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In memory of Reuben Morgan

Reuben was a very happy go lucky young person , very popular had a huge amount of friends . He was very fit and sporty , very strong , loving , kind , crazy , funny , a friend to everyone , a typical teenager and loved the outdoors.
He loved his family and his brother and sisters and would give rather give than receive.
On 17th June 2006 ,15 years of age , whilst at a reservoir with friends in Ponsticill , Powys , Wales he swam in the reservoir with 3 friends , Reuben drowned . It was a very hot sunny day , I never even thought he would swim there , he died from cold water shock and this was a huge shock , to me , his family and his friends . We will never get over losing Reuben and we miss him dearly ❤️❤️❤️

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