother to cancer in 1965. He was 17 years of age. His death has left a huge hole in my heart and I’m still grieving. I remember him as a loving and caring brother who brought joy to everyone during his short life.
Remembrance image
Remembering Dan 'Singe' Connor
Not a day goes by that I don't miss u...ur wicked sense of humour... ur ever changing facial hair and ur unique fashion sense...almost 6 years since u left us and it still feels like yesterday at times...GBNF Dan x
Remembrance image
Remembering Cameron Sturge
In life you shone like a star, may your light never be dimmed. Be the star you were meant to be. Missing you always, love you forever. ❀ Mum. Xxx
Remembering Remembering our lovely Nick.
Always remembered and in our hearts. So many happy memories. Love Mum, Dad and Emma xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Jack Saunders
Although 5 years have gone by since we lost you, never a day goes by when you are not in my thoughts. Jack, I miss you so much and my life is not the same without you. You were such a caring, wonderful grandson. Love you forever, Beau and Bobby xxxxx
Remembering Reuben Edward
Our beautiful boy, we miss you every second of every day. Your big cuddles will stay forever in our hearts. With every single drop of love in the world πŸ’› Mummy, Daddy, Daisy and Polly xxxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Stephen Wright
Our handsome, kind, funny son, beautiful inside and out. We love and miss you so much every second of every day as we face this first Christmas without you. A wonderful son, brother, husband and father. The world is a sadder place without you in it.
Remembering Liliana
We miss you every day in our life's My lovely daughter.
Remembering Michael Mckendrick
I miss you and love ❀ you life can never be the same without you .no words can ever express the loss of a child but my love goes out to everyone ❀ on compassionate friends I am so grateful πŸ™ to be part of this group . Michael I loved you in life and that will always continue now you are not here πŸ’”
Remembering Our Son Luke Buttery
Our Darling Son Luke missed beyond words can say thought about every minute of everyday we love you so much 31/10/1992 to 22/06/2020
Remembrance image
Remembering Laura Jane Griffiths
My beautiful daughter and her babies. So cruel and tragic. 2 amazing little people left in this world without their lovely mummy. How wrong is this life. Forever loved. We are broken πŸ’œ
Remembering Jordan Giddins Aka Giddo
Missed with every beat of our broken hearts πŸ’” Love you forever Jord xxx.
Remembering Stephen Roy
Our precious boy. So loved and missed every Minton every day. Always in our hearts πŸ’™All our love Mum, Dad , Nicola and you’re new niece Avie πŸ’•β€οΈ
Remembering Matt Kemp
Miss you more then you will ever know. 5yrs without you Matt. Miss you forever xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Robert and Julia
Look after eachother my son and daughter. Love always from your mum πŸ’•
Remembrance image
Remembering Barend Porter
The day i lost you my days froze miss you and will aways miss you
Remembrance image
Remembering Jasmine Reeves
Our beautiful daughter, sister and friend to so many.. Love you our beautiful angel.. πŸ’”
Remembering Daniel James Redman
Our beautiful boy, our sixth Christmas without you. We miss you every second of every day and carry you with us wherever we go in a world that is empty without. It will always be a wrong that can never be put right. πŸ’™πŸ¦‹
Remembering Aimee
Remembering Our beautiful girl Aimee Jade Costello Miss you so much. Life’s just not the same without you here. Love you Mum Dad and all of the family. 28.2.92-4.4.12 xxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Our beautiful girl Aimee Jade Costello
Miss you so much. Life’s just not the same without you here. Love you Mum Dad and all of the family. 28.2.92-4.4.12 xxx
Remembrance image
Remembering Liam sweetingham
My beautiful little boy mummy misses you so much merry Christmas πŸŽ… little angel πŸ˜‡ love you so much wish I could give you a Christmas hug x πŸ’™
Remembering Our beautiful boy, Daniel Leafe
Forever 18 loved and remembered. We miss you every single day. Xxxxxx
Remembering Ben McDonald
Missing our gorgeous darling Ben more each day. Missing your smile your hugs your stories your laugh your beautiful adventurous spirit. You brought a light to our world and living without you is just hard. Twenty five years wasn’t long enough. We love you Ben πŸ’›
Remembering jaylee tracy conaway
I love you to the moon and beyond the stars ur momma
Remembering Our firstborn Sam, 26 yrs, born in 1993.
