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Lights of love

Throughout December we offer you the opportunity to add a light of love to our tree dedicated to your child, sibling or grandchild. 

Please do share the link to this page with family and friends who are welcome to join you in adding a light in your loved one's name.

Simply tap the orange box below to add your light.

Please note that any donation to TCF and our work with bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents is VOLUNTARY. You do not need to donate to post a light and a message although we warmly appreciate your support. If you do not wish to donate change the 10.00 in the box at the foot of the form to zero. Thank you x


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Katie barons

My beautiful, caring, loving, funny, would do anything for anyone, big sister πŸ’™

Zack Damien White

Thank you for lighting up our world so beautifully
Lois White


Ciaran you were our Mr Christmas - how you loved the build up, the present buying and wrapping, the panto shows and cheesy Xmas films. My precious lad you are missed beyond words at Xmas and forever xxxx
Fiona Leonard


We always remember, cherish and celebrate you dear Fred xxπŸ’—
Neil Taylor

Dylan Fraser-Berntsen

To our beautiful blue eyed boy, miss your laugh, your smile and your huge presence, love u, forever24
Marion Fraser


Our precious baby girl ,4 months forever. Always & Forever in our heart, Miss you so much. With lots of love Mum, Dad, Leona, Gerad and Juan
Minu Sebastian

Connor Cresswell

Connor life is so sad without you. I miss you with every beat of my heart. Love and miss you so much, Mumzie xxx
Theresa cresswell

Jessica Gower

Jess, with lots of love from Grandma. You are always in my heart xxxx
Anita New

Tom Mulholland

To my amazing son Tom, missing you so much & trying to face our third Christmas & your 16th Birthday without you. Sending all my love as I carry you in my heart until we’re together again.
Hannah Smith

Michael Lee Croft

Think of you every moment of every day my beautiful son. You would have been 40 in January 24. So sad always that you aren’t here with us xxxxxx
Jane Croft

Sarah Lallysmith

Always in our hearts
Janet Lallysmith

Daughter Julie and Son David Reidy

3 things last forever, Faith, Hope and Love the Greatest of these is Love
Christina Reidy

Matthew Henson

my son, forever 24, missed everyday. lived-loved-rocked
nikki henson

Sophie 25

I miss you with every breathe I take my beautiful first born whom showed me the strength and courage to carry on ❀🀍❀ love now and always mum XXX


We love you, our incredible shining hula hooping, fire fan dancing mermaid! Keep shining brightly, together always. Your adoring family xx
Katherine Kennedy

Jo Hobman

My beautiful darling daughter you are always in my thoughts. Love and miss you so much. Xxxxx
Miriam Hobman

Courtney Davies

Our special girl, our shining star, forever 24. Words don’t come close to describing how much we miss you darling. How we wish we could see you again. Love you to the moon and back, Mom Ginny, Dad Trevor and sisters Amy and Emma xxx
Ginny Davies


I will always be grateful to have had you in my life we had the best years and lots of memories never to be forgotten I will always love my beautiful girl that showed me the courage and strength to continue for your beloved sisters love you to the moon and back love mum ❀ XXX

Jordan Russell

My beautiful Jordan, so many people miss you so much and you have no idea how much you were and are loved by all your family and friends but most of all mum and dad. You were kind, caring, witty and content with life. The most perfect son and our best friend. Love you so much honey. Mum & Dad xx
Pauline Russell

our much loved and greatly missed kate


Zak Melluish

To my darling Zak. Mum misses you every single day. Until I hold you again son. From your broken-hearted ever loving mum xxx
claire melluish

Daniel Leafe

My Beautiful boy taken to soon loved and missed.

