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Lorraine’s story

Joshua's pictureMy 100% pain relief, lifeline and everyday personal counsellor, without which I don't think I would have gone on. Thank you TCF for being here, thank you lovely, warm, kind, complete strangers for the support and love given to me, all in the midst of your own grief. Now I call Friends.

I wrote that when I first became aware of TCF on Facebook, the end of the first year, such was my desperate need to ‘feel’ connected to earthly bonds with other parents liaised with on-line via TCF forum when I couldn’t set foot outside the front door, bathe or dress, eat or talk let alone attend a Support Group. I understand myself better in the writing’s the sharing and caring ONLY with other bereaved parents

“Grief happens to everyone. But you feel it alone.”

Bereaved Parents understand this better than most. Not family nor friends, nearest or dearest. We have a mutual understanding of the pain, our kind of loss. I understand now I’m not losing my mind, being needy or pitiful. I am less, and sometimes lost trying to find meaning in life without my darling boy Joshua. I will grieve him my lifetime. But with other’s who can finish my sentence, express what I cannot, who can feel their own pain but also witness mine. Whether they’re a silent presence on social media or words of knowing, TCF has been and continues to be without doubt a lifeline.

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