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All printed leaflets are 50p each (free to bereaved families).

They can all also be downloaded as PDFs.

Delivery costs are £4 for orders up to £10 or £6.50 for orders above that amount. We are only able to dispatch leaflets to UK addresses.

Leaflets can only be ordered separately from TCF merchandise, books, and cards. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

L0001My Child Has Died. How Do I Cope?£0.50
L001Coping with Christmas£0.00
L01Introducing TCF£0.00
L02A father's grief£0.50
L03A mother's grief£0.50
L04After suicide£0.50
L05For parents bereaved of an only child or all their children (childless parents)£0.50
L06Coping with judgmental attitudes£0.50
L07Coping with special occasions£0.50
L08Grief of the newly bereaved£0.50
L09Grieving couples£0.50
L10Grieving for our baby£0.50
L11Helping your grandchildren when your child has died£0.50
L12Living with grief£0.50
L13Grieving for our child who had disabilities or complex needs£0.50
L14Our child's friends (for younger children and teenagers)£0.50
L15Our surviving children£0.50
L16Preparing your child's funeral (available online only at www.tcf.org.uk/preparingourchildsfuneral)£0.50
L17The bereaved lone parent£0.50
L19The sudden death of our child£0.50
L20When our child has died of a long term illness£0.50
L21When our adult child has died£0.50
L22When our child has been murdered£0.50
L23When your grandchild has died£0.50
L24Death of our Stepchild or our Partner's Child£0.50
L25Back to work£0.50
L26Death abroad£0.50
L26When Your Child Has Died Abroad£0.50
L27A sibling's grief£0.50
L28Our Child's Digital Legacy£0.50
L29Prolonged and Intense Grief£0.50
L30Grieving child loss in blended and step families£0.50
L31Bereaved through drug or alcohol use£0.50
L32Our adult child's partner and friends£0.50
L33Coping with Legal Proceedings Following the Death of Our Child£0.50
L34When Our Child has Died Following a Road Incident£0.50
L35The Bereaved Parent and Their Faith£0.00
L36Grieving for Our Young Child (2-10 years)£0.50
L37Grieving our Pre-teen or Teenage Child (11-18 years)£0.50
L38Grieving For More Than One Child£0.50
L39Grieving the Death of a Twin Child£0.50
L40Grieving For Our Child Who Experienced Mental Health Problems£0.50
L41Bereavement and your health£0.50
L43Our grief following the accidental death of our child£0.50
L44Coping with friends, family and social situations£0.50
L45When our sibling has died by suicide£0.50
L46Coping with Overwhelming Grief£0.50
L47My child has died. How do I talk about my grief (with family, friends and others)£0.50
L48Our adult surviving children£0.50
LP07Helping Bereaved Parents (for professionals)£0.50
LP08Remembering our Child - Leaflet£0.50
LP09Remembering Our Child - Handbook£1.00
LP10Helping Parents when Their Child Dies at University£0.50
LP12Introducing TCF: For health and social care professionals£0.50
PS01Helping a bereaved employee£0.50
PS02Helping bereaved parents: suggestions for family and friends£0.50
PS03Funeral directors and the bereaved parent£0.50
PS05The police and bereaved parents£0.50
SP06When a pupil or student dies: suggestions for schools and colleges£0.50
Z01Inquests - fact sheets£0.00
Z2Death abroad - fact sheets£0.00
Z3Making a complaint to or about the NHS - fact sheets£0.00
Z4Paying for your child's funeral: fact sheet£0.00
Z5Aging without descendants - fact sheet£0.50

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