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Bereaved by murder or manslaughter (culpable homicide)

The shock of learning that someone has killed your child must be one of the most extreme and painful traumas that a parent can face.

For the parents who are told their child has been murdered, there is so much to confront because murder is always sudden, violent and deliberate.

TCF’s leaflet When our Child has been Murdered covers many aspects of this dreadful situation including hearing the news, dealing with the immediate practicalities, police investigations and court cases, murder abroad, your surviving children, caring for your child’s body, post-mortem and inquest, dealing with the media, and many more.

It also provides information about where you can find support - such as through your Family Liaison Officer, Support After Murder and Manslaughter (SAMM), Escaping Victimhood, Victim Support and the Crown Court Witness Service.

If your son or daughter has been murdered while outside of the UK, you may find the organisation Murdered Abroad helpful.

There are also a number of detailed leaflets in the Home Office pack, which should be provided by your Family Liaison Officer.

The TCF leaflet Coping With Legal Proceedings Following The Death of Our Child might be of some help and support too.

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