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Local support group contact / facilitator

A support group facilitator runs (often with one or more other facilitators) a monthly support group meeting for bereaved parents, siblings and/or grandparents. Support group facilitators create a caring, safe and supportive atmosphere that encourages group members to share their grief and experiences. A support group facilitator will do more listening than talking and will be resilient and comfortable listening to the experiences and feelings of others.

We offer all support group facilitators an Information and Training Day which equips you with the information and skills to run group meetings, as well as guidance in applying one’s own experience to support others. The facilitator also has the support of our regional coordinators and TCF office staff. The group facilitator role is a very rewarding one, and epitomises the best of peer support. In supporting others, we also support ourselves.

We are looking for bereaved parents who are at least 3 years on from their own bereavement and who are feeling more ‘resilient’ around their loss.

As a local group facilitator, you will be using your own experience and ways of coping to support other bereaved parents. Some of the qualities that make a good support group facilitator are:

  • good listening and communication skills;
  • high level of empathy;
  • non-judgemental approach;
  • confident and able to hold your own in group situations;
  • respectful of others’ beliefs and opinions;
  • consistent and dependable;
  • resilient around your own loss;
  • able to maintain confidentiality at all times.

Please note: We ask our volunteers to apply for an enhanced Disclosure Barring Certificate (DBS – police check) for working with vulnerable adults. If something of significance/concern comes up on the DBS certificate and/or during the application process for a new TCF volunteer, we will raise this with the volunteer directly. Having discussed the circumstances, we may need to make a decision about whether or not it is appropriate to proceed with the application. As we are working with vulnerable adults, we appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.

Our next Information and Training Day for Facilitating a TCF Support Group has now moved ONLINE on two consecutive Saturday mornings:

  • 5 and 12 June 2021 - 9.15 am - 1 pm (We ask that you attend both sessions)

For more information, a volunteer application form and/or to reserve a place on the above days please contact Ruth, our Volunteer Manager at ruth@tcf.org.uk

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