Reesie moncrieffe

Natasha Ackerman

Joshua Brown

Amanda Fitzer


My son love and miss you more and more xx
Jenny Dobson

Philippa Bertram

Remembering our lovely girl Philippa Kate, such a beautiful soul who is missed by all her family and friends xx

Emma Elizabeth Maindonald

In loving memory of my lovely daughter whose lovely smiley face I miss every day. God bless you darling Emma, love always Mum xxx❀️❀️ xxx

Jessica Gower

You know how much I love you and think of you. Lots and lots of love Nanna xxxx
Sheila Gower

Dylan Matthews (Fraser-Bernsten)

A very popular and much loved boy who left this world too early the apple of his parents eye. Never forgotten and always loved πŸ’™

Rachael Bain

Our fourth Christmas and anniversary without our precious daughter and sister. Rachael, you are always in our thoughts and hearts and we miss you endlessly. All our love. .Mum, Fraser, Chelsea, Grandma and Grandad
Jillian Bain

Luke Howes

I miss you so much my boy you are always in my thoughts
Sharon Harrison

Tristan Taylor

Your laugh, smile and humour drew people to you. You are missed every day by so many. Merry Christmas my sweet boy XXXX
Gemma Cayley-Smith

Susan Purchell

For our daughter Susan who was the light of our lives
Mary Purchell


Our first Christmas without you. You have left such a big empty space. We love and miss you so much. Merry Christmas Aydee. Love Mum, Jay, Kalim, Chantelle, Arlo, Jamal, Keeley & Sienna xxx
Shelley Wesely


Loved and missed beyond words, and even more so at Christmas. Love Mumma πŸ’œ
Suzanne Cannon


Miss you so much every single day. Love you always, Mum xx
Christine Lewis

Scott Peter Martin

Your missed more you will ever know son. We love you to the moon and back always and forever. Always loved never forgotten my Bhoy.
Samantha Merrilees

James Ashworth

Forever missing our beloved James lost so suddenly our shining star 🌟
Rachael Haggan


Darling girl, we miss you so much in our lives. Your brothers, Daddy and I. We hang the decorations you made on the tree every year and yearn for one of your hugs. Love you darling. Mummy, Daddy, Liam and Lucas xxxx
Clare Fleerackers

Gemma Ling

My beautiful Gem missed always loved beyond words mum x
Shirley Ling

David Curtis

SON here we are again another christmas where I sit and think of all the things you have missed and we are still without you here where you belong , life moves forward but it will never be the same. Missed for ever ..one day I WILL see you again till then you stay in my heart . Your broken hearted mum xx
Carole Curtis

Josh Springer

We miss you Josh. I miss your laughter, smiles and cuddles. Happy Christmas in heaven my boy, Mumma
Susanne Springer

Emily Rose

For our lovely Emily, forever 13. Miss you at Christmas and every day. Why be a tree when you can be a Christmas tree? Love Mum, Dad & Anabel x
Mel Oakes-Buckingham

Louise Ayshford

My precious daughter Louise taken so suddenly from us on December 10th 2021 . Missed always . Loved forever , I pray you are shining brightly in heaven just as you did here .
Chris Esplin


My hansome and loving son Ryan 24 forever young, we all miss you so much , 7th Christmas without you , but know your here in spirit xxx

William Fabricant

William… we miss you every minute of every day. Our love for you will never fade. Loved & missed forever ❀️❀️❀️
Kate Fabricant

Ollie Andrews

For our lovely boy Ollie, our first Christmas without you, we will miss you so much xxxxx
Carol Tyson

Rosie Rainforth

Beautiful Rosie, our 6th Christmas without you, we love and miss you more and more with every breath we take. Love and hugs Mum, Dad, George & Harry xx🌹❀️
Maria Rainforth


To my beautiful son. I love and miss you more every day. Still the proudest Mam in the world. Til we meet again soon xxxx
Christine Storey


Sue Smith

Elsie May Flanagan


Harry Joseph Evans

My wonderful son, died aged 23 in 2018. Harry, we miss you constantly and love you endlessly. Life is so much duller without you in it.
Sharon Evans


