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"I didn't want to leave. We could've stayed all week!!"

We have received some lovely feedback and comments from the recent TCF supportive weekend for Childless Parents (parents who have lost their only child or children) which was held in a wonderful manor house – Charney Manor - in the depths of the Oxfordshire countryside from 21-23 July. It was so humbling to be able to offer understanding, compassion, support and, above all, hope to these lovely parents for our two days together.

“(We) have just returned from Charney Manor. The TCF organisers were amazing and the parents we met with were all amazing too. A very unique and perfect location for a gathering such as this. I hope we will both take some comfort and hope from such a special weekend too and we both thank you so much for making it happen for us”.

“Thank you for the wonderful work who made the weekend successful… I felt anxious about going to the retreat but it helped me to travel with other parents. I was surprised to see so many childless parents who were also attending the

retreat for the first time. I was able to talk, listen and share our experiences I found the workshops that I attended verbally useful, some of the thoughts, feeling and questions I had were answered and addressed. I realised I was normal, I am still trying to grieve for my only son and my heart is and will be broken forever. My son would want me to be happy and live”.

“It was mine and my husband’s first time with compassionate friends last weekend at Charney Manor. I was dreading the weekend and had really negative feelings about coming. I thought everyone would know each other already, or everyone would be really sad and cry all weekend. I didn't want to make a jam jar or show any photos of my son. To be honest I wanted to stay away from any sessions or activities and just go the pub! How wrong was I!! As soon as I arrived I felt as ease, calm and peaceful. I felt it was the first time in 18 months since my son died I could be myself. I heard people laugh and chatter and I felt comfortable with it. knowing they where all in the same situation as me and my husband and they could still laugh gave me hope. The volunteers were amazing. My husband and I have made some fantastic friends that we will always keep in touch with. I had such positive experience totally unexpected so much so I didn't want to leave. We both could of stayed all week!! I have learnt so much and have gained new ways on how to cope with life. Thank you all so much. I will definitely be back and recommend this weekend to other bereaved parents. I would also like to thank the staff at Chaney Manor for being so pleasant and thoughtful."

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