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Candle Lighting Service - Bolton

Candle Lighting Service - Bolton

Bolton Parish Church, Churchgate, Bolton BL1 1HX.
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10 December 2017, 14.30

Bolton Parish Church, Bolton

Bolton Compassionate Friends group will be holding their annual candle service at 2.30pm on Sunday 10th December 2017 at Bolton Parish Church, Churchgate, Bolton BL1 1HX.

The event is a non-religious service of poetry and songs for bereaved parents, siblings, grandparents and extended family. All are invited to bring along a photo of their child(ren) to be displayed at the front of the church during the service and to join us for refreshments following the service.

The service is approx 45 minutes long and it is hoped it brings peace and comfort to families at what is a very emotive time of year.

For further details contact Jackie at jackie.gavin1@icloud.com

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