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Bereaved by cancer or long term illness

We all wish that our children will live long, healthy and happy lives; as parents we want the best for them and to do all that we can to make this happen. It is an immense shock to discover that our child has a life-threatening illness, whether it is cancer or any other condition. We find ourselves thrust into a new and frightening world, where we are not in control; we are forced to see them suffer pain and distress; and, ultimately, we are powerless in our struggle to keep them alive. When they die, we are worn down by the battle with their illness and have few resources left to sustain us in our journey through grief and los

Family and friends may be helpful and supportive and many find that The Compassionate Friends (TCF) can also be a great source of support, too, via the telephone Helpline. Talking with other bereaved parents on the online forum or Facebook pages can be very strengthening as we realise that we are not alone in what we are facing. TCF also have a private Facebook group for parents bereaved by cancer or long-term illness. To join the group email Jan and Louise at info@tcf.org.uk

We also offer a regular online support group for parents bereaved by cancer or long term illness. Find out more here. Our regular in-person retreats and gatherings also warmly welcome parents bereaved in this way (now postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic)

The TCF leaflet When Our Child has Died of a Long Term Illness has more on this topic.

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