Dearly loved, hugely missed xxx
Shirley Johnson

Catherine Rose

Rebecca Henson

Aaron wells

My beautiful son Aaron forever 21 “I never thought I would have to live without you, my son. But I will never forget you and I will always love you with all my heart My heart may be shattered, but my love for you will never die,
Lorna wells

John Charles Brooks

I will love you forever my shining star xxx


I hear your voice and see your face in every single moment. Thank you for being part of our lives
Norah Meaney


We all miss you so much everyday. Love you always and forever ❀️


On 4 December it will be 19 years since we lost you. We miss you every single day, our special daughter and sister. All our love from mummy, daddy and Natalie xxx
Carolyn Brice


The Warrior. Force of nature and shining star
Ingrid Lehmann

Callum Mackinnon

To our beautiful boy at christmas. Always remembered with a smile and never forgotten.
Jacki Hancock


My darling son,time will never erase my love for you.
Valerie Downs

Charles Beare

My Darling Charles, you had so much planned and going for you. Gone too soon. You are always in my heart my beautiful boy. Everyday I feel your hug and thank the good Lord for sending you in my dreams to hold you and feel you. Forever, your Ma xx

Jack walsh

Missed always , loved forever ! Ready for you to come home now! Xxx

Annabelle Mary Brookes

Annabelle, Always 9yrs, You left us Beautiful Memories, Your Love is still our Guide, though we cannot see you, You Are Always by Our Side. Happy Heavenly Christmas Love Mummy & Daddy xxx
Helen Shaw & Terry Brookes


My baby brother, you are so missed, I would give anything to have you here this Christmas, love you xxx
Sabrina Halton

Anthony Forden

Keep shining my darling son ⭐️love and miss you so very much ♥️♥️
Victoria Blewitt


Lovely little Alex, forever missed
Steph Cox

Richard MartinTurner

Our lovely Son Richard,our Smiler. Love missed and remembered forever.
Sandra Turner

katie ( Kitkit )

To my darling girl, miss your smile, fun, laughter, you bowling through my front door throwing your arms me telling me you love me. It’s now your second favourite time of the year and you would have had your Christmas tree up a couple of weeks by now !! Love you always , miss you everyday xx
Angela barons

Oskar Hay

Beloved son, brother, partner and friend (1994-2022)
Gwyneth Little

Connor Jarvis

Seven years since you left us Connor, we miss you more and more each day, we love you so very much, until we meet again, may you always stay, forever young, lots of love Mum and Dad xxx
Sian Jarvis

Martin John Hendry Kane

Son you are missed every minute and loved so much
Gillian Hendry


Wish you were home for Christmas my darling boy
Susan Mitchell

James Lincon

Our dear son James, this is our fifth Christmas without you and we miss you more than ever
Rosemary Segger

Craig Marshall

Never a day goes by when I don’t miss seeing your cheeky smiling face and hearing your laugh xx love you always and forever, mum xx
Paula McGuire


Barbara jarman

Zak melton

Happy heavenly birthday and xmas sally we miss and love you millions love mum dad char and libs and oi
Sarah Melton

Matthew Newell

To our dear Matt- a kind and wise soul. We miss you every day.

Daniel Hurd

You lit up my life with your intelligence, humour and determination to do something for those in need through your work and friendships. Miss you, love you.
Stella Hurd

Anna White

For my darling Anna, always in my heart and thoughts and with me always. Loving you eternally. Your proud Mum xx
Debbie White


We miss you so much our darling boy.
Dorothy Foote


My darling girl, forever with me, loved always, missed deeply xxxx


Our beautiful beautiful boy, we miss you so much. We love you, and will never ever forget you. You are truly wonderful Henry, Love Mummy, Daddy and V xxx


Missing you on our second Christmas without you. No-one can take your place. 39 forever.
John and Ann Draper

Emily Burns


Andrew cotterell

Miss you so much my heart aches .rest in peace my beautiful son forever in my ❀️ πŸ’™
Nicola Moloney

