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Living in the Mourning Light - BACK IN STOCK

Living in the Mourning Light - BACK IN STOCK
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Living in the Mourning Light - by Andrea Corrie

What is it like, living in the mourning light? This is the question asked and answered by Devon-based author Andrea Corrie in her second book, Living in the Mourning Light. The book, part memoir, part grief resource, further describes her path after the loss of her 19-year-old son James to accidental drowning in the River Thames at Kingston in 2005.

Every bereaved person knows the shock, despair and horror of early grief.

What do you do with your emotions? How do you bear your loss?

Andrea’s outlet is to write out her anguish, to put into words the worst of her feelings in an attempt to better understand them and ultimately to move from the darkness into the light, which she terms the mourning light. Initially written for bereavement support forums, Andrea’s musings and articles led to the publication of Into the Mourning Light in 2014, which focused on the first eight years of loss. The book came to the notice of the RNLI and she became involved with their Respect the Water campaign, an annual national campaign which focuses on the dangers inherent in water.

Living in the Mourning Light takes us from 2014 to the present and is a book designed to broaden knowledge about the grieving process. Andrea explores key themes familiar to anyone who mourns positively: she perceives as a gift the ability to explore the tenets of hope, love, light, faith resilience, and joy as they relate to the grieving process. Contributors share their views, broadening the overall appeal of the book. Expect the unexpected; as Andrea relates how she came to recognise that for her, faith is a powerful tool for grief. Read too, about the impact of her involvement with the RNLI, Fire and Rescue service and other organisations. The message underpinning Andrea’s writing is always one of hope: the book will leave you feeling optimistic about the future, not despondent about the past. Living in the Mourning Light offers reassurance that you can return to joyful, meaningful living, despite the absence of your loved ones. The book contains a variety of reflections about our inner strength and innate ability to overcome the worse of situations.

Readership of Living in the Mourning Light is not restricted to bereaved parents, but contains much to enlighten anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, or supporting them. The book challenges you to think about your own responses to grief and loss and reassures you that the mourning light offers a safe, optimistic and joyful place in which to live, despite the absence of your loved ones.

“It takes a special person to talk publicly about bereavement, especially that of a child, someone who can selflessly grapple with their own feelings and emotions to help others. Resilient, determined and inspiring are all words I associate with Andrea; she is someone I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for, both professionally, and as a friend.” Ross Macleod, Manager, RNLI

“Andrea Corrie’s journey of grief has led her to ask big questions and traipse many paths in search of answers. Her search has already yielded some surprising discoveries. I for one will be watching where she heads next, and what I can learn from her thoughtful, caring soul".
Sheridan Voysey, author of ‘The Making of Us: Who We Can become When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned’, ‘Resurrection Year’, and ‘Resilient’

“Andrea has written a truly honest, wise and inspiring book offering anyone living with loss hope for the possibility of a meaningful life, after the death of a child or loved one. The exploration of keys to ‘recovery’ and investing in life again will be hugely helpful for bereaved parents, their families and anyone supporting them."
Carolyn Brice, Chief Executive, The Compassionate Friends


About the author

Andrea Corrie is a medical secretary by profession who has always written fiction and non-fiction poetry and prose in her leisure time.

Following the loss of her nineteen-year-old son James to a drowning accident in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey in 2005, Andrea found a measure of solace in writing articles for bereavement websites, in particular The UK branch of The Compassionate Friends and the US based Drowning Support Network. The feedback she received from others in similar circumstances, who found her writing helpful, encouraged her. She realised there was the potential to create a book that would help bereaved parents and those around them, supporting families after the loss of a child.

Into the Mourning Light was published in 2014 and the book focused on the first eight years of loss.
Living in the Mourning Light continues the story, written with a broader perspective on the grieving process.

Andrea’s positive blog on grief and living as a bereaved parent can be found at https://andreacorriesblog.wordpress.com

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