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Volunteer for TCF

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our charity - without the help of our dedicated team we would not be able to support, befriend and comfort bereaved parents in the way that we do.

People volunteer for many different reasons, but at TCF most bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents tell us they want to volunteer because they want to 'give something back'; they remember the support they received when they needed it.

At TCF support is often a two-way street. Whilst you are volunteering and helping others, you usually find that you are also helping yourself.

We ask that our volunteers:

  • Have been bereaved for at least three or more years (we may require you to be longer bereaved for certain roles)
  • Have or are willing to join TCF as a donating member
  • Have been supported by TCF in some way, either via the Helpline or a local or group support contact, have attended a supportive weekend or participated in the online Forum or Facebook groups
  • Attend a Group Facilitation Information and Training Day or other training, where relevant, read the Volunteer Handbook, and make every effort to attend any on-going Information and Development Days
  • Abide by TCF’s aims and objectives, policies, procedures and code of conduct

How to apply as a volunteer:

If you have any queries or would like an informal discussion regarding volunteering with The Compassionate Friends, please feel free to contact our Volunteer Manager, email ruth@tcf.org.uk.

Alternatively, please complete the Volunteer Application Form.

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