Darragh Spellman

A beautiful soul such a handsome boy who should still be with his beloved Mum πŸ’™


Our much loved & missed, Partner, Dad & Papa 🀍
Hannah Wallace

Daniel Hopkins

My beautiful starlight. My darling boy. You are in my thoughts always and in my heart forever xxx

James Prosser

Christmas is not the same without your bah humbug approach! Miss you so so much, until I see you again, all my love Mum xx

Ethan Entwistle

Baby boy, mummy misses you so much. You should be here with me and Thomas. We hope you love Christmas as much in heaven as you did down here with us. Love you always and forever, to the moon and back and millions more xxxx
Keena Entwistle

Emily Burns

My dearest Emily, my beautiful and pure soul. From the day you have left me, my today and tomorrow no longer matters. Past is the only place I can still find you. I love you and miss you. Mama
Renata Burns


My precious Son, so loved, so missed every moment of every day. R.I.P. my darling. Love eternally, your Mum forever xxx
Elaine Eke

Tim Spedding and Rach Simmons

My two darling children who are missed every second of every day and night.
Helen Spedding-Lowe

Emma Huckerby

Missing you always sweetie xx
Karen Huckerby

Paul Michael

I love you my beautiful boy



Darren george north my beautiful son i miss so much completely left broken hearted i love you so much my darling child πŸ’”πŸ’”and myla minnie my grandaughter who we lost at birth still so loved so broken i hope your both snuggled together nanny loves you

Sarah north


Thinking of my beautiful boy at this time of year. We all love and miss you so much xx
Zoe Smith

Our lovely son Rob.

On 17th it will be 6 years since you left us, my heart is broken forever πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
April McKnight

Samuel Whitby

I miss you every day
Hillary Vallé


Another Christmas without you Mark. Forever in our thoughts and hearts ♥️
Susan Harrison


Love and miss you always, especially at Christmas x
Mum, Dad, Chanelle, Summer & Ralph

Emma Scott

Our beautiful girl, our Emma Bear. Beloved Daughter,Sister,Auntie,Niece and Cousin. Missed by so many for too long. We love you baby girl
Liz Scott


My precious little girl. I hold you in my heart. Love you forever and always Mum xxxx


A second Christmas without you our beautiful boy . You used to love Christmas dinner and the gifts and just being at home from wherever you were travelling or working or studying. Love you to the moon and back . Mum Dad Gavin Claudia Alex Johnny and Cara xxx
Carmel Owens

Daniel Redman

Our beautiful boy, we love and miss you forever. Our eighth Christmas without you, never gets any easier. XxπŸ¦‹
Marie Daniels

Nathan Anthony Brown

Tu me manques
Wendy Henderson

Sarah Smethurst

For my beautiful little sister, my best friend, without you life will never be the same, no should it be. I hope this light of love reaches you until we can sing together again. I love and miss you desperately xxx
Andrea Burgess

Chris Price

A much loved son, daddy, partner, brother and friend to all who knew him. Forever in our hearts xx
Angela Price

Paul Johnson

A thousand kisses deep
Elizabeth Wood

Isaac Brett

Forever always loved and remembered. Miss you.
Lalani Brett


To our beautiful, beloved son Thomas we miss you and love you so much and we carry you in our hearts each and every day. All our love mum and dad xxx
Liz Gough

Lily Jayne Summers

Always in our hearts πŸ’•
Deborah ashby

My Daughter Rhianne

I love and miss you so much sweetheart πŸ¦†XXX
Jenny Owen

Jade Stoner

Forever 7. We miss you so much sweetheart even after all this years. Always loved and missed x x x


2 years without you our beautiful darling daughter..we miss and love you so much..from your heart broken mum and dad
Jill and Warren Cadd

Matthew Wood

Our special brother & uncle will always be in our thoughts & prayers, Sarah, Thomas, Alexander & Charlotte xxxx
Sarah Hawley


Loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.
Julie Martin


To my special boy at Christmas forever in our hearts πŸ’•
Sarah Nutter


Dear Jessie, loved and missed, Still, Always, Forever
Cathlyn Morton


Gone far too soon. Missed every second and loved more than anything in this world.
Kerry Sunderland

Zak Warren

Miss you sweetheart. I'm completely broken without you.
Linda Warren

Chloe Samantha Pike

My beautiful daughter Chloe, You are forever in my heart and always in my thoughts. I love you to the moon and back again. Always & forever xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Michelle navarra

Charlie Goodwin

Our 5th Christmas since you passed. It is heartbreaking know you should be involved in the celebrations. We love and miss you so much, we are so sorry, Our Charlie, Forcer 8 Years Old x
Nicky Goodwin

Freddie Farrow

Always in my heart Freddie ,I miss your cheeky smile xxxxx😘
Jackie Cowling


1997-2008 'THE light of my life. Not a day goes by without my heart yearning for your presence. Your zest for life, fun, friendships, animals, chips and chocolate was unprecedented. I love you, always and forever. Mummy
Sarah Harrison

Neive Warwick

The light of our lives now and forever. Missing you desperately my sweet pea. Your life will shine on within me forever, Neive. Everything I do you’re there at my fingertips and with every beat of my heart. Love lasts forever my angel. I’ll see you soon, love you Diddy girl. xxxx
Sarah Warwick


Susan Page

Richard Travis

Always in my thoughts son, I miss you with every breath. I love you always and forever. Mum xxx ❀️❀️
June Harriman

Emily Rose

You are the shining star on our Christmas tree. We love and miss you so much, beautiful Emily. Love Grandma & Grandpa xx πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
Julie Oakes


For our Megan. We love and miss you sweetheart, shine bright up there xx
Kim Black


You will always and forever be in my heart. Your light will always shine, I love you so much πŸ’š
Elaine Huggins

Jack Gray

Our Jack, Our Beautiful Boy, Forever 22 , Always & Forever in our broken hearts πŸ’”
Samantha (Sam) Gray

Isabel McEgan

Missed every moment, but especially at your favourite time of year, Izzy.

Ben Findlay

Ben- part my heart and soul went with you. I love you deeply and forever. You really mattered to us and the whole family. You’d be an uncle now too. Forever loved. Rest and be peaceful xx
Anna Findlsy