Sam - you are loved and missed more than words can ever express. We think of you every minute. Awesome - Funny - Clever - Kind - Raver. You should still be with us. Love always and forever x Mum and Dad and the family x x
Remembering Rachel Lynn Garey
My youngest daughter! Love and miss her!
Remembering Our amazing son Ryan
You are missed so much every day Ry and loved beyond words. Rest easy our beautiful boy, your light will always shine xxxx
Remembering Our precious liam. πŸ’™
We love and miss your beautiful face every single day liam. So many precious memories of you. X
Remembering Our lovely son Rob
How we miss you Rob, ever the optimist your laughter and joy of life made you a pleasure from the moment you were born. It will be 4 years on 17th, it seems like yesterday and forever at the same time - I hope you’re okay πŸ’™πŸ’”πŸ’™. Biggest hugs to my lovely boy πŸ«‚ .
Remembering Toby Hudson
We miss our beautiful boy every day.Our lives are not the same without Toby.If only he was here with us.Love always mum and dad xxx
Remembering My first born son, Jack
We all miss you in our own way, but as your mum my heart breaks for you every day πŸ’”
Remembering My son Sam Jenner
10 Christmases without you Sam, but you are loved and missed every day, always with me, Mum xxxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Alasdair Conlon
Alasdair, my youngest son. Our 4th Christmas without you, It does not get any easier. Love and miss you always. Mum xxx
Remembering Trinka MicolBaggetta
May you shine forever in our hearts. On this 10th year without you we are sadder than ever. You are always with us, in everything we are, in all we do. xoxo Mom and Cliff
Remembering Laura Mary Durham
Remembering my daughter Laura as we approach the 30th anniversary since we had to day goodbye. Love you always my little angel. Love Dad xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Jade Stoner
My beautiful granddaughter, forever 7. Its 15 years since we lost you and its never got and easier, we love and miss you everyday. Until we meet again sweetheart.
Remembering James Rotherforth
Remembering my darling son Jamie, we miss you so much. You took a huge part of my heart with you. Wd love you so much love mum, Chris & Kirsty
Remembering Darnell Lorenzo Griffith
Always Loved ,Never Forgotten x My heart aches everyday missing you so much . So quiet at home , missing your loud presence , first Christmas without you but always in our hearts , love you x
Remembering Charlie Goodwin
Missing you so much and desperate to hold you again our beloved Charlie, forever 8 🧑
Remembering Ben Brown
My big, strong beautiful son, I miss you every single day. You are forever in my heart and you are missed by so many friends and family. I love you millions. From Mum and Mark xxx Ben Forever 22
Remembering Kirsty Andow
Missing you always lots of love Mum, Dad and Emma xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Vincent Seager
23yrs ago you left us so suddenly , your missed every day . Oh how l miss you . Love always Mum, brothers James and Kenny
Remembering Our beautiful daughter Scarlett Louise
Forever missed Forever in our hearts Forever 20 ❀️
Remembering Our beautiful daughter Jess
Our beautiful little girl, taken far too soon, it still breaks my heart 12 years later. I miss you more than words, I cant wait yo hold you again. Until then sing, dance and fly high Popsy, with all our love forever. Mummy. Daddy, Lewis & Rosie xxJxx
Remembering Dylan
Remembered always with immense love, my precious son, now, as ever, and forever. besos, tu Mami
Remembering Corinna Thomas
A year without you sister. Love and miss you ❀️
Remembering Dean Nicholas
17 years without you but not a day goes by I don’t think of you. Love and miss you ❀️
Remembering My Precious Son Gary Shaw
My handsome Son Gary, you are loved and missed beyond words can express from all the family. Forever young (33). Remembered with love and smiles and always in my heart. Xxxx
Remembering Victoria and Henry James
Our beautiful darling daughter Victoria 30 and Henry James born sleeping. Our hearts are broken. Love you always Mum and dad -Nanny and Gramps xx
Remembering Frankie
If love could have saved you, you’d have lived forever.
