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Ann’s story

Claire's pictureOn 8 October 2013 my world changed forever. That was the day my daughter Claire died.

I remember thinking that the world should stop spinning, it looked so different, the light had changed. I remember very little of those initial days, days passed in a blur. I never knew it was possible to cry as I did, my grief so profound, I saw no purpose or future. I felt as if a madness had fallen on me and I didn’t know who or what to turn to.

In desperation I telephoned the hospice where she had died and spoke to one of the counsellors there. I explained how I felt and he said I was “lonely and should join some clubs!” However, he did give me the telephone number of TCF. Days passed before I plucked up the courage to phone.

The first person I spoke to listened as I sobbed and told my story, she too was a bereaved parent as all the volunteers are. She didn’t mind that I cried, talking endlessly about Claire. I was told about a website and a forum where other bereaved parents came to talk, share their pain, share their children. I began to see that sadly I wasn’t alone. There was always someone to listen, respond and identify with. I found such comfort being with others who truly understood what I was going through. Without them, I honestly don’t know where I would be today. Their love, care, understanding and support were a balm to my broken heart.

So the counsellor was right I did need to join a club, one that no-one wanted to be a member of but one I am eternally grateful I found.

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