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Sixth International Gathering, 2016

Sixth International Gathering, 2016

Hotel Intercontinental, Wilhelm-Leuschner Strasse 43, Frankfurt 60329.
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28 July 2016 – 31 July 2016

Hotel Intercontinental, Frankfurt

After the death of a child, parents grieve in their own different ways, siblings lose their sister or brother and often, at least temporarily, their parents as stable caregivers.

How do parents experience this situation at work? How do siblings live with this situation at school or college? How to doctors, psychologist, psychotherapists and grief counsellors accompany family members who are often traumatized?

Just as mourning for a child changes an individual, the funeral culture is also changing. New networks for sharing and support, including The Compassionate Friends, have been created too. And, aspects of mourning have become subjects for academic research.

At this International Gathering of The Compassionate Friends you will find a full and varied programme in which to participate, including: -

  • Lectures and workshops
  • International speakers
  • Discussion groups
  • Social activities

Download the programme for the International Gathering.

The venue for the International Gathering is the Hotel Intercontinental in Frankfurt and more details can be found on the Mourning in Motion website.

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