Remembering Jamie Macdonald
Always Loved Always missed our darling son. Never a day goes by without a thinking of you & wishing you were here. From your heartbroken Mum & Dad xxx
Remembering Remembering Joanne Elizabeth McCann
A beautiful daughter, sister, Mummy to Annabel Rose and friend to so many. Joanne and her laughter and fun is missed by us all and loved forever. She was truly beautiful inside and out it, packed a lot into her life and will be forever 35. All our love Mum Dad Chris & Andrew xxxxx
Remembering Harry
Missed beyond words. Love you forever
Remembering Thomas Reed Baty
To Our Darling Son, Thomas. We cannot believe that this will be our 4 th Christmas without you at the heart of our family. “ Forever 26 “ Lots of Love, Mum, Dad, Jessica, Ollie and all your family and friends. Xx
Remembrance image
Remembering Helen james
If roses grow in heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for me, Place them in my Mother’s arms and tell her they’re from me. Tell her I love her and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for awhile. Love and miss u mum xxx
Remembering Joshua
You are loved and missed beyond measure Josh ❀
Remembering Aaron wells
Our only child Loving u is easy I do it every day Missing u is a headache that never go away Your wings will ready But ours hearts was not Our beautiful son we miss and love you always Mum and dad xx Forever 21
Remembering My son zak
To my darling boy Hope your smiling up there not a day goes by I don’t think about you and miss you love you always and forever mum and dad xxx
Remembering Our”Ad” Adam Millett
Our beautiful boy. πŸ’› Forever 26 πŸ’› loved and missed beyond words πŸ’›β€οΈ
Remembering Skye Olivia Mitchell
We love and miss you so much Skye ❀
Remembering Our darling boy Liam
Loved beyond words and missed beyond measure darling Liam.
Remembering Cody Atzori
Every second of every day you are cherished and missed. Every memory makes me smile you fill my heart with love and joy. You will always be my lamb. I love you endlessly.
Remembering Liubovi Halipli
Mom,my ❀ heart is always with you.Miss you😒❀
Remembering Charlotte
Our beautiful Daughter, Sister and Friend to so many. She was loved so deeply and she is missed so dearly. She gave us so many lovely memories that will live on with us forever. We love you Charlotte. Mum, Dad and Dan xxxx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Charlotte
Our beautiful Daughter, Sister and Friend to so many. She was loved so deeply and she is missed so dearly. She gave us so many lovely memories that will live on with us forever. We love you Charlotte. Mum, Dad and Dan xxxx
Remembering Adelina Moldovanu
My sweetheart, my princess you will be always our sunshine. Mom and dad miss ❀ 😒 you so much.
Remembering My son Jeffrey
I miss you everyday and especially at Christmas time
Remembering the amazing Grace
Forever missed. Forever loved. Forever 21.
Remembering Emma Scott
Missed so much. Always in our hearts. Love Uncle Brian, Aunty Maggie, Uncle Mark and Matthew Xx Emmy Lou, my bestest. Love always Sarah X
Remembering Emma Bear
Our most beautiful and clever bear. Missed so much by all who knew you. Forever in our hearts. Love and bear hugs, always and forever our Angel child. Mum, Dad and Teddy Tedster We love and miss you so much Aunty Emma. Love Isabella, Beatrix, Oliver, Arthur and William X
Remembering David Magunnigle
Our beautiful son . In our hearts and surrounded with Love always x Mum and Dad and your brothers and sisters xx
Remembering David Magunnigle
Our beautiful son . In our hearts and surrounded with Love always x Mum and Dad and your brothers and sisters xx
Remembrance candle
Remembering Kerry
Cherished memories. You will stay in my heart forever. Mum xxx

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