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Grieving parents

In a loving relationship, we try to support each other through good times and bad. However, when our child dies, we may experience and express grief very differently. Some couples may become closer through the tragedy but for some the death of our child may exacerbate any existing difficulties.

Mothers and fathers may grieve differently from each other and it’s difficult when our reactions are not in step and we find ourselves feeling unsupported at our time of greatest need.

Grieving Couples

TCF’s leaflet Grieving Couples explores topics such as sex, religious and spiritual issues, guilt and blame, and relationships with surviving children.

A Father's Grief

Our leaflet A Father’s Grief looks more specifically at how fathers may be affected by the loss of a child – exploring traditional expectations and the growing acceptability of showing emotions, the effect of our child’s death on our relationships with his/her mother, physical wellbeing, coping with special occasions, and returning to work.

If you would like to speak with another bereaved father please contact our Helpline on 0345 123 2304 for contact details of TCF volunteers who are bereaved dads and would be pleased to offer you a time to talk.

Our private Facebook group for bereaved dads is also available as a safe place to make contact, find support and share with other fathers. To join the page contact Paul and John at info@tcf.org.uk.

A Mother's Grief

Similarly, our leaflet A Mother’s Grief looks at the particular grief that a mother may feel at the loss of her child – covering physical senses of loss, failure at not being able to protect our child, our continued identity as a mother, relationships with surviving children and those born after the death of their sibling.

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Each year thousands of parents suffer the loss of a son or a daughter. Please help us to support families in their time of greatest need.

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