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Childless parents

The Childless Parents’ Group – parents with no surviving children

This group can be invaluable for those of us who find ourselves in the painful situation of outliving our only child or children. We have a range of ages and backgrounds but share a common bond which brings us together. Many lasting friendships have been formed within this group, which many say becomes their new family. We also support fathers, who often find it harder to express their pain, and our retreat weekends include a special discussion group solely for fathers.

The Childless Parents’ Group provides an opportunity to meet and/or correspond with others who share our particular sadness. This can include loneliness, facing the future without our child, what to do with our child’s belongings, the pain of writing a new will, and much, much more.

The group has its own newsletter, which provides information about events such as bring and share lunches for members and our annual retreat weekend, as well as offering a valuable space for members to write about their child.

TCF’s Online Community Forum has a special ‘Childless Parents’ section. Please email webadmin@tcf.org.uk if you would like to be part of this.

The Childless Parents’ Group also have a very active private Facebook page called simply CP Group. If you would like to join, please email Gill at hartley9ar@btinternet.com.

(For those parents who lost a precious only child and then found they are expecting another baby, or who have had a child after their loss, Rainbow Babies is a Facebook page for you. This is not an 'official' TCF group, but our charity very much supports this initiative and encourages parents in this situation to join and perhaps find support and understanding around some of the issues and feelings this situation brings).

You may also find the TCF leaflet Childless Parents helpful.

There are a number of regional Childless Parents Groups around the country:

Bolton/Manchester/North West

Jackie Gavin

Channel Islands

Carol Maindonald

Lincolnshire and North of the Humber

Lynn-Marie Fountain


Aileen Cross
Email: winniethepooh18@sky.com

North East England

Wendy Parker

North Staffordshire

Sue Dover


Peterborough and Cambridgeshire

Lynn Brown

Shropshire and Herefordshire

Jo Baker

South Buckinghamshire

Gill Hartley

South Wales

Fiona Davies

South West England

Annie Campion

West Midlands

Louise Palmer

West Sussex

Najwa Mounla

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