Will Newman

My beautiful son, I love you so much. ❀️
Allyson Newman
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HollyKerry SunderlandDec 3, 2023
Anna WhiteDebbie WhiteDec 3, 2023
Samuel WhitbyHillary ValléDec 3, 2023
Ben FindlayAnna FindlsyDec 3, 2023
Tom MulhollandHannah SmithDec 3, 2023
Paul JohnsonElizabeth WoodDec 3, 2023
Daniel HurdStella HurdDec 3, 2023
ChantelHayleyDec 3, 2023
Paul MichaelFrancesDec 3, 2023
CalumChristine LewisDec 3, 2023
Charles BeareMARYANNE BeareDec 3, 2023
Daughter Julie and Son David ReidyChristina ReidyDec 2, 2023
BeckyCathyDec 2, 2023
Ethan EntwistleKeena EntwistleDec 2, 2023
Susan PurchellMary PurchellDec 2, 2023
Philippa BertramKirstenDec 2, 2023
Richard MartinTurnerSandra TurnerDec 2, 2023
our much loved and greatly missed katemandyDec 2, 2023
Zack Damien WhiteLois WhiteDec 2, 2023
Daniel HopkinsNikkiDec 2, 2023
John Charles BrooksReneDec 2, 2023
Matthew WoodSarah HawleyDec 2, 2023
JessicaCathlyn MortonDec 2, 2023
Jack walshSharonDec 2, 2023
Rachael BainJillian BainDec 2, 2023
AlexSteph CoxDec 2, 2023
TazminKatherine KennedyDec 2, 2023
Louise AyshfordChris EsplinDec 2, 2023
Annabelle Mary BrookesHelen Shaw & Terry BrookesDec 2, 2023
Elsie May FlanaganCathDec 2, 2023
Jade StonerBarbaraDec 2, 2023
Luke HowesSharon HarrisonDec 2, 2023
Michael Lee CroftJane CroftDec 2, 2023
Darren george north my beautiful son i miss so much completely left broken hearted i love you so much my darling child πŸ’”πŸ’”and myla minnie my grandaughter who we lost at birth still so loved so broken i hope your both snuggled together nanny loves youSarah northDec 2, 2023
Emma Elizabeth MaindonaldCarolDec 2, 2023
Tim Spedding and Rach SimmonsHelen Spedding-LoweDec 2, 2023
EdwardShirley JohnsonDec 2, 2023
Jordan RussellPauline RussellDec 2, 2023
SusannahSue SmithDec 2, 2023
James LinconRosemary SeggerDec 2, 2023
Oskar HayGwyneth LittleDec 2, 2023
TONY EKEElaine EkeDec 2, 2023
Gemma LingShirley LingDec 2, 2023
Chloe Samantha PikeMichelle navarraDec 2, 2023
FREDDIE TAYLORNeil TaylorDec 2, 2023
Jo HobmanMiriam HobmanDec 2, 2023
HarrySarah NutterDec 2, 2023
Andrew cotterellNicola MoloneyDec 2, 2023
RossJulie MartinDec 2, 2023
ThomasLiz GoughDec 2, 2023
Our lovely son Rob.April McKnightDec 2, 2023
Neive WarwickSarah WarwickDec 2, 2023
MeganKim BlackDec 2, 2023
David CurtisCarole CurtisDec 2, 2023
Joshua BrownAmanda FitzerDec 2, 2023
Callum MackinnonJacki HancockDec 2, 2023
Dylan Fraser-BerntsenMarion FraserDec 2, 2023
HeatherSusan PageDec 2, 2023
Dylan Matthews (Fraser-Bernsten)HollyDec 2, 2023
Darragh SpellmanHollyDec 2, 2023
Katie baronsHeidiDec 2, 2023
PaulValerie DownsDec 2, 2023
EloiseIngrid LehmannDec 2, 2023
Richard TravisJune HarrimanDec 2, 2023
Connor CresswellTheresa cresswellDec 2, 2023
Chris PriceAngela PriceDec 2, 2023
TomSusan MitchellDec 2, 2023
JasmineMum, Dad, Chanelle, Summer & RalphDec 1, 2023
Will NewmanAllyson NewmanDec 1, 2023
JasmineShannonDec 1, 2023
TaylorZoe SmithDec 1, 2023
Ollie AndrewsCarol TysonDec 1, 2023
CiaranFiona LeonardDec 1, 2023
Craig MarshallPaula McGuireDec 1, 2023
DanielElaine HugginsDec 1, 2023
Nathan Anthony BrownWendy HendersonDec 1, 2023
CAROLYNBarbara jarmanDec 1, 2023
Sarah LallysmithJanet LallysmithDec 1, 2023
AnnalieseClare FleerackersDec 1, 2023
AngelMinu SebastianDec 1, 2023
RyanSueDec 1, 2023
katie ( Kitkit )Angela baronsDec 1, 2023
DarraghCarmel OwensDec 1, 2023
Aaron wellsLorna wellsDec 1, 2023
AidanNorah MeaneyDec 1, 2023
AydinShelley WeselyDec 1, 2023
James AshworthRachael HagganDec 1, 2023
Isabel McEganAmanda MCEGANDec 1, 2023
Martin John Hendry KaneGillian HendryDec 1, 2023
Zak meltonSarah MeltonDec 1, 2023
My Daughter RhianneJenny OwenDec 1, 2023
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Emma ScottLiz ScottDec 1, 2023
AlastairDorothy FooteDec 1, 2023
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RosieCarolyn BriceDec 1, 2023

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