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Local Support Contacts

Local support Contacts listen and share with the bereaved. Parents can feel a great relief as they talk about their son or daughter – the way he or she died, his or her place in the life of the family - feelings they may find difficult to express elsewhere.

Our local Contacts provide a safe environment for bereaved parents and their families to express themselves in the company of others who understand their grief. They are there if you would just like to talk, in person, by phone or by email. They can also put you in touch with other parents in your area.

Support Group Meetings

Some local Contacts hold group support meetings where bereaved parents can talk and share together in a private and safe place with others who truly understand what it means to be a bereaved parent. If you feel a group could be helpful for you, do call our Helpline on 0345 123 2304 for more details of your closest group or email us.

International Liaison

TCF have support Contacts in over 30 countries. If you are seeking help outside the UK please email our International Liaison Officer, Margaret Pringle at TCF.UK.International@gmail.com and she will try to put you in touch with someone. Find out about international support here, too (go to the foot of the page).

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Each year thousands of parents suffer the loss of a son or a daughter. Please help us to support families in their time of greatest need.

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