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Finding Meaning After Loss

Join us on 5 August at 7 pm ONLINE to hear Dr Sangeeta Mahajan on the importance, possibility and ways of finding meaning after deep loss.

After the sudden loss of her beautiful son to suicide, Sangeeta lost all sense of self. Nothing made sense in this world of the ‘After’ she had been unwillingly pushed into. Nothing carried any value. Not even her own life.

Despite being a doctor, she had no clue how to carry on until she found purpose. That was the key to her survival despite the darkness of her grief.

Nearly 6 years on, she shares her big challenges and little victories on this rocky road.

Dr Sangeeta Mahajan is a Mental Health activist and educator and a Trustee of the national charity for prevention of young suicide, PAPYRUS. She dreams of a world where everyone lives with hope. Aside from individually supporting parents and young people, she has been a keynote speaker at various national conferences in the UK and in India. She also works as a Consultant Anaesthetist at a major teaching hospital in London.

Sangeeta has also spoken at retreats and weekend events run by The Compassionate Friends. Her words are always honest, moving, inspiring, helpful and hopeful for anyone who has suffered deep loss. We are truly delighted that she has agreed to begin, what we hope will be, a series of talks for bereaved parents and their families.

This event is free to attend online but we ask you, if you can, to help us to fund our services for bereaved parents through a voluntary donation when registering to attend. Once you register you will receive the Zoom link to attend the event.


Compassion magazine - now in new flipping book format!

The summer 2020 editions of the Compassionate Friends' bereavement support magazines have just been published and mailed out to all donating members of our charity. Thank you to all our editors and amazing contributors for the time and attention they have taken in making these publications so supportive and helpful to bereaved parents and siblings.

We are delighted, this month, to be able to put these 4 regular publications into a new digital flipping book format allowing you to ead them on your tablet, phone or computer.

View them all here:

Compassion, Summer 2020

Grieving in isolation - stories from bereaved parents and siblings

We asked some of our bereaved parents and sibling Compassionate Friends members to share how they have been coping during the lock down and distancing restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We hope you will find some aspects you can relate to - to know you are not alone - and maybe discover some tips for yourself in managing this period of isolation. Thank you to bereaved parents Maria, Mary, Clare, Claire and Abi, and to siblings Kyla, Catherine and Anmika for sharing their thoughts with us.

Read more here...

Join us...one-off specialist virtual support groups.

Join us...one-off specialist virtual support groups.

Due to the current public health situation, we are unable to host any in-person support days or weekend retreats and gatherings. So, instead, we have planned a series of one-off virtual support groups for you – meaning you can access a group from home and still experience that special connection with, and understanding of, other bereaved parents or siblings.

Please don't be daunted by the technology as it is relatively straightforward to access an online group on a computer or tablet (or even a smart phone – although the group experience is not always so good on a phone).

Our first groups running will be:
* The grief of fathers (men only)
* Loss of a baby, toddler or young child (4 years and under)
* Bereaved adult siblings (18 years+ and over)
* Parents bereaved by substance or alcohol use
* Parents bereaved by suicide - for parents
* Parents bereaved of a school age child (5-16 years old)
* Parents who have lost their only child/children (childless parents)

Places in these one-off virtual groups are very limited.

Click here for more information and to book.

Please note the groups are open to UK residents only and will be facilitated by volunteers.

Staying connected - update

In light of the recent Government recommendations that the UK population should wherever possible avoid social contact and that all non-essential travel and meetings are avoided, we have made the decision to suspend all Compassionate Friends group support meetings and face to face support due to the rise in the spread of coronavirus. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, but rather it is to protect the health of our members and the wider community.

We very aware that our support groups are a place where you can safely come and talk about your child and share any thoughts and feelings around your bereavement; so we appreciate that many of you will find it difficult that this support is not available for the time being.

Please do remember that you can call the TCF Helpline any day of the week if you would like to speak with another bereaved parent who is there to listen on 0345 123 2304 (10 am – 4 pm, 7 -10 pm). If the Helpline is busy, please clearly leave your name, number and a short message and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can (please note, this may not be the same day). You can also email the helpline for support at helpline@tcf.org.uk.

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Each year thousands of parents suffer the loss of a son or a daughter. Please help us to support families in their time of greatest need.

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