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Musical fundraising events in memory of Oscar Jefferies

West Sussex RH10 4NJ.
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2 January 2016

West Sussex

Dan, Melissa and Freya Jeffries write..."On 2nd January 2016 we organised a musical night in memory of our son and brother Oscar Jefferies who tragically passed away in an accident at home in July 2014 aged 16 years. Oscar loved music and we decided to hold an event in his honour and invited friends and family to perform. The evening was filled with an array of different performances including a band that had been newly formed with Oscar's guitar teacher on guitar. Another band comprising Oscar's school friends and other individual performances from cousins, friends, ex teachers and Freya, Oscar's sister, who sings and whose idea it was to organise the event and who invited everyone to take part. The performances were all fantastic and the event was attended by over a 100 people. We held a raffle and asked for donation on the door. Raffle donations were extremely generous and, together with donation on the door, we raised over £920 for The Compassionate Friends. Everyone said how much they enjoyed the event and Oscar was ever present.

Prior to this event Oscar's school held a 'Battle of the Bands' night and decide to raise money for a charity of our choice. We decided to donate the money to TCF as they had been so helpful to us. Oscar's school (Worth School) raised an amazing amount of £2322.

We hope these two donations go a small way to allow the tremendous work of TCF and their volunteers to continue to offer such valued support to those who need it".

Our grateful thanks to Melissa, Dan and Freya and Worth School for these wonderful donations towards our work, in memory of their son and brother, Oscar Jefferies.

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