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Singer George Shelley finds comfort at TCF retreat

"Grief is like glitter...however much you try to clear it up it never really goes; little bits always remain".

In May 2017, the musician and presenter George Shelley tragically lost his sister in a sudden accident. Harriet Shelley was 21 and her brother's closest confidante. In his first documentary, George courageously opens up about his struggles with grief.

Having spent the last 12 months struggling to talk about his loss and to deal with it, George embarks on a series of extraordinarily candid and raw discussions with his parents and best friend in a bid to help him cope with, and better understand, the process of grieving. He opens up to them in ways he has never done before and, for the first time, also speaks to other young people who have suffered the loss of a sibling and who have found peer support through The Compassionate Friends. George finds talking and sharing with other bereaved siblings at a Compassionate Friends retreat earlier this year helpful in understanding and coping with the grief for his sister.

View the documentary George Shelley - Learning to Grieve

For more details of support for bereaved siblings (18 years+) contact info@tcf.org.uk

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