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Hear For You - Evaluation

We hope you found the Hear For You - Listening Support for TCF Volunteers session with a counsellor helpful and supportive.

We would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to offer us your feedback by completing this confidential evaluation. When responding, please can we ask you to keep the name of your counsellor anonymous by referring to them as 'the counsellor' or 'my counsellor' Thank you.

Please note that the feedback you provide will be directly received by the counsellors. Please note that we welcome all feedback - both what was helpful for you and what you found less helpful. Your evaluations and comments will help us to improve and develop our support for TCF volunteers.

If you would like to communicate directly with TCF about the Hear For You Service please contact Ruth Mercier or Carolyn Brice. Thank you. 

Thank you so much for your help.

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How helpful was the session? (1-not at all helpful; 6 = extremely helpful)

In this pilot phase of the project we would like to encourage other TCF volunteers to try the Hear For You listening support service. Can we share anonymously the comments you have made above with other TCF volunteers??

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