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Grieving for a young child (2-10 years)

As parents we experience both joy and challenges as we watch our children leave infancy behind. They steadily grow and change. In time they go to playgroups or school and make their first childhood friendships. There is so much more to look forward to.

Tragically, for some of us, our dreams for the life that our child has ahead of them are then shattered. Their dying brings unspeakable sadness, devastation, shock and loneliness. It might not seem possible that it is even real – that our irreplaceable child is no longer with us. It is not easy to adjust to life without our beloved child, and it will take us time to find our way.

TCF publish a supportive leaflet for parents - Grieving for Our Young Child, for parents who are bereaved of a child of pre-school or primary school age, from 2–10 years of age. The publication covers topics such as:

  • our life without our child
  • our feelings
  • our child's belongings and personal space
  • if we have other children
  • Our child’s friends and playmates
  • our child's school
  • our social circle
  • taking care of ourselves
  • adjusting to life without our child's presence
  • the way forward

We might find connecting and sharing with others at our local support groups, online groups and in-person retreats and gatherings helpful. Our private groups on Facebook are another way to connect with other bereaved parents.

TCF publish other leaflets which might be helpful, including Grief of the Newly Bereaved, Living With Grief, Our Surviving Children, Our Child's Friends. We also publish a leaflet for schools and colleges - When a Pupil or Student Dies

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