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How can I support the work of The Compassionate Friends? Become a Friend of TCF

Our charity receives no government funding and relies on the generosity of our members. Any contribution to the work of The Compassionate Friends is greatly appreciated and allows our charity to fund our services and support for bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents.

Since its founding in 1969, The Compassionate Friends has supported more than 60,000 parents and families bereaved after the death of a son or daughter. Such support is vitally important, as the death of a son or daughter is both heart-rending and traumatic. Many bereaved parents experience acute symptoms of PTSD in addition to their anguish. Peer support is vitally important in enabling bereaved parents to gain comfort and hope.

If you would like to support the work of The Compassionate Friends, you can become a Friend of TCF for a minimum donation of £30 per annum. Or perhaps you would like to support us with a monthly donation of £5 or more?

Carole Stone CBE, one of the key Friends of TCF, writes: I strongly support The Compassionate Friends. This is a charity that helps anyone who has had a child in the family die, and puts them together for comfort with others who have experienced such a particularly devastating loss themselves. The help The Compassionate Friends offers can be invaluable.

Your donation would support:

Our telephone helpline

Every month our Helpline – open nine hours a day, 365 days a year - receives more than 100 calls for help and enquiries from bereaved parents and siblings. Each caller is put in touch with their nearest volunteer who will offer them local support – support that will continue, free of charge, for as long as they need it.


All of TCF’s support for bereaved parents is provided by our team of over 180 trained volunteers, all of whom are bereaved parents. Every year we hold six training days for new volunteers, in addition to training days to improve the skills of existing volunteers.

Online support

TCF’s website is visited by over 120,000 visitors a year. Many bereaved parents make their first contact with TCF online. There is now a large and thriving community of bereaved parents who share their feelings and thoughts and make many new online friendships.

Our online forum for bereaved parents has 1,828 members and has special sections for parents who lost a child with disability; parents who have lost their only child/children; parents bereaved through suicide.

TCF runs moderated closed Facebook groups for bereaved parents and also for Parents bereaved through suicide; Parents bereaved through addiction; Siblings; Parents with no surviving children.

Residential retreats for bereaved parents

In 2016 over 350 bereaved parents will attend residential retreats offering support. These include specialist retreats for the newly bereaved and for parents bereaved through suicide, addiction or substance use.


TCF publishes 30 different leaflets covering all aspects of parental and sibling grief.

Postal library

TCF maintains a large postal library of books on mourning and grief, focusing especially on the grief of bereaved parents and siblings. Hundreds of parcels of books are sent out on loan each year to newly bereaved parents,

As a supporting Friend of TCF you will receive our Annual Report and our quarterly TCF News. We hope from late 2016 to create an annual event for Friends of TCF.

Become a friend of TCF

To become a friend, either fill out the form below or download and complete this form (including the direct debit instructions if applicable) and send it to us at The Compassionate Friends, 4th Floor, Kilburn Grange, Priory Park Road, London NW6 7UJ.

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Each year thousands of parents suffer the loss of a son or a daughter. Please help us to support families in their time of greatest need.

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