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Notice of Trustee Election

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Would you be interested in a rewarding and fulfilling role as a Trustee of The Compassionate Friends? If so, our Board of Trustees would like to invite you to apply to fill vacancies on the Board.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance and strategic direction of the charity and as such works in a similar way to a company board of directors, in as much as each trustee takes on an area of responsibility for the benefit of the charity.

The Board would be particularly assisted by individuals with skills and experience in areas such as but not limited to Charity/Company Law, Managing Charity Finances, Information Technology, Fundraising, Training and Events Management, Volunteer Management, Public Relations and Public Speaking, Human Resources, or with other skills and experience which could be of benefit to the work of TCF. This is not an exhaustive list and you may have other skills that would benefit the charity. Being a charity Trustee is a challenging, but rewarding, role and we always look forward to welcoming new people to the Board. Typically, the amount of time that a board member might be prepared to devote to TCF would be approximately 5 hours per week.

To qualify you must be a fully paid up Donating and Company Member of The Compassionate Friends. (If you are unsure whether you are a Company Member of TCF then please contact our National Office to find out and sign up if necessary). If you are not yet a Donating Member please contact the National Office below to sign up and make your donation or go to our website page. You should also consider whether your other activities outside of TCF could create a conflict of interest which might limit your involvement in making management decisions. Please also note that each applicant standing for election must also be nominated by a Donating Member of TCF.

If you wish to be considered for election, please download and complete the Nomination Form - see link below - (including your biographical information and the details and signature of your nominee) and provide a Personal Statement detailing your skills and experience supporting your application, and why these would benefit the charity. You might like to include why you wish to become a Trustee of The Compassionate Friends. The personal statement should not exceed 300 words and will be issued to the membership, together with your brief biographical information, as part of the voting process. This should be addressed to The Chair and received electronically to info@tcf.org.uk, or by post to the address below, by 4 pm on Friday 9th September 2016. Any applications received after this date cannot be considered for nomination. Voting papers will be issued to the membership by post by Tuesday 20th September 2016 and the voting will be by post, email or personal vote at the TCF office at 14 New King Street, Deptford London SE8 3HS by Friday 28th October 2016. Announcement of the election outcome will be made on Saturday 5th November 2016 at The Compassionate Friends Annual General Meeting.

Dr Margaret Brearley, Chair
Susan Hughes, Vice-Chair
Maria Ahern, Company Secretary

If you would like to speak to a current Board Member about the role of a Trustee or your application please contact Margaret Brearley or Susan Hughes via the telephone or email below.

The Compassionate Friends
14 New King Street, Deptford, London SE8 3HS
Tel: 0345 120 3785 Email: info@tcf.org.uk

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