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And Always Annaliese x

And Always Annaliese x
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And Always Annaliese x
Learning to live with the death of our daughter

by Clare Louise

Outliving your child is not something you expect to have to face.

The waves of panic, terror and total hopelessness crash over you endlessly in those early months. Nothing makes sense, yet still you try to work it out. She's gone. Just like that.

And there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Navigating life as a bereaved parent is one of the hardest things you will ever face Every aspect of your world changes, and it is painful, isolating, scary and confusing. Learning to live with a grief so acute it actually hurts your heart can feel impossible.

In this well-written, honest, supportive and hopeful book, Clare Louise shares all that she has learnt since the death of her daughter, and offers suggestions and advice for anyone supporting grieving parents.

"This is a book that I wish I had been available in the weeks, months and early years after my daughter’s death. ‘And Always Annaliese’ is about grief, loss and learning to live again. The book is so well written – down to earth and full of honesty and hope". - Carolyn Brice, CEO of The Compassionate Friends UK

About the author

"This is my story. My name is Clare, and I'm Annaliese's Mummy.

The day Annaliese died suddenly and unexpectedly aged seven, I changed forever. Complex grief and loss became a part of my everyday world and I had to learn how to navigate this new path that had been thrown in front of me.

I've learnt so much since the death of my wonderful little girl, about grief and loss, about myself, about relationships and about being the parent of a child that's no longer here.

At times it felt impossible, but it's not. I'm proof of that and I want to help you find a way to cope (at first) and then to live alongside your grief. I want to help those around you understand how to support better, and leave you feeling less isolated and alone.

Thank you for reading my story and buying the book 'And always Annaliese x', I hope it helps you get through today and then tomorrow".

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