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Guest blogs

Rolling Along Like A Bent Penny

Jun 4: " I’ve learned to carry the pain, to live with it and recognise that it is what I look like now. Bruised, dented and prone to falling over every now and then. But … I get back up again because I have survived the worst that this world can throw at me, and I wobble off into the future".

You will always be the light that colours my jar

May 28: So James. Here's a story. Picture the scene. A hotel, nestled in the Derbyshire Dales, crammed to the rafters....literally.....with mums and dads of angels.... I hear the words..."Maria, don't forget to collect your jam jar before you leave"

Swimming through grief

Mar 5: "Our lives were thrown into a living hell. The shock of it, the cruelty of it, the grim unreality of it. Yet even in those first, nightmarish days when I was living in a fog of despair, I felt a primitive need to get in the water, to swim, to lose myself in the river and the sea".

Have you Ever Wondered? All about the Mourning Light

Sep 30: “Once you have begun to emerge from the darkness of loss, once you have begun to unfurl, blinking in the light, like someone waking from a long sleep, you rarely go back to the black pit of despair where you started".

A long reply to a simple question

Aug 19: This is a long reply to a simple question and the short answer to “does it get better” would be; yes, because it changes and it becomes different. Instead of drowning in sorrow you grow a new skin that keeps you afloat and contains the ocean of pain".

The Power of "and"

Apr 24: “After we left our session that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about that one little word. Ever since Dorothy’s death, I had found myself trying to separate my re-emerging feelings of happiness from the steady depression I was in.

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