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Scottish Gathering for Bereaved Parents, Siblings and Grandparents

From Darkness into Light

Scottish Gathering for Bereaved Parents, Siblings and Grandparents

Royal George Hotel, Tay Street, Perth PH1 5LD.
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12 May 2017 – 14 May 2017

Royal George Hotel, Perth


A warm invitation to our Annual Scottish Gathering - this year in May in Perth.

This is an opportunity to be with others who know that agony and anguish of losing a much loved child, grandchild or sibling. For some of you your loss may have happened recently, for others some time ago, but here with us you can share freely your own precious and special memories and speak about your loved ones with others who do truly care and understand.

Comments from previous Scottish Gatherings:

"I had the tremendous privilege of being able to listen to and share other parents' experiences. I was no longer alone in my grief...I didn't have to try and explain it or justify my feelings or apologise because everyone there just understood. I felt wrapped in a blanket of warmth and love".

"It was not a sad and sombre affair but was full of lots of laughter and enjoyment and I have come away with a treasure of memories and renewed strength. I gained so much from the weekend".

"Being in the presence of other bereaved parents, who truly understand, enabled me to let go of that mask - the mask that can at times be so tiring to wear - and to be myself - even if only for a weekend".

"This gathering is where we find the power to remember, share hope and courage and grief. It is a place of remembering and love. By helping others we help ourselves".


The cost for the full weekend, full board, from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon is £210 per person.

There are also other options to attend for just one day and one night - either Friday or Saturday, or as a day visitor. You can also extend your stay to cover Thursday night and/or Sunday night bed. (Full details of costs on the booking form below).


Download and print more information about the Gathering and the Royal George Hotel here.


Download and print the booking form here.

(We cannot offer online booking for this event)

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