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All or part of the proceeds from sales of these books are donated to The Compassionate Friends.

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A Manual for HeartacheA Manual for HeartacheOur price: £9.50View A Manual for Heartbreakby Cathy RentzenbrinkA Valley Journal - Surviving BereavementA Valley Journal - Surviving BereavementOur price: £10.99ViewBy Abi MayAnd Always Annaliese xAnd Always Annaliese xOur price: £12.49ViewAnd Always Annaliese xLearning to live with the death of our daughter
Aspects of LossAspects of LossOur price: £9.00ViewBy Gill HartleyBearing the UnbearableBearing the UnbearableOur price: £11.50ViewBearing the Unbearable: Love, Loss, and the Heartbreaking Path of Griefby Joanne Cacciatore, PhDBereaved Parents and their Continuing BondsBereaved Parents and their Continuing BondsOur price: £12.50ViewFor bereaved parents the development of a continuing bond with the child who has died is a key element in grieving and how they manage their future. Using her experience of working with bereaved parents, Catherine Seigal looks at how continuing bonds are formed, what facilitates and sustains them and what can undermine them. The book offers an insight into the many and varied ways grief is experienced and expressed and what can be helpful and unhelpful. And, it offers bereaved parents the opportunity to share other parents' experiences, to understand a little more about their own feelings and to know they are not alone.
Cooked with LoveCooked with LoveOur price: £10.00ViewFrom plum cobbler to delicious burgers, Sammy's Spesh, Evan's Keema or Lani's Chocolate Cupcakes you can find the recipes here.Don’t Let Them Tell You How To GrieveDon’t Let Them Tell You How To GrieveOur price: £7.50ViewBereavement: Lines to let you know you are not alone by Gina ClayeEggshellsEggshellsOur price: £10.99ViewEggshells by Brian Clover
For The Love Of MikeFor The Love Of MikeOur price: £10.50ViewFor The Love Of Mike: and how to navigate your loss week by week by Anne PhillipsForget-me-not poemsForget-me-not poemsOur price: £15.00ViewThe Compassionate Friends are proud to announce a new collection of poetry written by bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents.Grieving Is LovingGrieving Is LovingOur price: £10.50ViewGrieving Is LovingCompassionate Words for Bearing the Unbearable by Joanne Cacciatore
Into The Mourning LightInto The Mourning LightOur price: £9.99ViewThis is a story of an ordinary woman to whom something extraordinary happened and how the trauma of loss triggered her to deal with grief proactively, positively and with a hands on determination for it not to beat her.Kadian JournalKadian JournalOur price: £9.99ViewKadian Journal by Thomas HardingLiving in the Mourning Light - BACK IN STOCKLiving in the Mourning Light - BACK IN STOCKOur price: £9.99View 
Love Untethered: how to live when your child diesLove Untethered: how to live when your child diesOur price: £15.00ViewLove Untetheredby Vanessa May This book is about how Vanessa survived the devastating and life-changing loss of her son. It is also about holding onto hope when it feels like there isn't any. For anyone who is going through a bereavement, (or knows someone who is), 'Love Untethered' could provide a lifeline. It’s an honest and brave account of how you go on after someone important has died. Based on both her personal and professional experience, Vanessa provides advice on making the grieving process a little more bearable when your world has been shattered beyond recognition. She also highlights something often overlooked - that grief affects us profoundly, not only emotionally but sometimes physically and spiritually too.Michael Rosen's Sad BookMichael Rosen's Sad BookOur price: £7.99ViewMichael Rosen's Sad Book chronicles Michael's grief at the death of his son Eddie from meningitis at the age of 19. A moving combination of sincerity and simplicity, it acknowledges that sadness is not always avoidable or reasonable and perfects the art of making complicated feelings plain. It wasn't made like any other book either; Michael Rosen said of the text, "I wrote it at a moment of extreme feeling and it went straight down onto the page ... Quentin didn't illustrate it, he 'realized' it. He turned the text into a book and as a result showed me back to myself. No writer could ask and get more than that." And Quentin Blake says that the picture of Michael "being sad but trying to look happy" is the most difficult drawing he's ever done... "a moving experience."The Reluctant SurvivorThe Reluctant SurvivorOur price: £8.00ViewA journey through the first year of grief, told in verse and coming straight from the heart.by Dany Sherlock
Upright With Knickers On - Surviving the Death of a ChildUpright With Knickers On - Surviving the Death of a ChildOur price: £11.50ViewUpright With Knickers On - Surviving the Death of a ChildWalking Through TreacleWalking Through TreacleOur price: £6.50ViewWalking Through Treacle 24 Poems by Safina Powellfor JoeWhen Words Are Not EnoughWhen Words Are Not EnoughOur price: £20.00ViewWhen Words Are Not Enough: Creative Responses to Grief by Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds
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